{What to Wear: Simpledaisy Style}

Well hello there & happy Wednesday to you:)

There was a time when I thought I might just give up on simpledaisy....the blog...the jewelry....all of it....but then my husband told me to NOT give up on my dreams and he encouraged me to stay focused .... which is very hard for me to do:)

So...I have stuck with the jewelry and have been working really hard on creating my "brand"....what simpledaisy is all about:)

I think lots of people try to be everything to everyone. I don't want that. I think of it as this, do I want to be a cover band....willing to play whatever everyone wants me to play or do I want to be my own band....creating the kind of music I enjoy...even though not everyone will like it.

I choose the later.
And, I am so happy with the way things have been turning out for simpledaisy....the blog & the jewelry.

I have come to realize that there are some pretty darn nice people out there who appreciate my kind of "music!"

I recently sold a pair of earrings to the Tia of The Cottage by the Sea {you should stop by and say "hello" if you get a chance} and she was so happy with them that she did an entire post on it!!! It made me so happy......
It's reasons like that ....that make me really stop and think to myself.....that I am NOT giving up on my dreams of one day creating full time!!!

So thank you....thank you....thank you.....blogger friends for stopping by and leaving me nice comments!!!!!! All the things you write really keep me moving onward towards my hopes and dreams!

OK now.......
I love...love....love simple interiors....
you know the kind that you just feel comfortable the instant you walk into a home...
the kind where if you spill a little wine it won't be a big deal....
the kind with simple color schemes that reflect calm and simplicity....

here's what I mean~

See....comfortable and yet still stylish...
Don't ya just want to hang out and drink some wine in one of these spaces?!?!?!

Just so happens I like my clothes to be the same way....
comfortable....stylish...but NOT trendy!
The kind that I can spill a little wine on and still look OK!! haha

I don't follow trends....ok maybe a tiny few...but not many.
I prefer to keep it simple...
An outfit that mimics the kind of interiors I love.

Here's a little outfit that I think ROCKS!
Start off with some basic khakis.....

throw on a plain but still cute white shirt....
put on some brown sandals...

add in a super cute starfish belt in either of the colors I pointed too...

{oh and honey, if you read this blog....please....please....please.....buy me one of these amazing belts...they ROCK}

and now....for a little pop of color....
sprinkle in a little jewelry......simpledaisy, I might add::)

I would probably only wear earrings and maybe a bracelet with this ensemble...
something like this if you're in a turquoise mood ....... or something like this.....
if you're in a ocean blue kind of mood....

or just mix and match them.....everything doesn't have to matchy, matchy all the time:)

There you have it....simple interiors reflected in a simple outfit!!!!! That's also the process I go through when I sit down to create jewelry. I cut out photos of outfits I like then I create the jewelry that I would wear with them:)

That's my creative process......What's yours?!

A little beachy....but not too much!

Sort of like this photo that I took~

PS.....just click on the photos for the sources:)

Hope you have a splendid rest of your week!!!!!

"I am not afraid of storms: For I am learning how to sail my ship."
Eleanoor Roosevelt


  1. GIRL! Don't you dare even think of giving up! You seriously have a knack for this.
    I love your sense of style, although personally I'm more of a violently bright colors kind of girl... I really enjoy reading your blog, looking through your artful photos, and just enjoying your fresh, simple outlook!

  2. I have just recently discovered your blog, and I LOVE it! Your style is so ME! I make handcrafted jewelry too. And I love every single color you use in your designs, all my favorites. I'm a blue (any shade) kinda gal. Looking at your jewelry is a feast for my eyes! So, please don't stop your blog or your handcrafting...it's so inspiring.

  3. You have the coolest sense of style - and that all comes from being true to you : ) Don't EVER become a cover band!

    I love everything in this post! Especially the jewelery!

  4. I'd agree be your own band or some passion may suffer in the long run.
    Your new jewelry photos are really nice!

    Khaki's white shirt navy blazer does it for me.

  5. Don't lose heart, don't give up. Do what makes your heart sing...listen to that hubby...he sounds like a good guy!

  6. I am with becky at abbeystyle.... this is a hard road that we have chosen. Some days are so rewarding, and others I just want to put my head down and scream, but I know how unhappy I would be if I abandoned my dream and my style. It will come. This is my 2nd website, and I can tell you, it DOES happen with patience, consistency and a lot of love. Don't ever lose heart, you are doing fabulous!!


  7. Heather..., there's a beach party going on (Wed post) on my site that you don't want to miss, haha!!

  8. Love your Jewelry! and your blog too!

    xo kelley

  9. Definitely don't give up on our dreams! I'm new to your blog, but I already love what you're doing...

  10. Hi Heather,

    Don't know if you got my comment about the dress form. I took a picture for you and it's on the blog. If you are interested please call me asap (I've been getting emails from people who are interested). She's wicker and so you-I want you to have first dibs. It's first fri. So I'll be there from 10 am until 9 tonight.

  11. I love the simpledaisy style. that is pretty much how I dress. I have to promise myself not to buy anymore khaki pants, but I always keep finding cute pairs and I love the beachy cool factor they have yet still a little dressy with the right accessories. I love your collection right now on etsy, like I said on FB I love the little bit of yellow.

  12. I love that outfit; it's totally my style. Unfortunately, my uniform is an old sweatshirt, cozy yoga pants and athletic socks. I need a simple daisy makeover!

  13. I have loved coming here for so long and I really can see how you've grown. I would hate to think you almost gave up.

    And I am totally loving those pants from Gap. I am like you, stylish but not trendy.

  14. You (and your blog) are completely adorable and delightful! I have no idea how I ended up here, I think I was googling something at some point, but anyway, here I am. Just darling and fresh. Your jewelry is stunning.

    I'm coveting several pieces as we speak. And I too, have a starfish addiction.


  15. I found you when looking in the Etsy forums re: dapping tools and stamped discs. Took an extra half hour to read some of these delightful posts and figure out how to find this blog again. Have thought about doing a blog and yours is really inspiring - please don't quit.

    Your colors and style are so pleasing and I've enjoyed hearing about ups and downs in the thought process - must be we all have them. I should be going out to garden, but after spending a little time here, I'd like nothing better than to grab my turquoise and go make something. Thanks for some new inspiration:)


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