Hello there & Welcome new visitors and of course regular visitors!!!!
I appreciate each and every one of you!!!
Hope your week has been going well:)

Wouldn't you agree?!?!? Life is great isn't it!! Well...ok it's much better for me in the summer...but either way it's great and I appreciate it!

Do you breakfast??????
My go to breakfast in the summer is....
egg whites with veggies and a little low fat cheese
and of course a delicious bowl of fresh berries!!!!!!

Full of protein and healthy carbs.....really gets my day started!
I don't think I could start my day without breakfast!

Now....this would never fill me up on the days I plan to head out for long rides.....those days it's oatmeal with berries and protein powder.

What do you eat for breakfast?!!?!?
I think it's super important to feed your body after a whole night of no food!!!!
What do you think???

Alright....you already know how I feel about exercise....I love it and think it's a very important part of my life.....
I also think it's important to switch it up often!
I have been riding very regularly and feel pretty strong there....but I haven't been running.

The other day I headed out for a short run of 4 miles.....and boy did I feel it!!!!!

I was so sore the next day:)

Plus running always REALLY makes me get my sweat on!!!!!

Speaking of fitness..........

You know I am always VERY active....but still struggle to lose 10-15 lbs.

Well the other day I went to try on a pants that I wore only 2 months ago and they were SKIN TIGHT.....I threw myself to the ground in a major crying fit.

I thought...maybe I am working out too much....maybe my body is changing...maybe....

After I was done crying..... I picked myself up from the ground and called the girls that would give it to me straight.....

My trainer friend
and my best friend.....neither hold anything back....one is just more gentle about telling me things:)

well......the personal trainer friend said basically...I am building a lot of muscle without losing the fat on top so i'm getting bigger:(

....but we all came to the same conclusion.....I work out a ton.....I eat healthy.....the only part of the equation that just doesn't add up ......is........my wine intake:( :( ...just toooooo many calories!

SOOOO are you sitting down........
Simple Daisy is GIVING UP her beloved wine for at least a month!!!!
Whaaaattttt, you say!!!!

Well it's just not working out for me......most days I completely negate the calories I burn with the wine I drink:)

I am just completely not satisfied with how my body looks even with working out as much as I do.....it's kind of like a hamster spinning on a wheel and going nowhere:)

If I do get to feeling like I want to feel ..... i'll add it back in ....in MAJOR moderation!!!!

I know can you believe it......me with no wine!!!!! CRAZY:)

But really.....if you have a goal and you just aren't getting there....you really have to look long and hard at your habits....are they leading you closer to your goal or are they leading you astray???

I do understand that I don't look "bad" and I really don't feel like I look bad....I am just not in the place I expect to be with all the working out I do:)

I want my lifestyle to more closely match my fitness goals!!! Make sense?!?!?!?!?!

Whew...enough of that:) but you know I do like to keep it REAL.....I think we ALL struggle with something and it's nice to be honest about it!

Onto other things.....
I also did a quick little project this week!

Remember my laundry room/bathroom redo???

Well....I really felt like it needed a little something else above the washer and dryer....another shelf.....no, I wouldn't be able to reach it anyways....have I mentioned i'm vertically challenged at only 5'2" tall!!!

I decided on some simple art work:)

I've showed you this before......

but it's so simple....I thought I would show you again:)

artist canvas
vinyl letters
spray paint or whatever paint
sand paper

just put your letters on and paint
take the letters off and sand!!!

Plus....it just doesn't get any more reasonably priced to add a little something to your home.....that reflects you! Since you get to pick what you want it to say:)

Here's how they look in the laundry room!

What do you think????
better than another shelf or not????

I think it gives the room a nice pop of color!
funny thing is.....I was determined to NOT do this room in aqua blue.....but see what happens! I just can't help myself:)

Oh and remember the chalkboard wall I painted next to the toilet?!?!?
Well....it's seen plenty of use when we have parties!

I love to see what people have written...so fun:)

Oh and one last thing!!!!
We're doing a "tiny"project this weekend:)

We're building a deck with an arbor by our pool!!!!! I am so excited to see how it turns out!! It's all part of my MASTER plan to one day have a ginormous stone fireplace on a deck in my yard!!!!!
I will be one step closer after this weekend.......just don't tell my husband the overall master plan!
I don't want him to think there's more to come!!! haha::)

Hope you have yourself a happy, healthy and fun weekend!!!!!!
"Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity"
John Kennedy


  1. heather...

    you are such a mover & a shaker! it's inspiring!!! i actually went for a run last night. i ran out of steam & only did 1/2 of my goal. funny how that happens.

    i'm a terrible breakfast eater. i'm always running behind! i need to pay more attention to that. i think smoothies might be the key for me!

    have a fab weekend & good luck with your project!

    btw....the floats are enroute!

    k :)

  2. I eat breakfast EVERY day! I can't function without it.

    Good luck giving up wine. I absolutely love my wine but have found that serious moderation works best for me - then it is truly a treat : ) Still you look AMAZING and I am totally inspired by your commitments to fitness.

    Love the canvases in the washroom! And can't wait to see the finished deck & arbor.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I love my whole wheat toast or muffins and coffee for breakfast!! I'm about to get to that right about now. I'm so curious as to whether the wine will do the trick for you!

  4. Your energy just wears me out! I'm sitting here sweating just reading about all that you do. Dang... to be young again and have all that energy.

    And I hate to say it but the brown stuff in the bowl looks icky. I'll just have some fruit please.


  5. Kamachia....smoothies are GREAT for the morning!! When I make smoothies I throw in greek yogurt, fruit, ice and ground flaxseeds!! yum:)
    Great job with the run...and that's ok that you ran out of steam...at least you got out the door:)

    Jessica....I LOVE wine too...but I think I drink double my weight in calories most nights of the evening and I just feel that something has to give!!!!

  6. Snappy Di...
    Oh...OK...I might have burned my eggs just a little bit:)
    I agree they probably don't look that good....but they sure tasted good!!!!
    I do have a lot of energy...I think I am just a type a..get things done...kind of personality!!

  7. Your blog is so inspirational!
    I LOVE those signs (over the washing machine) they are beautiful and perfect!! i think I might have to do something like that soon!! :)

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Heather, you make my head spin!!! Ah, let's see, which question or project should I write about first?
    1) what I eat for breakfast: Oriental Stir Fry and eggbeaters with MAYBE a little toast...keeping down the carbs and triglycerides.
    2) taking off weight...well, I'm supposed to avoid the carbs which wouldn't work for you if you want to ride and run! But giving up the wine is a wise decision...I've had to do the same...too much dehydration and extra calories. You'll no doubt lose weight!
    3) Love, love, love the laundry room signs...so fresh and fun, so youthful and inspirational.
    I just put out a stylin' birthday party yesterday so I'm taking the day off.
    Have a great weekend and take it easy...be careful not to wreck your body with too much activity.

  9. I love how your laundry room turned out!! I really need to try that out! What a creative way to use chalkboard paint, too!

  10. Hi Heather,

    I feel you 100% my pantalones are tight so I have told myself I have to do more!! Like you, I know I look fine but the clothes, the clothes!! you know how much I like clothes! :)
    As far as breakfast, I am with you with the oatmeal and fresh fruits. To be honest my problem is that I have been a sloth for the first part of summer and now that I can barely squeeze into my pants, time to really take action!!!

    Oh and girl, I can barely keep up with you, I think your next giveaway should be a vacation at the simpledaisy house because it is gorgeous!! You should maybe consider doing some beachy consults for homeowners. I am not kidding! you are that good.

    Now about the wine, good for you for taking that challenge! Hope it works out!!

    Have a great weekend. and honestly your posts are my candy. I read them over and over and get so inspired. xoxo

  11. Heather, you look GREAT!!! After the pregnancy i am going to need some input & help to get to my goal. You're so inspiring with your recipes, workouts & all your projects. Love the new artwork in the laundry room!!!

  12. Sealaura!!!
    thanks...you're so kind!!! I would LOVE to give consultations....but we don't live in a very beachy area!!! You know that:)
    I could only dream! I hope that by at least having a blog....people from all over can be inspired!!

    Even though I don't look like it...I do my way around a gym and am pretty informed on ways to get fit!!! If you EVER need any advice on exercise....i'd love to help!!!!!! I am helping a couple girls at work who just had babies....one who didn't just have a baby but never ran before just completed a 5k!!!! I started her on a run walk plan and I slowly worked her up to running and she ended up running the whole thing!!!!

  13. I like cold cereal in the summer for breakfast and oatmeal in the winter. I just can't do eggs in the morning, my body craves carbs.

    I can't believe you are giving up wine!! I could never do that. I'm interested in the results because there are many studies showing wine drinkers are thinner than non drinking counterparts. Because your liver processes the alcohol, it isn't able to do the process of storing fat.

    Good luck and remember you look great and are healthy and happy - that's most important.

  14. Hi Heather -

    You are so inspiring with all that you do. I am sooooo happy that I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago. You are just what I need to get motivated.

    I would have a hard time giving up wine, also. When I am trying to be good - I measure out a half cup and then drink it very s-l-o-w-l-y!

    Are you and your husband building your deck? That will be a workout in itself. My husband and I built ours. It took a while, but was so worth it.

    I love the subway art you made for your laundry room - something pretty to look out when you are folding all of your workout clothes. I also love the chalkboard in the bathroom - what a fabulous idea.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend.

  15. I love the art for your laundry room! Very pretty colors and inspiring words. I actually like to do laundry so I enjoy my little laundry room! And I will say from lots of experience...being strong, and healthy is much more important than a certain size. I know that you know that...but I have always been active and now that I am older, I have extra weight that stays on no matter what. I can't let that get me down or stop me from feeling good about myself. Enjoy your summer fun! ♥

  16. Boogieboard CottageJuly 9, 2010 at 9:18 PM

    Hi Heather!

    I usually eat equal amounts of heathy carbs and lowfat protien at every meal, it gives me the most energy. For breakfast I eat 6 egg whites scrambled in a very small amount of olive oil and 1oz of lowfat cheese. I cook 1 c. of old fashioned style oatmeal and top it with Splenda and nonfat milk. This "formula" gives me energy and focus for hours like crazy. Other days, it's plain nonfat yogurt, Splenda and fruit (no, I don't work for Splenda, but I should own stock!)
    I also have one 4oz glass of red wine at night, with 1oz of cheese, the protein in the cheese keeps the wine from spiking my blood sugar and causing an insulin response. Insulin is the hormone responsible for storing fat! I'm not a diabetic, But I've found that controlling your bloodsugar and not raising your insulin helps controll your weight and hunger. I know it sounds weird and complicated, but works. Have a nice weekend, Mary

  17. love the canvases they are perfect right where you placed them. Oh and the Urban patio is at La Salle Grille we went there for cocktails and some live jazz it was really nice.

  18. I adore your word art. I already know what I would write, now I have to go get the letters. AND I know just where I want to hang the finished piece. Thanks for the inspiration!

    I used to very active and was in great shape, but life got in the way. My goal since I moved is to get back in that lifestyle. I'm terrible about eating breakfast and lunch, so I've decided the only way it will work for me is to do more of a healthy brunch. I love egg white omelets, especially with roasted garlic asparagus and tomatoes. Fruit with a bit of soy milk and a little granola is another favorite. See, I love breakfast foods, I just don't like eating in the morning. Yet another goal.

    Can't wait to see pics of the new deck!

  19. You seem to cheerful to be crying-but it happens to all of us-yes the vicious culprit wine-thankfully it is chocolate I like-the wine has no appeal to me-and in the summer chocolate just does not work for me.

    Your deck is going to look great.

  20. Thanks for finding me & entering the contest!!

    I have been doing overnight oats in the morning with protein and chia seeds and half a nanner. Your breakfast looks yummy...very healthy!!! The laundry room looks so organized!! I l ove wicker baskets, they are SO Feng Shui!


  21. Heather-I posted a breakfast recipe you may like after reading your post.

  22. WOW!! You sound like you have a TON going on!
    Your breakfast looks amazing! Unfortunately, I think I pretty much eat the opposite of how you are supposed to - No breakfast, a little bit of lunch, and a big dinner! What can I say? I'm just not a breakfast kind of girl! Good luck on giving up wine - I've temporarily given it up (I have a wedding dress to fit in!!! : 0


  23. You are just amazing - honestly! I am most impressed with the laundry room and those canvases - how cool are they?! I am participating in a sidewalk sale this weekend and in need of bulking up my inventory, maybe I'll make some of those!

    Your wine intake :( honey, you look so amazing right now, seems like you want to be super thin! Okay. In your quest to become this thin, I support you because I think it is what you really want, I just don't want you to lose any bit of happiness or self-deserving pleasure along the way! **NOTE: I am a wine-drinker myself having a glass on most nights during the week, and when I'm social, a little more! SO your wine entries make me feel better about that**(selfish me)

    Wow, I'm totally blabbing for all the world to see, but good luck, you are so special, and I just love reading your blog!

  24. Love love love you..your jewelry...your recipes..your blog...It all!! ❀Karen

  25. Do you really drink that much wine to negate the cals you burn? If so, then good for you for trying to give it up a bit. But have you tried cutting it in half with some club soda. I can have two glasses of wine in an eve when really just having 1. And 1 glass of wine is not that much in cals.

    Anyhoo, your laundry room is the cutest. I'd love doing laundry in there. The canvas is awesome and it just gives the room the cheeriest of color. You're so good!

  26. I am loving your blog. We have the same taste in decorating (only you actually DO it, and I just dream about it).

    You've definitely given me some ideas, and I would love to try them out.

  27. LOVE the quote on the new boards!!
    i just think it has all the key components to living happily.
    thank you for sharing. i might use that quote somewhere on my blog...is that okay? and, really your blog is great, it does feel real. thank you for that

  28. I am definitely going to try those canvas prints. Chic and easy.

  29. Hi!

    Is that a beach glass wreath I see in the laundry room? I love it! Did you make that yourself?


  30. love love love the new laundry room artwork!! so cute!!

  31. Eggs taste really good with blueberries. I know that sounds weird but they do.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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