{Midwestern Spring}

Hello there!
How are you on this lovely Sunday morning!?!?!

I have to tell you that the weather is simply picture perfect this morning!

I am happily spending the morning...coffee in hand on the front porch:)

If you're not from the Midwest....let me tell you....there is nothing like a Midwestern Spring.

It's like all of a sudden everything springs to life.
One day it's snowing and miserable. The next day there is so much beauty to take in....it's overwhelming.
 And those April showers do really lead to May flowers.

I am so overwhelmed by the beauty of a Midwestern Spring...it's purely intoxicating to my soul.
 To spend time really looking at all the beauty around you.....really is priceless:)

You know what else I love about a Midwestern Spring....
Frantic trips to the garden nurseries!
I love planning out all that I will grow in the season ahead and hoping that most of it doesn't die:)
 I really love spending my afternoon traipsing from garden center to garden center......just hoping to find that perfect plant!
 Well and how could one not love spending a leisurely morning just watching the beauty of life unfold in all of nature's creatures.
That's what we do from our tiny little front porch:)

 And the frogs are slowly making their way back to my pond! I could sit and watch the frogs all day long:)
 Most mornings....I take a little nature walk to see what new activity is happening around our little piece of nature.
New plant growth...new flowers blooming....bird activity.

I am so thankful to be the kind of person that really enjoys the simple things in life.
 Well most of the time that is:)
I am also thankful to be an overly motivated person that has a list of projects a mile long.
And well.....a Midwestern spring is the perfect to get busy accomplishing things:)
this will be a cute little "cobblestone" path leading to the backyard when we're finished:)

I love how the sunshine and warm air brings out a renewed creative spirit in my soul.
My mind just starts spinning with ideas and plans.

Here's a tiny sampling of the new Simple Daisy designs i've been tinkering with in the studio.

I love the mixture of the raw, natural brass against the aqua blue:)

But more importantly....what do you think???

And the sweetest little Chickadee familhy took up residence in the birdhouse I made last year:)
I have spent hours just watching them make this house their home!
And I can't wait to see their baby chickadees pop their little heads out very soon.
 So much to be happy for in any spring....but I think there is even more of an appreciative spirit from the people that are blessed to enjoy a Midwestern spring!

I know I sure am appreciative to see so much beauty after a long...cold...winter:)
 What are you appreciative on this beautiful Sunday morning?!?!?!

"Make it a habit to tell people thank you. To express your appreciation, sincerely and without the expectation of anything in return. Truly appreciate those around you, and you'll soon find many others around you. Truly appreciate life, and you'll find that you have more of it."
Ralph Marston

Thank you for taking time out of your busy days to stop by Simple Daisy. I truly appreciate each and every one of you! You make my heart sing:) Happy Sunday!


  1. Another great inspiring post by you. I love the blue door color. Cheers

  2. ABSOLUTELY beautiful lovely post. Thank you, everything is just so gorgeous! xoRobin❤
    Love how you write the words in the pictures!

  3. Hi there,
    Love your photos of the springtime in your area. We are experiencing the same thing where we live in the Northwest near Seattle---lots of drizzle in winter---but rewarded with fabulous days in spring and summer. All our flowers are beginning to bloom, too. Your little chickadees are cute in the shell bird house. They picked a cute home! Love the cobblestone walkway you are doing. Have a beautiful Sunday! xoxo KIm

  4. Love that you're loving all these sweet things!
    Your poppies are wonderful..Im a lover of them too..:)
    Sitting on the porch with coffee, furry friends close and watching birds busy with babies...these are some of my favourite things too!
    Simplicity is best and most joyful!
    I love your jewelery..my, my, just gorgeous!
    I love your newest creation!!
    I am in love with aqua!
    Have a beautiful day dear xo

    Deborah xoxo

  5. I always thought that spring and summer must be that much more delicious because of the length and the greyness of the winter.

    Revel in your color and warmth...It's fun to see you blooming!

    This sunday I walked into a Lowe's and opened up a mag to see MY bathroom in it,,,that's what I did this Sunday!

  6. Beautiful post...as always. Spring and summer is always so special in the "north"...guess it's because you have those gray winters. I love all the vivid colors of the flowers. I'm still learning what grows here...interestingly, I could grow zinnias and nasturtiums a few miles from here, but the closer we live toward the coast, the less we seem to be able to grow...just tropicals and certain ground covers. But...we DO live close to the beach. And that counts for A LOT!
    Today I am repotting mint and basil...and supervising the work on my water feature...when hubby gets back from the wine shop...

  7. Yes I love this post too. You guys have so many interesting looking flowers over there. I guess you do really notice them as your seasons are so extreme unlike ours here in Sydney. Love your jewellery too. What a divine colour that milky blue and yes it does go perfectly with the gold colour. I adore your birdhouse, so glad you have company. Enjoy your wonderful part of the world. Pruxxx

  8. Everything looks so beautiful Heather! Today was absolutely perfect and I love Midwestern springs as well, you never know what we are going to get but it is always beautiful. :)

  9. lovely happy post! enjoy the spring!
    cheryl x

  10. It's gray and damp some flowers have bloomed and I went to the nursery today to just see some color!

    Your little bird friend is darling and come to think of it we don't have any frogs in residence here.

  11. Beautiful post...I also love the change from winter to spring and seeing everything green again:)


  12. What lovely flowers and blooms you're sharing today! Midwest Spring sounds wonderful! Where I am, it turns hot quickly so many of our flowers shrivel up too soon. Pity. I love your front door too, the bright blue looks great! By the way, I do think you're right, I've been told it's Star Jasmine in my mug, but because they were a bit sticky when I picked them, I thought perhaps honey suckle, plus the smell was similar so I'm still not sure.

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog and I love yours...and your jewelry is so pretty...enjoy the sun while we have it..love your flowers...
    Have a great week


  14. The poppies are beautiful and I adore your front door! You always seem so busy with projects, it is inspiring. I look forward to reading each and every new post : )

    I love that your blog really reminds me to slow slow slow down and to take nothing for granted - it is a hard lesson to learn but oh.so.valueable!

  15. I am so happy that spring has finally come your way!

    Enjoy the day ; 0 )


  16. Yippy for springtime! Those poppies are fabulous, Heather - love all the flowers. Such a cheery post to read on a Monday.

    Hey, we're having a giveaway sponsored by Cottage Coastal - I think you'll wanna enter!! :O)

  17. These shots are amazing! Gorgeous jewelry as always and the puppy and chicky are oh so beautiful!

  18. I just LOVE coming over here and see all of this SPRING happening!!! It just oozes happiness!!

  19. I LOVE that poppy! When I lived in California the desert would come alive with poppies in the Spring — acre upon acre of orange, smiling faces.

    You took me back there today, I just felt myself running through the poppies, looking for the perfect place to have our first picnic of the season.

    I also LOVE that little bird beach house, so cute!

    Hello Heather, enjoy Spring!!!

  20. So glad spring has arrived for you! Enjoy the warm weather and all the beauty that is around. I love the shots of the little bird in the house. I wish I would get some tenants in the new house I bough for them :)

  21. I am also in the midwest - spring has been a LONG time coming this year! I was able to finally spend a day with my hands in the dirt!
    Many Thanks!
    Kerry at housetalkn.blogspot.com

  22. Hello! I'm new to this whole blogging world and Debbie told me to check out your site. I love the pictures that you have up, especially the poppies. I make jewelry also and I love the take you have with the turqoise and gold. Stop by my site anytime.

  23. Would love to have you share a garden post this week at Fishtail Cottages garden party this wek! Love your blog...newest follower! xoxo, tracie


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