{driftwood sailboats}

Good morning!! How are you this Thursday morning?!?!? I know I am splendid.......
It's been hot & humid here......I love it:)

Question for you........ I know....I always have lots of questions!!!!
I wanted to let you know that I am going to try and be a little more involved in the commenting section.
I have been trying to pop in there once in awhile to answer questions, etc. but just wanted to make sure you check it if I do??!?!?!?

Let's see....how's the no vino going......
ummm.....well......ok.....I admit....i've had just a "little" vino once or twice!
Lesson learned.......when you make a goal for yourself be realistic:)
Don't commit to completely giving up something that you love......just learn how to moderate it!
heehee:) :)
and the other thing i've done to moderate the calories is dilute it with calorie free flavored water stuff...YUM!!!!

Alright onto the sailboats:) :) :)
I have seen these on many sites like
Maya's Completely Coastal and thought they would be super simple and cute to make:)
I also like to take hostess gifts to people when they invite me over for a PARTY....
and thought this would make a perfect little gift......especially since I made it for people who live on a lake:) :)

I made it out of driftwood from Lake Michigan.....it was so popular everyone wanted me to make them one too!!! So that's what i've been doing......whipping up driftwood sailboats!
You can fashion them anyway you feel like....but I just drilled a little hole on the bottom piece of wood and then glued in the top piece.....I let it dry and then just used thin rope to tie on the sails!!! Stamp them with whatever you like.....and there you have it!

I love them:)
I have been thinking of selling more then just jewelry in my shop maybe things like these sailboats or maybe the buoys......but i'm not sure! What do you think??

Sometimes.....I just like to make things and don't like to feel the pressure about having to sell them....

Oh...fine....i'll let you in on a little dream of mine.......every since I can remember I have wanted to write a craft book!!! Any suggestions on how to get published????? Or where to even start????

I think I have some pretty good and simple ideas.....but I don't know if they'd be publish worthy....

pipedreams.....I know.....do you have them too!?!?!?

This has been the summer of learning more and more about myself.....I have realized that I LOVE to be creative.....but I don't love the pressure of trying to sell things.......

I think that's why I LOVE to blog so much....it's sort of like having my very own magazine!!! It's my favorite thing I do:) :) :) So thank you for all your comments.....I REALLY appreciate them.

Anywho....I should have placed the little starfish higher up....and I did that on the other one I made for my friend.....but I still think it's pretty darn cute!!!!!

I think handmade gifts truly are the best!! I love to get them & I love to give them!!!

You could also put these on your mantle with some twinkle lights...

They just make me so darn happy!!
I even made one for me....I ran out of drfitwood......so I just used some of that old fencing!!
I think it still looks pretty driftwoody...
What do you think???

I put it on my new deck!

So what do you think.....cute or dorky????

Oh & on a sidenote..........I am just so excited.....I found some grape vines for the arbor and planted them the other day!!
They already have little grapes on them:)
It's probably going to take a few years until they get big enough to cover the arbor.....I can't wait:)

Alright....i'm off to make a little healthy breakfast and then head out for a little run this morning!!!!! Talk to ya later:)

"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different."
Coco Chanel


  1. Heather,
    I can understand the appeal of blogging--as if you have your own little magazine. And, who knows, if you keep putting things out there, someone may find you.

    That's what happened to me...long ago. 1976 when crafting was getting really HOT. At the time, I owned an art and craft gallery with other young moms and when a field editor from Better Homes & Gardens came by and spotted my work, the craft editors from BH&G came up and invited me to work with them. If I moved to Des Moines, they said, I could have a full-time job on staff. I didn't want to disrupt my husband's work so I freelanced for them for five years. Then, we moved to Des Moines and I worked on staff for 17 years before taking early retirement. Now I'm freelancing for them again, doing interior design, photo styling, and writing...using all the skills they taught me.

    I was super lucky to be in the right place at the right time. My point to you is this: Keep on doing your things, someone may notice and find a fit for you doing the things you love to do. For sure, I know this: If I were still on staff and we were hiring freelance work, I'd be hiring you! You're ambitious and enthusiastic, clever and talented.
    Publishing right now, though, is a ROUGH business with book and magazine divisions shedding like crazy...it takes an upstart with ready cash these days to publish...if you self-publish, you have to be good at marketing your book...not something you like to do.

  2. I think the boat is in no way dorky. It's adorable! Never stop doing what you love doing.


  3. I think the sailboat is really cute, and can understand why people who live near water would love it!

    I totally understand why blogging is like our own journal or magazine. I use to write alot more on my blog, but have slowed down to take alittle break from it. Unfortunately, I have lost my muse, and hope it comes back soon!
    Keep it going,and something always good comes from being positive!! :)

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  5. Hey girl - If I know the blogger responds to comments, then I do go back and check. I'm at a cross-roads with that myself. I am almost getting too many to respond to each and every one, but I enjoy responding and letting people know that I do indeed read their comments. It's hard though. I don't know for sure how many check back, some definitely do.

  6. Absolutely Adorable! I could see little sailboats as place markers on a seaside table setting! You should most definitely put them in your store!
    I love your love for life and so glad I came across your blog..its on the top of my list!

  7. The sail boat is not dorky at all!! It is way cute!! Great job!!

  8. I love when bloggers reply to comments so yes please do!!

    Love the sail boat.

    Have you seen Blurb?? Check it out.

  9. I think your sailboats are adorable.

  10. I agree with Becky (and as far as I can tell, everyone else). You have a great blog, a great flow, and take excellent pictures of your fantastic creations.

    (Are you blushing yet?)

    Keep up all the great work.

  11. Heather, I look forward to your posts. They are always fresh and filled with your personality. As you have said, blogging is a wonderful outlet for creativity.

    The fence post sailboat is cute. Honestly, I prefer the softer lines of the worn driftwood, but if it's not readily available, the fence post...especially if it's quite weathered...is a good substitute. I do love the personalized sail... great idea!

    Jane (artfully graced)

  12. I have seen these sailboats around. But I'v never seen them stamped. Yours are very cute.....I want to invite you over to dinner, so you'll bring me one too. :)

  13. the sailboat is super cute..i'd put mine in the middle of the summer dining table :)

    as to blogging, its a "more alive" way of journaling and photo-journaling, two things i've always done. i think i have an inner writer too:P

  14. Becky...thanks so much!! I guess you really do never know where life will take you:) Maybe someday i'll too be in the right place at the right time!

    Heather...thanks! I think that might be the easiest way for me to keep in touch with the commenters!! Plus I think I might be kind of fun to have some kind of disscusion going on here:)

    Kara...I haven't even heard of blurb?!?! I'll google it later!

    Jane...I agree I like the driftwood ones way better...but just in case you don't live near a driftwood source you could use old rotted wood:)

    Emily....I'd love to come to dinner!! heehee!! I love dinner parties:) and yes...I'd bring you a sailboat!!

  15. Hey, next time I have a party you're for sure in. I'd love one of those adorable sailboats all stamped and personalized and all. You're always doing the most clever and artistic things with your crafts. I love the idea of putting it on the mantel with the lights. Re comments - I get comments people send in my email first and then publish them. So I always see them. Then I always reply through email and go visit the blog. That's what reminded me to come visit you today! I know some people reply to comments right after each comment on their own blog but, I don't think I've ever gone back to someone's blog to read what they replied to my comment. That would mean reading their old comments again. No time for that. Hope you had a great run! Mine was fantastic, the weather at the beach today is perfect!

  16. LOVE these!! I would totally invite you to a party to get one! haha :)

    Beautiful beautiful!!

  17. I'm loving your driftwood boats..., I've seen them around..., and you really can make them anyway you want -I agree. Soooo super cute!!!

    And publishing has never been easier than now..., you can just e-publish a book for download, charging whatever you want!

    When someone asks a question in the comment, I do answer it also in the comments, assuming that person checks back..., I know some do.

  18. Boogieboard CottageJuly 15, 2010 at 12:36 PM

    Hi Heather, The sail boats came out great! There's just something great about repurposing materials into something clever that is so appealing. I bet they would be cute as part of a Summer tablescape too. I like the idea of growing grape vines on your new arbor, pretty. Plus there's nothing like picking organic fruit right out of your own yard. Take care, Mary

  19. Oh, Heather, and thanks for the link -so appreciated!!!

  20. Oh that is adorable! I really love the idea of using drift wood! My mother in law loves beachy-type stuff and lives near santa cruz so I will try and attempt to make it :)

    If you even write a craft book, I'll buy it!!! I love all your ideas! Have a great day!

  21. I think the sailboats are lovely! However... Please don't hate me for being "that guy", but considering that you want to be published, I thought I should make a comment.

    Ok, hear goes:


    If you are referencing a married couple that has the last name Thomson, as in, "The Thomsons live here," there is no apostrophe.

    If you are trying to indicate that the sailboat belongs to this couple, as in, "This sailboat is the Thomsons'," the apostophe goes on the outside.

    As it's written now, it means "The Thomson is".

    Again, sorry for being the jerk to point it out but apostrophes with names that end in S are always confusing.

  22. What a delightful activity for a summer afternoon to be creating little driftwood boats.

    So true too about blogging becoming a personal magazine, so much effort goes into creating something readable on a regular basis.

  23. Hi Heather-

    As a recent newbie to your blog, I can tell you I was drawn right into your site and wanted to keep reading more. I like many blogs, but just love yours, your chatty and simple style. I am enjoying all of your posts and adventures, especially with the wine. You have "it" and with the right timing and content I think you could get your craft work published.

    I was extremely lucky back in the
    1990's as I had a decorating/craft book published by Meredith Corp (BH&G's) It led to many great advetntures, apperances on tv, projects published in other books and magazinee, my work in Traditional Home magazine, and I recently saw one of my rooms reappear on the BH& G website. It seems like such a long time ago, but I have fond memories of that time in my life. I was lucky- as back then, publishers were abundant and books and magazines were the go-to source. Today is is very different. Most publishers are looking for someone with a huge following that has a platform to stand on. Just keep at it. Perhaps you could start small and write a column for you local newspaper or submit a project to a magazine. It may lead to bigger things. Good luck with it.

    I hope you can get out and enjoy your new deck this weekend and maybe a wee bit of wine after a ride on your turqouise bike.
    My best - Diane

  24. The sailboat...very cute & very beachy!

    We had a grapevine for years, loved it (so did the racoons and the neighborhood children though too). It will be wonderful! xo J~

  25. Super cute, feel free to come on over with one. Have a glass of vino and stick toes in the pond.

  26. Diane....thanks so much for the positive comment and advice!!! I appreciate it very much!!! It's so nice to learn how others followed their dreams:) :)

  27. I saw these on Mayas blog and I love them! You did a great job and I think that you can sell these and the buoys. I understand about just wanting to make something just to make though, but they are great and I think that people will buy them!! I think your craft book would be wonderful as well. I love your crafts and the way you write about them that I think your book would be entertaining and a great way to help spread your creativity!!!

  28. Heather,
    I know you blogged about this back in July 2010, but I just came upon these Driftwood Sailboats and wanted to say...you should make these and put them on your Etsy page...I would totally buy one and I'm guessing I'm not alone!!!

  29. When you said sailboat I was thinking a real one. I see this little homemade one and think to myself that is the cutest thing I've ever seen. That would look so good in a garden. Please keep it.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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