{garden progress}

Top of the morning to you!!!
It's been HOT here ..... even Ruby and L.C. are contemplating a dip in the pool!

Actually they have their own baby pool that I fill daily with fresh water! L.C. loves it....but Ruby still won't go in:)

Things have been growing like crazy in the garden!!!!

The only thing that didn't do well were the peppers?!??!

So I just started some cucumbers....hopefully I didn't plant them too late:)

I have to say that I love the garden! I have been enjoying fresh arugula and herbs daily:)

The other things aren't ready to be harvested....but I don't think it will be too long!!!

It's so rewarding to eat the things that you have grown! Organic and pesticide free.......who cares if I had a tiny inch worm in my salad the other day:)

I made a cute little sign for the garden out of that old fencing I still have hanging around!

I just glued on sea glass and a chalkboard I painted.

I think it's kind of cute....but if I make another one i'll whitewash the wood! I think it would make it pop more on the fence and it would show off the seaglass better! But I still think it's pretty cute.....what do you think?!?!?!?!

Oh and yesterday I did my first 50 mile ride of the season.....
probably not the brightest thing i've done.....it was super hot and humid and I got a terrible headache when I was finished!!!
But I did it:) I feel like I am already much further ahead in my training then I was last year!!!
I'll keep you posted along the way!! The 100 mile ride isn't until September....so I still have plenty of time to get some more long rides in:)
I have to say.....there is nothing like going out and doing something like that on your own.....
I definitely feel pretty proud that I can just get up and go ride 50 miles....
Or maybe you're like my husband and you think I am just nuts:) :) heehee!!!!!
But just remember...if you have a goal....you can accomplish it if you put your mind to it!!!!!! It makes me happy to be an accomplisher!!
Oh....fine....I won't lie....I also like the fact that I burned almost 1500 calories....hello wine:):)

What are your goals?!?!?!

Don't say you don't have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresea, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.
H. Jackson Brown, Jr


  1. Holy cow on the calorie burn! I just love it when the garden finally starts to produce.

  2. Oh no... I don't think you are nuts. I admire your energy and commitment to exercising. And yes... I would white wash the board next time and go for the POP.


  3. Home grown veggies really are the best. Your garden is looking good. Hmm, yes I would whitewash the board too...or may be do a patina in turquoise.
    And no, you're not mad! Go girl!;)

  4. Holy smokes! You go girl, 50 miles is an awesome ride & yay on that calorie burn! I am actually getting a bike from a friend soon and am really excited to start riding again. I havn't done much of it since college.

    The garden looks good!

  5. WOW....50 miles !
    i bet you have great calf muscles !

    and that "grow please" sign is GREAT !

  6. Holy ginormous calorie burn!!! What a workout! Your garden looks AMAZINGGGGGGG. Mine is looking so so right now...I need to give it some good loving. We want to get a mini pool for Frank too- I know he would love it. Goals right now fitness wise- perfect my teaching skills and continue to run when I don't have ot teach!

  7. Grow please, I love that!!!! Your sign does look awesome, but yes, whitewashed would really show it off.

    Your bike riding 50 miles is so inspiring. I'm getting a bike in the Fall and since I haven't been on one in more years than I'm willing to admit (close to 40!), my goal is to be able to ride down to the river and back, probably about 5 miles total. Then on to Jekyll Island where they have 27 miles of bike trails. Honestly though, I'll be happy if I don't fall down, lol.

    btw, thanks for lookikng for that magazine for me. I didn't mean to be a bother, but I do appreciate your kindness.

  8. that sign? adorable!!!!
    my mom used to do 100 mile bike tours. she loved it!
    my goals are to get things done as quickly as you do! Next year (when we will actually be home for the summer) I WILL start a garden. I'm working on my craft room right now; you were the inspiration for my tackling that project!

  9. Boogieboard CottageJuly 7, 2010 at 1:17 PM

    I love eating free, organic food out of the yard! Your garden came in nicely and your garden sign is very cute and original. Congratulations on the 50 mile bike ride, wow! Oh, btw, I tried some corn on my home made pizza last night and loved it, thanks for the idea. Mary :O)

  10. 向著星球長驅直進的人,反比踟躕在峽路上的人,更容易達到目的。............................................................

  11. Your garden is growing so well. There is nothing like fresh picked herbs and produce...

    Jane (artfully graced)

  12. Stay hydrated on your wild bike rides...to avoid headaches!! And perhaps it'll be cooler in September.
    Keep on ridin'!

  13. The sign with the seaglass looks awesome! But it's probably true..., it would look even more stunning white washed..., I'm going to whitewash my buoys too!!!

  14. Hiya Simple Daisy!
    It has been stinking hot here! Your lucky to have a pool!! Your garden looks great!! You are lucky to have all that room to grow a garden! My tomatoes are slowly growing!

    And that sign is the cutest!! I have seen the idea of painting the plant pots with the chalkboard paint, and then writing what herb or flower or veggie is in the pot.. I would like to try that sometime...

    As for goals? loose a few lbs.. finish school... mainly those 2 things...

    Have a great day!

  15. Oh how I have missed your creativity and freshness. Good for you and your garden. Makes me really want to do it but.....

    Hope you're doing well. I know you are loving summer. I will be perusing all the posts I missed but I may not comment on all.

  16. So you mean to tell me, you have a pool, a dog pool, a fruit garden, and a bike??
    This is my Jealous face !@_@!


  17. Okay, 50 miles? Did I read that right? Whew, I think I need a week in the spa to recover....

  18. Your garden is so pretty! We had such a terrible spring this year that I only managed to plant potatoes and tomatoes. Sad. Way to go on the ride. Wow! 50 miles is awesome! My goal is to finish my home improvement project before the fall.

  19. Congrats-I accidently did 40 miles today-your garden looks awesome-the squirrel came by and stole my ripe tomato-aghhh


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