{A biT RaNdoM}

Well hello and Happy Friday to you:)
How has your week been?!?!?!?
Mine has been pretty busy....
But I am soaking up every bit of summer left......school starts in one week:(
So back to work & back to the daily grind.

I just wish summer never had to end. But it does! I guess it makes you stop and appreciate each and every day in the sweet summertime:) :) :)

On to healthy eats!
If you're like me....you love creamy naughty but oh so delicious pasta dishes!!!!

Well thanks to Mommy RD...I figured out to make a most tasty pasta dish that is actually healthy! She used laughing cow cheese to make her pasta creamy! I did the same thing along with a little fat free cream cheese!!! I was in pasta heaven!
I don't usually eat real noodles anymore but it was all I had on hand! And it was fabulous:)

Creamy Pea & Spinach Noodles
whole wheat noodles
frozen peas
fresh spinach sauteed
1 laughing cow cheese wedge & a spoon full of fat free cream cheese
mix it all together and enjoy!!!
Oh and did I mention this dish is right around 300 calories!!!! it doesn't get any better than that:) :)

That is definitely one thing I try to do......think about my most favorite naughty dishes and figure out how to make them healthy!
Thanks to Mommy RD I now have even more uses for Laughing Cow Cheese:) :)

We had one super yucky day this week.
I had "scheduled" a long ride and since it was raining and stormy....I knew that wasn't going to happen:( :(
I could have went to the gym....but I try my best to NOT step foot in there in the summertime! Or even better I could have just skipped my workout but I didn't:)

See rainy...yucky....

So I just popped in a dvd....I chose {is it o or oo} p90x plyometrics! Let me tell you....that dvd will kick your BUTT!! In a good way:) I love how sweaty I get when I do that one!
I love it!! No excuses! Just throw in a dvd and get busy:) :) I don't know about you...but I feel like a million bucks after a butt kicking workout!
Now I just need to keep that motivation when school starts! I get so stressed out and tired during the school year. It stinks! But this year I am DETERMINED to stay positive and motivated!
Now just make sure you hold me accountable to that:) :) :)

Let's see .....what else went on this week....
I had my nephew stay the night!
He broke my computer.....completely soaked it while playing around in the pool.
I know...I know....I shouldn't have even had it out there while he was in the pool but I did!
I works.....sort of....but I need to take it in:(
So if I am MIA in the near future you'll know why!!

I do adore him though!
I love him because he is so happy to just hang out and "do art" as he calls it!
It think it's more crafting but whatever:)

I worked on mine and he did his thing:)
Here we are "cheers .ing" He had his "Berry juice" and Aunt Heather had hers:) :)
I think he is beginning to catch on that mine might actually be WINE!!!!

Here's how my husband "Crafts!!!!!

haha!!! At least he doesn't get mad at the mess we make when we're together!
And here's a sneak peek at what i'm working on!!!
Hopefully i'll finish it next week:)

Oh and did I mention I was featured on......
Remodelaholic!!!! Yippee!! Just click on the image to check it out:)
She liked my concrete letters!
I am going to try and submit my projects to blogs and maybe even magazines!!!
I just want to see where it takes me! You never know, right!?!?!?!?
And lastly....
I took my little buddy to the beach!
It was a perfect day:)
Luckily...he loves the beach as much as I do!
and look at the "loot" I got!!! Tons of driftwood!!! Yippee.....sailboats here I come:)
Such a gorgeous day and place!
I love living close to Lake Michigan! Makes me super happy:) :)

I sure hope you had a happy week too!!!!

Have a GREAT weekend and remember to stop long enough to appreciate all that you have:) :) :)

"Learn to... be what you are, and learn to resign with a good grace all that you are not." ~Henri Frederic Amiel


  1. The dish looks delicious! I love the letters "wine"!! And I must say, I wish I was as dedicated as you!! I would like to work out, and get back into shape, but.. Im lazy.. lol.. shhh..
    Also, wanted to let you know, I called you out on my blog, its a little "getting to know you" chain that is going around.. and I have made you part of it :)

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Hi Heather!!
    what a delightful fun upbeat post from start to finish!!
    loved it..
    love the motivational messages..
    and your photos! wowsome!1
    thanks for what I needed this morning.. already did my morning walk.. and yep.. am appreciating all that I have..
    have a beautiful day!!!
    warm sandy hugs..

  3. love that last shot and the days quote as well :)

  4. Hi Heather! It looks like you had a great week! That pasta dish looks so yummy and I love laughing cow cheese, who knew?! I will be trying that! I have done the P90x workouts (some of them) and yes they DO kick your butt big time!! I couldn't walk for two days after the leg and back one! Your crafts are so adorable, love the moss letters and I think you should submit them to magazines, you are so talented and creative! Living by Lake Michigan is great and I love the lighthouse! Have a great weekend!!

  5. Boogieboard CottageAugust 6, 2010 at 11:03 AM

    Hi Heather, I sent your prize out last Monday, so you should be receiving it soon. Your pasta dish looks yummy. Congratulations on being featured on Remodelholic! I really liked the concrete letters too, I also like your moss letters, looks like you had fun with your nephew. Take care, Mary

  6. Your nephew is adorable!

    I'd like to mention to you that you are one of the most positive bloggers I have encountered, and it's so refreshing. You are like a ray of sunshine!

    Good luck w/your computer and Best Wishes for a successful school year. Kids need good teachers like you!

  7. Happy Friday! Love the "wine" sign. Can you please come over and take care of my backyard??? Nicely done with the workout - I have sooo been wanting to try the P90X cardio workouts.

  8. Your blog is such a happy place.
    You are so authentic and adorable!!!
    I need to come more often...
    Thanks for being you.

  9. HOla! What a great week you've had! Your nephew is so lucky to have such a fun auntie. I think your next giveaway should be a simpledaisy getaway with YOU! crafts, cooking and vino! ok, maybe a little crazy, but you do know how to have fun.

    Oh and even though I am not a peas fan, that recipe might just change my mind. it looks amazing and i do love cheese.

    I know what you mean about working out during the school year, it is so hard, I am usually ready for bed right after my last class LOL! But like you (and thanks to you) I am determined to stay on track.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. I love anything with peas. :)

  11. Well, as usual you've been a busy gal. I had to read back to make sure I didn't miss a thing while I was off celebrating my birthday all over the place. I still have one more get together this weekend and I can finally put this ONE behind me. Thanks for the birthday wishes.

    I'm lovin' the letter thing you've got going on. Love the concrete, but the mossy ones have won my heart!

    As for the frogs, I adore all the frogs and lizards around my little house. They keep me entertained and keep the bug population down, a win-win in my book.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  12. Hey Heather, you sure have it goin' on! So glad you're soaking up every minute before the school year starts...teaching takes a lot of energy--something you have in spades.

  13. Oh, that pasta looks good. I'll be trying that soon for sure.

    Your nephew is adorable. I'm sure he loves to visit you.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  14. The pasta dish looks great!! I will have to try it. Your nephew is lucky that you love him so much...otherwise - he may have gotten in a bit of trouble!

  15. Priceless memories with that darling boy; I bet he'll think of his time with you all for all of his life.

    Tomorrow... to market... to the laughing cow aisle:-)

  16. Gosh, where to start - so many things to say...First, thanks for the shout out and glad you tried the pasta. Great idea on the ff cream cheese.
    Second, I can't believe the beauty in where you live. Your backyard, the view and beach of Lake Michigan.
    More and more lately, I have been regularly taking time to be thankful and appreciative of all I have and what a beautiful life it is.

  17. Hi Heather! I love coming over here for inspiration and all around happiness!!! Love how your husband crafts...hahahah! And your pups look quite happy just lounging with you and your little nephew! Lake Michigan is just beautiful! Have a great weekend!!

  18. Oh wow that beach looks spectacular! x

  19. That pasta dish looks DElicious! Thanks for the motivation!!
    And congratulations on your feature!

  20. That pasta dish looks awesome, and the crafting looks really cool - can't wait to see it when it is finished : )

    I have P90X and am finding that I really like some of the DVD's but I could do without some others. So, I just do the ones that I enjoy. I LOVE the yoga, plyometrics and stretching! They are pretty kick butt!

  21. I've never thought to use laughing cow cheese with my pasta. Brilliant! Oh, it's just so pretty there! I love that last photo. I'd love to see your neck of the wood sometime. I've never been this far east. Someday...

  22. Heather - you are adorable. You're nephew's adorable, and your post was just adorable! lol! Love that pic of him going up that sand dune. Precious! You are a happy inspiration to me every time I visit! Where do you live that you're close to Lake Michigan? I'm about 1.5 hrs away....

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  23. Funny you mention that you are hoping to send your craft ideas to magazines....the other day when I was at the grocery store, standing in line looking at the magazines...It occurred to me that someday I think I'll see you featured in magazines, yes I do. And I then I wondered why I haven't already! You're so talented and creative! Keep up the great work.

  24. How great your nephew works with you. You should submit your work you never know where it may lead.

  25. 原來這世上能跟你共同領略一個笑話的人竟如此難得......................................................................

  26. Beware of the coffee table when doing gap jumps ;)
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who sweats that much doing plyo!!!


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