{Pumpkin Pancakes & Yoga}

Hello and how are you on this FINE FRIDAY!
The weather has been just perfect here in Indiana....somebody please pinch me! I don't think we've ever had a stretch of weather like this for this many days in a row!! I am in bliss.
Thank goodness for the lovely weather....because work has been beyond stressful! {new readers...i'm a special education teacher}
It's one of those years where I am just dreaming of winter break and I DON'T even like winter!
Soooo....I have been more than thankful to step outside of work and just BREATH:)
Because of all of my stress I have been making some pretty bad food choices.
Stress=naughty foods for me:(
But recently...I sat down and had a real heart to heart with myself.
And I told myself that proper nutrition is what is going to make me feel better in the long run....
and I can't be of help to anyone else if I am not properly fueled myself!
Soooo...I decided that I would AT LEAST make sure I start the day with a super healthy power packed breakfast!
I have been making a variation on these sweet little flap jacks every morning!
They seriously rock my face off.....in a Def Leppard sort of way:):)  { note: I LOVE Def Leppard if you didn't know}

The ingrediants are simple enough....

Honestly...I don't measure everything out...I just add things until they have the consistency ... of well....pancakes:):):)
and if you got a different kind of protein powder...they would be vegan! If your interested:):) Oh and except for the honey I put on top.

Anywho...give them a whirl and let me know what you think!

You know what else usually goes when I get super stressed.....you got it..... my fitness!
Why is it that we tend to give up the two most important things {nutrition & fitness} that help fight stress when we are stressed!?!?!?!?

Well as part of my little talk with myself...I also told myself that I am not going to slack on my fitness!

Now granted...I am sooooo tired when I get home that I just want to curl up into a ball on the couch and sleep....but no sir! That's not what I am going to do!

But I do have to admit that I do start to tone it down a bit....
I walk when I feel that I am too tired to run and I slow my riding speed down a bit and just enjoy the beauty of the earth.

I start to turn my fitness into a time to breath and relax rather than a time where I time myself to see how fast or far I can run, ride or do whatever!

Part of all of that is ....
I start doing YOGA a lot more!

I love yoga so much...even though I am just not that good at it!
I find that it really helps me to tune into my body and just relax.
We all know the damage that chronic stress can do to the body!

I have heard we are getting a new yoga studio in our area and I can't wait until it opens!!!!! But for right now I just make up little routines that I can do outside under the beauty of the sunlight:):)
I often dream of pursuing a certificate to teach yoga...not that I ever would....but I just want to learn more about it and get deeper into it:):):)
Fitness is a true journey...it's a lifetime of how you treat your body! It's mind...body...spirit balance!
That's why I like to try so many different things when it comes to fitness.
Balance....if all I ever did was train for half marathons or long bike rides...I think it would bore me to tears! Yoga...riding..walking in the woods...weight lifting...running...drinking wine....wait, does that count as fitness!!?!?! heehee...just wanted to see if you were paying attention! I like to do it all and I think it's all so very important.

Anywho...i've been really trying to acheive this pose and finally did it!
If there are any serious yogis out there reading this...they are probably laughing...
but that's OK!
I am proud of my tiny accomplishment:)
And notice the girls in each photo...they just ALWAYS have to be involved!
Ruby especially!
She's everywhere I go:):)
Lucky for her I think she is ofically out of her chewing stage!!
What I forgot to tell you is that...before I did my yoga I took the girls on a nice 3 mile walk! We had a great time...they sniffed mailboxes and I looked at the beauty of the changing leaves!
I think you can tell....we were all happy:):):)
Well....you should know by now that I hardly do anything without a nice glass of vino in hand:):):)
Hope you have a super fabulous weekend.
Get out there and do something that makes you happy!!!!
And spend some time soaking up the beauty that nature offers us! :):)
Talk to you later!

"When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice."
Cherokee Expression


  1. I would have to buy 3 yoga mats. One for me and one for each of the pups. Anytime we get down on the floor to their level they see it as 'time to play with the humans'.

    Great deck you have there!


  2. I don't know how many times I have told you I love your blog and what you have to say - but I do!!

    It's so true about when we are stressed, we stop doing the very important things that help us combat stress. I don't get it, and yet I do it.

    Love the yoga. I've taken yoga in the past to help with a back problem, and it really worked to loosen up the muscles; it made me more flexible. Also, unwinds the stress in a big way. I smile after doing yoga! :)
    Happy Autumn weekend to you!!

  3. Each time I visit, I realize how very much we are alike....we love the beach, the colors of beach things, we love to stay fit (especially with biking) AND we love food and our WINE!
    I've tried a yoga class and would love to do it more if only there was time! I too do my own version of stretching.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. I love this post. I did yoga for only a year when I lived in GA. Then I moved to FL and I didn't continue. But I miss it and you have encouraged me to try again. I can't do the crow and I know how hard it is so congrats on that! I'm not very good at the poses but I love the way I feel at the end.

  5. I absolutely LOVE yoga! Your crow pose looks great : ) I adore your blog and your outlook on life. I smile every time I come here to read your blog - we are very similar.

    Those pancakes look amazing - I am never let down with a recipe off of your blog. I will be making these this weekend!

  6. Have you ever tried yoga at the beach? We are lucky to have Elin at Sunset at Venice Beach--she offers the sessions free of charge but we always put tips in her sand bucket...a really fun and relaxing (and unusual) venue!

  7. That is just like my girls! Always wanting to be apart of everything! I love it!


  8. Hi Heather!

    Beautiful pictures and your pups look so sweet. I am always STARVING after your posts, and as I sit here waiting for my last class to finish a test, I am dreaming of some vino!

    The cool thing about Yoga is that it is not about perfection, you are so awesome cuz you are doing it!

    hope you enjoy your weekend!

  9. Those pancakes looks delicious!!! I love everything PUMPKIN!

    Have a relaxing weekend :)

  10. Seriously, I think we were separated at birth. (nevermind that I have dark hair etc.) Not only because I consider wine part of fitness, but I think I would give my right arm right now for your pumpkin pancakes.
    You are so beautiful. You are glowing in your yoga photos!

  11. Heather,
    You put in words how I feel. I too work in special ed and am feeling overwhelmed and stressed. I make the not so good choices when it comes to eating when stressed and am not consistent with my fitness. I have been wanting to add Yoga to my running, riding, weight lifting program. Thanks for inspiring me.

  12. You look pretty darned flexible to me :-) The pancakes look excellent... what's your version idea of a scoop?

  13. Heather - what a fun post today! You truly inspire me, girl. I'm been having issues with NOT working out lately because of plantar fasciiatis, (and just generally slacking) and I'm hating it! But now, after reading your post --- I'm going to get out there tomorrow and at least walk a couple miles. I need to nip this laziness in the bud and get moving again. I taught aerobics many years ago and ran a few times per week, and used to love it, but I lost my gusto for it after I quit teaching. I have to find it again - and pals like you will help me do just that!

    Thanks for the great sounding pancake recipe, too! LUV healthy eating and since I've started a new diet this week, this is one that'll most certainly be a keeper!

    Keep on moving, friend....I'm right behind you! (and when we get done, we'll have a glass of wine together!) lol!

    xoxo laurie

  14. Bliss~ that is the way to start... and end the day.

  15. I love yoga but I am not that good at it either. Your post reminds me I need to get my fitness back. I have let myself go these last 6 months - why - I don't know...as I always feel better when I am fit. Love how your two dogs are in the mix!!

  16. Kudos Heather!!! Inspiring as always! I have been slacking in the exercise department and then the eating goes. Well, after reading your blog today I will join you in the ongoing campaign to be good to my body and mind. You are not alone! I am headed to beach yoga and then a bike ride. I'm also going to the farmer's market for fresh produce. That makes me really happy! I will celebrate later with a light beer..or two! Have a great weekend!!! :)

  17. Those pancakes sound yum-o! I buy the whole grain with flax pancake mix and add the pumpkin and some mini chocolate chips...that still counts as healthy right? ;) I love yoga too! You go girl withthe crow's pose! Have a beautiful weekend!

  18. I've just begun practicing yoga and I'm loving it. Your balancing skills are much better balance than mine. I'll catch up. :)

    Def Leppard is one of my all time favorite rock bands. Takes me back to high school! Your pumpkin pancakes do rock and I'm loving your Bob's flour too. I always use Bob's.

    Have an excellent week!

  19. I love yoga..., and I am certified, twice actually. By a yoga school in Switzerland and a one month crash "teacher course" at the Sivananda Center on the Bahamas (that was fun!)..., but then I only taught for one year. I wonder if I can still do the head stand, haven't done it in years.


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