{if you build it they will come}

Good Morning!
How are you!?!?
I am enjoying an absolutely perfect morning!
Went for an early morning run and then came back to enjoy my morning cup of joe on the front porch:)
Remember the pond I built???
Well it is now frog central:) :)
This morning I counted 35....yes 35 frogs in my pond!

I wasn't always a big fan of frogs but they are growing on me!
I just love to watch them in the morning! I've even see them catch bugs a few times!
I know......I should have more going on than just sitting around watching frogs....but seriously....if you take just a moment to appreciate all the beauty in nature.....you will walk away HAPPY!

I wonder what the frogs would say ... if they could talk:)
Maybe...."hey just relax....everything's gonna be alright" or " a few flies...some water...a lily pad and i'm happy" :) :)

Like this little one....just poking his head up....
Hey....why are you taking my picture....you know I don't like to be photographed:) heehee

but really...I couldn't be any happier with the way the pond is shaping up!
I still need a few more pond plants......but no rush, right!?!?

I also think it's kind of funny that that's the first thing people see when they walk up to my front door.....frogs jumping everywhere:)
I think they can figure right away that I am a nature lovin' kind of girl:)

I think this one really thought a back drop of glass floats would suit him best!
I won a couple of those floats from The Glass Float Junkie!!! I put them around the pond.....I think they look cute. Sometime i'd like to get some more:))
Since I can't live in the south....I like to pretend that my frogs are really alligators:)
see....they kind of look like it with their heads just peeking out of the water!

They seriously just crack me up:)
I think it's good to take a step back and just appreciate nature!

I also noticed that even my lilies are starting to bloom........

I wonder if they're all friends.....or do they have one frog that they just can't get along with....you know...a real lily hog!

I don't know...with 35 of them in a not so big pond....i'd say they probably all get along just fine! Maybe we should learn a thing or two from the frogs!

Sometimes you need your space......
and sometimes you want to spend your time with others!! Right?!!?

I think it's nice to take a moment to enjoy a little nature while collecting your own thoughts:)
You never know what lessons you'll learn! And even if you don't learn anything....maybe you'll just smile:)
Hope you have a super happy week!!!!!!!!
I am off to visit my grandma and then to the grocery store for some super healthy eats:)
Take care~

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence” Aristotle


  1. I am so giggling at you and pretending that the frogs are alligators. Hee hee. Fun to let our minds wander sometimes.

    Nice photos by the way!


  2. Oh...I love your pond with the frogs. I wish I could have one of those. Obviously, living in Alaska, that's out of the question. We don't even have frogs up here. Someday when I find another spot to plant some roots, I'll have one!

    Good use of those floats! You know, you could put one in your pond! They float!! ;)


  3. Love the post..
    just what I needed this morning..
    whimsical, thought provoking..
    perfectly relaxing...
    photos were exceptional!!
    thanks for making my day a bit lighter..with the laughter!
    warm sandy hugs,laughing smiles too!

  4. I am so not surprised that you would be blessed with bounty full of frogs! I think your sweet bubbly personality is just bound to attract the best in life..keep being you..I love your pond... my day too has been made brighter!

  5. Boogieboard CottageAugust 2, 2010 at 12:00 PM

    Hi Heather, Congratulations, you won my giveaway! So, please contact me at boogieboardcottage@hotmail.com, with a mailing address. ok?

    I love your post, the frogs are so cute and your pond plants are so pretty. You really did a good job building this pond. I love the photography too and the whole post just makes me smile. :O) Mary

  6. I didn't think I'd ever say this: Cute frogs! lol.
    Good photography too. You should totally make some artwork...

  7. What a beautiful pond! The frogs are so cute. I always get excited when I find creatures in my yard, especially butterflies and hummingbirds!

  8. Lovely post...and beautiful photography. Frogs are quite interesting to observe... But PLEASE, don't wish for alligators!!!
    They are NOT good company to keep...

    Jane (artfully graced)

  9. I couldn't agree with you more! This is one of my favorite simpledaisy posts. your photography here is magical and does encourage the appreciation for all the small moments in life that are tuly HUGE and AWESOME. Looks like we both got the same thought today, my post is about setting the bezt food forward and your inspiring posts are a part of that. oh and I love how you casually say, remember when I built a pond! :)

  10. GREAT pond!!! How FUN to have frogs!!!

  11. I love what you have done with your whole yard!!! Your pond is terrific!! And the frogs...WOW! I was never a fan of frogs either, but looking at your pics, they are kind of growing on me! What a wonderful post...you made me SMILE! Thanks girlfriend!!

  12. I love what you have done with your whole yard!!! Your pond is terrific!! And the frogs...WOW! I was never a fan of frogs either, but looking at your pics, they are kind of growing on me! What a wonderful post...you made me SMILE! Thanks girlfriend!!

  13. Oh my goodness I love it! These pictures and your post make my day! I could sit and watch your pond all day, too bad I live so far away. Those frogs are adorable!

  14. Your frogs are so adorable...I could kiss one! Great shots and cheerful post...you're makin' my day much brighter, Heather!

  15. How fun...you have some VERY happy frogs there...and cute ones too! The pictures you took are so great...they could grace a National Geographic magazine..."The Urban Frog"! ;)

  16. I adore that pond, you did an amazing job with it! I love the sound of frogs at night - there is just something really peaceful about it.

    You did a great job with the photos too : )

  17. Build a pond and they will come! :)

  18. I've said it once and I'll say it again; I love your pond! It's wonderful that you so openly welcome little critters that others might not be fond of.

    I COMPLETELY agree with what you said about nature: "If you take just a moment to appreciate all the beauty in nature.....you will walk away HAPPY!" I always try to take in the beauty that is all around me.

  19. What a great post! I was smiling all the way through. I love just sitting and watching nature. 35 frogs!! That's amazing! They all look so happy in your pond. Your pictures are so beautiful, you did a great job of capturing the different frogs! I must say thank you because I finally got to see a frog sitting on a lily pad!! I know it sounds silly but I have never seen one do that.

    I am glad that you are able to sit and relax and reflect and take care of yourself!

  20. I'm amazed that there's such a large frog community in the pond -how awesome!

  21. Wow - this is amazing. I love your photos. This pond is so beautiful. And so is your front yard. Looks so nice & beautifully landscaped. Love the frogs.

  22. Get Outa Town!!!! Those photos are AWESOME!!! Love the pond! Love the frogs! But those images are amazing....should enter into photo contests! LOVE them!

  23. I love your pond! The frogs are tooo cute! It makes me want a pond!
    My hubby is seriously gonna take my laptop away..I keep giving him new projects to do! lol

  24. I love your little pond!! I would find myself sitting outside all the time watching the frogs.

  25. Your photos of those frogs are amazing! What a sweet pond, love it.

  26. This was so fun and cute. I love it and your attitude. I happen to love frogs too. Whenever I see one around the yard I get an urge to pick it up. Love the pond girl!!!

  27. LOL! I just had to laugh when I read your post today! I have a pond, too, and posted late this spring about all the frogs that discovered it so quickly and are now calling it home! Hubby and I have even named some of them....(shhh!)They are a ball to watch, and they do leave you wondering what they're thinking and if they have froggy buddies they like hanging out with...?

    Beautiful water lily, too! I used to work for a landscape company that specialized in water gardens. If anyone out there in blogland doesn't have a water garden in their yard, you've just got to build one! :)

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  28. You take the most amazing photos. Seriously, some of those could be in books!
    Great post, and what a wonderful way to start your week.

  29. I found your blog recently and just really enjoy visiting here. Your pictures are so inspiring and I LOVE all shades of aqua, teals and greens. Sweet little frogs too. Thanks for sharing. :) Michelle

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