{Beach Day and Beachy Craft}

Well Hello and Happy Monday to you!!
How was your weekend!?!?!? Mine was superb I must say!!!
I wanted to head up to the beach yesterday to photograph some of the things i've been working on.....
and I just wanted to enjoy the day....if you live in Indiana...you HAVE to soak up every nice day you are blessed with:):):) And I sure do!!
I have been having those days again...where I get stuck thinking about what I really want out of life....
Maybe i'm having my mid-life crisis early:)
I just feel like life is short....that it's important to do what makes you happy.
But sometimes it's hard to know exactly what that is!!!
Do you ever feel that way!??!?
The things I know for sure are...
I love the beach
I love to be creative
I love my freedom
I love to help people  {i'm convinced that's why I am a special education teacher at this point in my life}
I love fitness
I love my wine!!!!
Now mix that all together and let me know what you think I should be when I grow up....heehee:):):)
No really....
I drive my husband nuts with my thoughts on what I want to do with my life.....
Good thing he is super supportive and very content with his life...
Maybe he's really contemplating why he married a nut case!!!! haha!
Good thing he loves me:):):)

Anywho...I have no doubt that one of these days it will just hit me.
A shop...
An on-line beachy shop....
A wine boutique
A fitness instructor that drinks a lot of wine and is 10 lbs {or more} overweight!! heehee
When the time is right...things will happen! and I think to myself....look they are already happening for me! I have all you lovely people stopping by my little blog to see what i'm up too! That makes me happy beyond belief!

That's what you have to tell yourself...

You are right where you are supposed to be!!!!!!!!!!!

I do love...love...love being crafty or creative whatever you want to call it and I have found that I really love to build these crates! This time I built a little one....I think it looks pretty cute filled with shells and sand filled jars:)

They really aren't that hard to make....if you have a saw that is!
I use rough cedar so that they look old and disheveled!
and I put on tons of layers of paint and then scuff it all up:):)

Maybe I should fill them with happy beachy things and give them out as Christmas presents!!
Oooh....now there's an idea:):)
maybe as you all have so nicely told me....
I should list them in my etsy shop so that other people
could enjoy them too!!
but that takes time and I just can't ever seem to commit to
even listing all the jewelry I already have made in my shop!
I can barely keep up with what I am doing!!
{ps....thank you to the lovely lady that just purchased 3 pieces
of Simple Daisy jewelry!! You made my heart sing today!}

just in case you too wanted something Simple Daisy-ish...
but didn't have time to order anything
you could make this super simple bracelet!

Hope you have a fabulous week that flies by!!!

Oh and I almost forgot to say thanks to Gina of Isola Bella for featuring me on her blog!!
She has a super cute blog and she's an artist and she lives in St. Thomas.....AMAZING:)
Stop by and say hello to her!

Talk to you later:):):)

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Roosevelt


  1. Please start writing your crafty book! You are the next SARK series ;). Your photos, positive light and posts are just wonderful! Love the bracelet!

  2. Please start writing your crafty book! You are the next SARK series ;). Your photos, positive light and posts are just wonderful! Love the bracelet!

  3. Very cute post!! what a gorgeous day. I love the bracelet...not sure how to get the wire onto the stone though...!! I am not the most creative or handy.

  4. Love the pretty beach-themed crates!

    Oh, I love picnik...but I've never seen that color block thing before. Which category is it under?

  5. I love your ring so much!
    Hope you have a great week :)

  6. Love your post-Love your thoughts-Love that your hubby loves you. I felt the same way when I was your age...that sense of time passing...and not knowing what I should do...like helping people (I work in a hospital)...but I gotta tell you, kiddo...the craziness never goes away...never. I'm 60 and still wondering what I should do when I grow up!>) You are right where you are supposed to be..doing just what you are supposed to be doing...right now. That's what gets me through- Hugs-Diana

  7. NanaDiana just took the words right outa my mouth!! er,,,typing fingers!! Cereally? me thinks that when you're least expecting it..your world will change with opportunities surrounding all the things you talk about wanting to do. I'm old and still wonder what is around the bend! But I stop 'worrying' about it eons ago...just decided to take risks and let the opportunities come to me....AND THEY DID! In fact, next yr I'm going to Italy to spend two months all alone...to live with the people and learn their culture and language!! It's scary...it's crazy....it's something I've ALWAYS wanted to do...and the opportunity to do it "came to me"!!
    Just wait, babygirl, it will come!!

  8. The first picture is so beautiful!! It was perfect here in Michigan this weekend. I am so glad that you had the chance to get out and enjoy the beach!
    I don't know if they have these places there but there are a few shops around where I live that you can buy a booth and put whatever crafty pieces you want. You don't have to be there in order to sell your things. It is almost like an antique place where you set up your booth and the owner/employees can cash your things out. It might be a starting point to get your name out there until you can get a sweet place of your own! Anyway, just a thought.

    Have a wonderful week and congrats on the feature!!

  9. Sounds like a good day at the beach.
    Your new rectangle shape crate looks like it would be perfect with some wine in it too.

    It does take time to list on Etsy, maybe think of it as practice for all the time if you had a store.

  10. Interesting thoughts...I have entertained them many times, too. Just yesterday, I had this conversation with a dear friend (a psychologist)...that there is little written to help direct women in their later-in-life decisions of reinventing their lives. (The what-am-I-going-to-be-when-I-grow-up stage). She is contemplating writing a book on this topic...

    I definitely encourage you to keep creating...sell your crafts...write a how-to book...all of the above. You are very talented and creative and you will find these abilities so fulfilling as you "grow up".
    Jane (artfully graced)

  11. I share your loves:

    I love the beach
    I love to be creative
    I love my freedom
    I love to help people
    I love fitness
    I love my wine!


  12. Maybe sit down and write on paper what you would really like to do. Then a few days later, revisit what you wrote, and see if it still sticks to your heart. If "yes" - then make a plan on paper on how you can achieve this goal, even if it takes a few years. That's okay, because a few years will be here soon enough. I noticed when you wanted to ride or run in a marathon, you got yourself a Trainer to help you train. Well, you just need the same self discipline with which to do other things.
    You are a very positive and talented Artist. You just need to give yourself alittle push. Start off small, and see what grows! :)

  13. Love the box, the ring (which reminds me of mine) and the bracelet too. I say go for it and open a shop... the economy will rebound at some point and you'll do fine with a shop.


  14. Hi,saw your comment on Kara's blog about never hearing of me (awwww, sad face. Hope you checked out the baggin feature with Kara....


  15. There's a beach in Indiana? I'm pondering that right this very moment...:) Maybe you should take a leap of faith and quit your job and just make stuff, go to craft shows, and sell it everywhere--online, in boutiques, ect. What would your hubby think?

  16. Oh, what a fun post. I think it is wonderful you have so many passions.

  17. Gorgeous crate and bracelet! I can see you have a thing for turquoise! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

  18. love the crates. super super cute, and accessorized perfectly! :)

  19. You're exactly where you should be. Gradually, changes will happen to you--as they should--and you'll find yourself in new experiences and careers. Life has a way of unfolding.
    These days, we try out all sorts of vocations and ways of being. For now, though, you're being where you should be and being who you are--a delightful, fresh, and positive person. It's no wonder he loves you.

  20. You are just adorable, you know that? That pic of you and your hubby just melted my heart!! :) And that beach that you both were on is just breathtaking, girl!

    It sounds like you already know exactly where you need to be....Right where you are at. Making your sweet boxes and beautiful jewelry and teaching your kiddos. Have you thought about selling your treasures on commission I think it's called) at various shops in your town? I know that you'd do well. You are so very talented!

    LUV that bracelet, too! I would love to make one, but how did you wire the stone onto the leather?

    Keep on truckin', girl! You're on the right path --- and we're all here for you! :)

    xoxo laurie

  21. Beautiful thoughts~ you are an inspiraiton!
    another friday's favorite for sure :-)

  22. wait...you have a beach in indiana ?
    no fair....
    we used to live in newburgh....do you know it ?

    thanks for finding me :)


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