{photography, beach cottage love, and random happy things}

Hello & Happy Wednesday to you!

I hope your week is moving along just fine:)

I have to tell you that Indiana is just crazy....it really knows just how to toy with my emotions. Beautiful one day....rain the next.....
But last Sunday I was able to enjoy a splendid day!

I spent the day practicing my photography skills, driving around Lake Michigan, enjoying the beach cottages and just plain enjoying the day with the one I love:)

I have been thinking about adding a fine fine art photography prints to my shop....or maybe photo cards with little inspirational sayings??? I don't know.....but I do know I love taking pictures!

I think it's sooooooo important to really spend your days doing that which makes your soul sing.
When I look back on this journey...i'm on....I am pleased to see just how far i've come. I feel like I am moving in the right direction.
I moving forward in living the creative, inspired life I see myself living.
We all have dreams, don't we!?!?!?

and trust me, I think that having dreams is beyond important.......
but more important.....is enjoying each and every day.
I am learning....just how fragile life is.
Life is about today.  What you do each moment of your life matters.
Dreams are absolutely necessary ....just as is choosing to be happy no matter what your situation.
Enjoy each day
and truly take time to cultivate that which makes YOU happy.
As I was enjoying my day with my husband.......I started to really think....while I would more than love to one day move away.
Maybe I am here to learn the lesson of appreciation.

To really learn to appreciate just what life has to offer.
To learn to appreciate the person that I am....right now.
To learn to appreciate the beauty that
I am already surrounded with.

While....I don't live near the ocean,
I do live near Lake Michigan and am very thankful that I do have that:)
So much beachy happiness right in my own "backyard!"

So much inspiration.....
Maybe my focus should be more on what I can appreciate than on what I am unhappy about.

Not that you shouldn't change what you are unhappy about.
But if you can't change what you're unhappy about then change the way you think about it:)

I could live in any one of these spaces!
And ....they aren't even on the ocean.
They are on the lovely Lake Michigan:)

I just love them all!
Sorry the photographs aren't fabulous.....
We were just taking a drive and I was more than driving my husband bananas with...
"slow down, stop, wait, oh wait, darn it ...I can't get the picture...I really love that one...on & on:) "
Anywho...the point that I have been trying to share with you is to really take a look into yourself and just appreciate.

Appreciate everything.
Appreciate the one your with.
Appreciate your children {if you have them}
Appreciate the friends & family who love you
but most important.
Appreciate who you are....right at this very minute.
Appreciate just what you have to offer the world.

I appreciate that I am married to a man that drives me completely crazy most of the time but always loves me for just who I am:)
He loves {or at least pretends to love} my gypsy spirit!

and I have to tell you...the day I was trying to photograph my shells and my jewelry....it was beyond windy.
Poor guy....my urchins just kept blowing off the ledge and he was nice enough to keep picking them up for me:):) Now that's love!! heehee!

I appreciate that while I ride this highway we call life......I am moving forward on a path that is created by me:)
I am choosing to follow my gypsy spirit...a little of this and a sprinkle of that...and oh wait...i'd love to do that too:)
Do you spend your days appreciating your life?!?!!?

In a blink of an eye.....it's over....at least that's what my great grandma used to tell me and she lived to be 92. "Blink your eyes and that's how fast your life goes!"

Hope you have a happy, inspired, appreciative rest of your week!!!

"We grow neither better nor worse as we get older, but more like ourselves." May Lamberton Becker

I've noticed blogger is having issues....again....
if you are unable to comment and would like to.....
use your url instead of trying to sign into blogger.
Hope that helps for all of your commenting!! I know I was getting pretty frustrated when I couldn't leave comments on your blogs:)


  1. OK so I'm watching the Oprah finale and reading your blog post, I couldn't feel better about ME and inspired, grateful and happy! Yes, I'm emotional, lol, but what a great post. Your photography is sensational, and YOU are an inspiration. You are like MY Oprah right now :)

  2. Hi Heather-

    I will take anyone of those houses with the view - I would take a shack if it had a water view.

    As I was reading your post, I thought Heather got a new camera as I thought your pics were all so clear and then you said sorry for the quality of the photos - they are all so vivid and clear. Great shots.

    My best- Diane

  3. I think your pics came out great Heather!!! Your words remind me very much of what I heard on Oprah today! Your grandma was a very wise woman! Love coming over here for a little inspirational pick me up!! You are like my Oprah too...I agree with Shorely Chic!!

  4. Very inspiring words. First Oprah today and now YOU! Life is good. xoRobin❤

  5. What a beautiful, inspiring blog post! Thank you so much for starting my day off on the right path. Your photos are beautiful as are your words. In fact, you inspired me to do a similar post someday. I have a few special quotes and am tinkering with photography (though not as good as yours:) and might give it a go, especially when I feel uninspired! By the way, what kind of camera do you use? I know it comes down to skill but it won't hurt me to get good equipment:)
    Have a beautiful day!

  6. What amazing photos and words to live by. A breath of fresh air after this loooooong winter and cold/rain soaked spring. Thank you for brightening my already joyful day!:)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Have a sunny day!

  7. Thought-provoking and caring advice you shared from your heart today, thanks! We all need to remember to appreciate what we have and enjoy everyday in one way or another.

  8. I DO appreciate my life...and I love to spend time at the ocean. I LONG to be there even though I go months without seeing it! Is Ocean girl a new piece? I love your beautiful jewelry! Enjoy your day and have fun! ♥

  9. Lovely post!!!

    We live in So Cal, but not at the beach...though we'd love to...maybe one day. We actually just spent a few days up the coast...pure heaven, but at the same time you have to keep focused on the positives in our lives right now...it's good to have dreams but still appreciate what we currently have.

  10. Hey simpledaisy! I just found your blog and really enjoyed reading about your outlook on life and your jewellery is gorgeous....do you make it all yourself?

    I will definitely be coming back to see more so have added you to the list of blogs that make me smile on my blog.

    Bex @ Heart Shaped Pebbles

  11. Hi there!
    I visit your blog often and have you on my list of "other nests to visit" on my own blog. Always enjoy your postings---but, I have to say, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE today's posting! You have so much to say in this post....beautiful photos, beautiful jewelry, lovely shells, lovely cottages, your thoughts and dreams...a reminder to be grateful in life... SO MUCH! Thank you for reminding us all how precious life is and to be happy and bloom where we are planted but not to forget your dreams! Love the ring with the flowers on it and the stone. Have a happy day, my friend! xoxo Kim

  12. Just ordered one of your neckaces. I ordered the one with the coordinates. Looking forward to receiving it! I will post a photo of it on my blog when I receive it! xoxo Kim

  13. Beautiful post. I love the photos!! And I could live in any of those houses too!

  14. What a wonderful post! Very well said. Not sure why you apologized for pictures, because they are fantastic. All the houses are great, but I really love the one in the picture next to the Duneland Beach sign.

    ~ Tracy

  15. Simply beautiful...all of it!
    You are such a sweetheart xo

    Deborah xoxo

  16. Such a beautiful post Heather! I hope that all your dreams come true and it looks like you are on your way to making that happen, your jewelry is just gorgeous and reflects your beautiful spirit.
    I love Lake Michigan and all its beauty, now if it could only be warm all year long. :)
    Enjoy your weekend!

  17. Yes, Blogger has
    been on my last nerve
    this week....BUT, your
    sweet post has me
    smiling. I would live
    on Lake Michigan in.a.
    heartbeat!! We live
    across the street from
    a big lake, but even
    that is wonderful. You
    are so right, appreciate
    the here and now. How
    did you get so wise??
    Have a great weekend!
    xx Suzanne

  18. Beautiful post Heather!! Fantastic photographs. I love seeing all the details of sea life too. Creation is simply amazing. The houses are so different in style and some of them could be in Florida.

  19. I agree blogger has been a real pain.
    I really love all the houses you took photos of, they are all so amazing in their own way!
    I always love coming over here and seeing all of your beautiful pics...you are such a good photographer.
    Have a great day!!

  20. I am beyond happy that you commented on my blog so I could find you. YOUR BLOG IS AWESOME!!! This post was so what I needed to read, and don't even get me started on being an "ocean girl". I need the ocean. I love the ocean. Great photography also. Now following!!! XO

  21. What a beautiful post with gorgeous images. I'll take any one of the wonderful Lake Michigan homes, but the one with the stone is amazing!!

  22. Beautiful as always!

    The one picture of the star fish is AMAZING!! They are all amazing, but that one especially!

    Hope you are well!!

  23. Our weather has been just the same. Sunny and warm on the days I have to work and rainy and chilly on my days off...but no matter...I am savoring each and every moment of my time off with my sweet children. :)

    I am in awe over that white starfish! I'm an hour and a half away from the ocean. I'm a pisces and a total ocean girl. I've been aching to get over to the coast for a while now. Soon...

  24. What a lovely post...all the pictures are great, feeling like going through a beautiful therapy session... Love, PC

  25. i love your inspirational words! just letting you know i've awarded you a versatile blogger award.
    cheryl x

  26. What a truly inspiring post! Your photos and words are really words to live by.

  27. Great idea!! Having post cards with your beautiful pictures and comforting thoughts to sell in your shop.
    Go on!!!

  28. heather

    everything that inspires you has inspired me to tell you to


    i think your photos and inspirational thoughts and quotes would make a lovely coffee table book!

    i was given such a book by one of my daughters, which i have for years kept open on a side table.
    depending on season and mood, do i flip the open pages. heather, just what i saw today would make a lovlier version of this, b/c i love the "feel" of your beachy colored photos better, and i love the hopefulness in your thoughts.
    look into it....lay it out!

  29. love your heart...oh and your jewelry is pretty awesome too;) lake michigan looks gorgeous. i'd take any of those houses...wow!

  30. Heather, I thank you for your thoughts on appreciation. Life is beautiful and satisfying when we can look around and be thankful for what we have. Your post is always full of inspiration and that's why I have you on my bloglist! Happy Memorial Day to you and your love!

  31. Wow! So well said, and I so agree, we should enjoy each day to the fullest, because as you said, life is indeed fragile. What you said about liking where you are at right now really spoke to me, as hubby and I just moved clear across the country, from our home state of Michigan, to Washington State. Where we don't know a soul! I dearly miss home and family, but I am trying my best to make a home here, and enjoy the amazing views. Thanks so much for your inspiring words!!! And your photos are amazing, by the way!!

  32. Gorgeous photography and such beautiful words. What a wonderful perspective to have on life!

  33. We dream the same dreams, I can tell :-) I remember when I was younger and lived by the beach, just driving around looking at all the houses there, and I only lived about a mile from the ocean at the time :-)

    Your jewelry is so beautiful. I've just been looking over all the things in your shop. Is that *ocean girl* a necklace or a bracelet?
    Love it!

  34. Love your images and thoughts today...so inspiring. Your jewellery is stunning!

    Hugs for a blessed weekend.

    Now I want to head to the beach. xo

  35. Where to begin ...

    ~Great post and holds such truth
    ~Love Lake Michigan! Spent many summer days enjoying the beaches {I'm from Michigan and so miss my home state}
    ~Your pictures are beautiful
    ~Wow you've got somee talent!

    Have a great weekend ~

    Thanks for visiting ~ it's so nice to meet you!

  36. I love these images!!!!! They are so beautiful and relaxing and inspiring!
    Kerry at housetalkn.blogspot.com

  37. You are divine!

    Hope you are having the best weekend ever. :O)


  38. Your images are beautiful...and so are those cottages! We live in-between a lake and Puget Sound which is pretty much the ocean, and I'm so thankful for both every single day!
    Have a fabulous weekend!!
    xo J~

  39. Ok, Heather.....you had me tearing up at one point in your post and in another I was giggling. :) I loved this post. I, too, love the ocean with all my heart. I, too, need to more deeply appreciate all that I have been blessed with. I, too, have a very patient husband who has "learned" how important good photos are to a dedicated blogger. :) I could go on and on about your post and everything I loved about it....but it's YOU I love, too, girlie! ♥

    xoxo laurie

  40. Ha! Thanks for the timely reminder! I read your post just as I was feeling like "whoa is me" and looking up real estate on the West Coast just for the sake of dreaming. After this I am going to go grab my knitting and enjoy the rest of the day sitting by my son and my husband. ;)

  41. Dear Heather,

    Beautiful pictures and very inspiring words.


    Coastal Blue Ocean

  42. ps I'm a new friend-follower of
    your blog.


    Coastal Blue Ocean

  43. Your photos are awesome, I especially love the starfish pictures!

  44. Gorgeous post - I love all the quotes and the photography is beautiful! I had to laugh about your husband driving you crazy - I think I am the one who drives mine crazy! Too funny! Have a great day!
    - Shelley

  45. Nice ride today, thanks!

    Yes, Blogger has been irritating these days...hope things improve...actually, they do feel a little better today but things aren't right yet.

    Enjoyed this post, Heather :)
    School's almost out, isn't it?
    Then you'll be free to go crazy on your crafts :)

  46. hi simple daisy girl! you know, Lake Michigan is the best of the best and i move from Grand Haven, MI to here in Atlantic Beach, FL. My heart was broken to leave Lake Michigan and I'll love it like no other forever. While I do enjoy life in Florida more than Michigan (since giving over to the whole moving idea more than TEN years ago!) every summer I get to see and usually swim in its waters. I loved going driving and looking at houses too! Have a great vacation.

    jeannie from atlanticbeachlife

  47. what a lovely inspiring post & such pretty images ill be day dreaming of the seaside all day now

  48. Gorgeous blog! Yes, enjoy the moments because life goes by in a flash! We are the co-creators of our lives and I love the way you are creating yours! I'm a Michigan gal and Lake Michigan is one of my favorite places to visit. I live outside of Ann Arbor so it would be about a 3 hour drive from my house.

    Have you ever been to Saugatuck? You would love it! It's a very artistic quaint little community. Keep creating and sharing! I'll be back to visit soon.


  49. Just found your blog...gorgeous photos, beautiful work! And very inspiring post...thank you so much for sharing,it's exactly what I needed to read today. Cheers! :)

  50. Hi, Heather - I just discovered your blog through Kerrie of Sea Cottage. As I was browsing, I recognized a lot of the houses in this post - the white house with the turquoise roof is across the street from my in-laws house on Lakeshore Drive (stop 22). I have spent many a summer day on the beach at stop 22 (we lived in Long Beach, Indiana, and Chicago, until we moved to Texas in '09.

    I just became your latest follower - I will be back!

  51. People will ask you are you happy and some days you are happy and other days you aren't. I think that as long as your moving towards a life that makes you happy or happier that is key. There are some things in life that you can't control that make you sad but you can look at the good and make the best with what you have. There is always a way to find happiness in life.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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