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Well hello there blogger friends:)
Wow.....thanks for all the comments on my
give-away!!! woohoo!! I was extremely happy to have so many nice people leave a comment!
I look forward to seeing who wins..

Just be......
I have such a hard time with this...
I find that I always have to be doing something.
Since it's just plain crummy here in good ol' Indiana ..... and I am chilled to the bone:(
I turned the heat on {shhhh...don't tell my husband}
and got busy making a cute and simple little craft!

Do you remember this garden area last year???

I felt like it was just way to messy even for my standards:)
I do like things a little chaotic....or should I say cottagey~
But this was too much.

Last autumn I dug out all the plants and replanted them all around my yard.
Then just about 2 or 3 weeks ago my husband built me raised beds:) Right now it sure doesn't look like much.....but once everything grows in I think it's going to look super cute and were going to add a little fence and arbor at some point:)

I built a cute little path out of bricks that we had laying around...

and we put in beach pebbles to help keep the weeds down:)

Now if only Ruby would stop eating all my plants! She's already taken out all of my broccoli plants....darn dog:)

And here's the little herb bed!I can't wait to see how it all looks late in the summer.


I needed a cute little way to mark my herbs....oh and did I say that cooking with fresh herbs is simply the best!

Well.....enter polymer clay.....

I had never used polymer clay but thought I would give it whirl.

Plus this was ridiculously inexpensive.

Get some clay and read how to work with it here......
roll it out flat...
cut it into a rectangle with fancy scissors....
stamp whatever you want onto it with regular paper stamps....
and bake it.....
after it's done paint it with craft paint and make sure to get it into the letters etc....
then wipe it off so it looks sort of vintage or something like that:)

I just tied mine onto thick gauge wire with embroidery floss and there you have it:)
I love them.....but if I had to do it again.....I would make them a little thicker! Just a hint!

Like how I added the starfish!?!!? So cute:)

See sometimes not being able to just be.....can be a good thing!! At least I get around to making fun things!!!

Hope your week is going great....talk to you soon!

"There are only three things you need to let go of: judging, controlling, and being right. Release these three and you will have the whole mind and twinkly heart of a child." ~ Hugh Prather


  1. Wow..., you're making so many wonderful things lately! I want some fresh herbs from the garden..., that's for the next house though!

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog about the Graduation photo of daughter and I :o)

    I love your blog - the colors are beautiful - blues/greens are my favorite.

    Like the raised beds you've added and the charming brick pathway. It's going to be beautiful as it grows in.

    Kind regards,
    Linda in Illinois

  3. What an adorable garden~ I am loving the great herb signs! Totally fabulous! I hope that Indiana warms up soon!!

  4. Those are totally adorable. I might have to give that a try.

    Your little raised gardens are awesome and I'm sure they will be beautiful when they fill in.

  5. Hey thanks for your sweet comment!
    Love what you did with your back yard! and the signs are soo cute:)
    Please sign in for the giveaway i am having...

  6. Love the plant names on the tiles.. and love the entire garden. You need to get some sand and sweep it into all of the holes in the bricks. It will solidify them and keep them from breaking when walked on. Should be some information on it on the internet somewhere.

    Love the garden!!!

  7. Hi Snappy Di...
    I was thinking of planting some creeping plants in some of those holes...
    Just taking my time so the garden doesn't get too crazy again:)

  8. How cute are those! AH-dorable. Thanks for the comment on my blog.

  9. I love having raised beds. Love your plant tags. So nice!

  10. I love that idea for the plant markers!

  11. love this master piece,I tried to comment earlier it didn't get posted oops...any how love ur blog too!! How may I follow this now:)


  12. Oh my goodness I love love the color! They are perfect for your new garden. Yes, the starfish are a great touch.

  13. I am always busy, too...always on the go! I love your pretty little signs! They are precious and look like fun to make! Love the quote at the end of your post, too! I'll try to sit still and think about that! ♥

  14. I love the garden signs! They are perfect? Where did you get the stamp?

  15. *They are perfect!

  16. Your new garden looks fabulous! I love the markers, so creative and fun (like you!). You could sell those in your Etsy shop you know...just a thought.

    Here's to just being!!!
    xo J~

  17. What a lovely improvement. I love the signs you made! Your doggy looks just like ours! ;)

  18. Those garden markers are absolutely adorable! I'll have to bookmark this for future use. We just planted our first garden too, and some of the herbs were quickly dug up by our doggies. :(

  19. I love your cute little garden! It makes me want to make one! And I constantly have to be doing something to! I was just talking to someone about this. It is VERY hard to just be. I need to work on that!

  20. What a treasured garden and so neat and organised! Big thumbs up :-)

  21. Love your gardens - very cute! Soon you will be loaded up with delicious herbs and flavorings. Have fun watching them grow!

  22. These garden signs are just adorable!

    And who cares if you can't "just be"? A lot of us have the same thing going on--we like to be DOING something. Why isnt't there a proverb that says, "Just DO!" ?

  23. Oh!! I am loving your garden stakes! Very cute & so coastal chic looking! Just darling.. and your raised garden beds are lookin good! :)) Have a great week..

  24. could you be any cuter?? seriously! love the signs, adore!

  25. I love your raised beds and your clay signs are so cute!

  26. Those clay signs are AWESOME!!! So creative!

  27. Wow, that is so creative and cool, love the signs; too funny your dog is eating the veges. Nothing better than raised beds and love the brick pathway.

  28. I adore your garden so much and those wonderful plant tags! So inspiring and it's making me want to garden!! I'm dearming of the flowers, vegies and herbs i would love to plant if and when i have a garden of my own!
    I adore your Just be photo, it's so gorgeous and i could make a wonderful postcard! And i love how we both have this words "Just be" in our latest post! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  29. Wow, I love these cute little plant markers and I may have to try making some of my own!

    Kat :)

  30. this looks so cool!
    i love it.
    i wish i could have some kind of vegetable garden...but too many trees here!

  31. LOVE this idea! Those little starfish are the best! :)

  32. I love your garden signs! Would you reveal what kind of stamps made the letters and where you got them? They look like they're 1/2 inch letters, are they? Thanks!!


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