{photography & daisies}

Hello there!!!
How are you?!?!
I have to tell you....we've had one crappy weekend:)
But i'm not lettin' it keep me down!! At least Friday started off nice:)

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You know how much I love the beach and so we went there a weekend or so ago.
I was hoping to get some new photographs to frame for the laundry room. {I promise it's ALMOST done}
At first I thought I get some that I would use as black & white....but I really got to thinking.... and .....
I just don't think I am in love with black & white photography. I really want to love it......
I certainly think it has it's place in vintage photographs and very select others.
But for me, I love to see the colors of the water and sand together...
What do you think?????

Here are a few spring photographs I took at the local beach....

I am not a professional by any means....but I don't claim to be:) I just like to tinker!!

I don't know what it is about the blue sky and water to me......but all I know is I love it:)

It's the same inspiration that I used to come up with the new simpledaisy styling:) blue skies....water....ahhhh.....calm~

Isn't it funny how we always try and go back to times long ago.....vintage style photographs....black & white photographs.....

maybe people just really long for a by gone era?!?!

I do love .....black & white photographs of people, however:)

Here is my husband and I....he is barely smiling....because he is going to scream if I ask him to smile for one more photograph:)
Here I am contemplating how much I love the water and in which direction I want to take simpledaisy......maybe I was feeling that I just want to explore lots of directions:) Or I am thinking....I really just want to go and enjoy some vino:)

Then there are certain photos that just lend themselves to black & white...
But I don't know....unless it's people....I am just not a huge fan of black & white photography!
How weird is that:)


Another thing I really LOVE are flowers.....

My favorite flower.....is....drum roll please......

the DAISY!!!

how did you ever guess:)

Well guess what.....here is the one of the most simplest and cutest crafts one could ever do......Yes....

hot glue or E6000 glue a happy little daisy to your beachy flip flops....


Cute and simple daisy flip-flops:)OH OH and stay tuned.....

I was inspired to make these as part of my dinner party planning theme....

I have a theme to EVERYTHING:)
this year's dinner party is beachy daisies:) The party is next weekend!!!!

You'll have to wait to see the crafts and tablescaping I did for that!!!!


These flip flops just make me happy!!!

Oh & I have to say....

I did a shot in black & white for curiosities sake....

and I kind of like it....very nostalgic feeling.....just the way daisies make me feel:)

Hope you have a very happy week!!! I am just hoping the sun will show it's pretty little face again!!!

OH and I can't wait to see who wins the simpledaisy earrings!!! I really appreciate all of your feedback!!!!

“As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness.”
Henry David Thoreau


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Not too shabby for just tinkering.

  2. i looove the third picture! You take some really great photos!

  3. Sitting here in my hotel room, looking at a gloomy and heavy sky...and Epcot...and low and behold, your gorgeous photos popped onto my screen. My day brightened immediately!

    I LOVE daisies! They are the happiest flowers on earth...at least of those that I have seen. My company uses a daisy as its symbol (kara vita)...pure, fresh,simple. (hmmm...Have I heard this somewhere before?)

    Hope your weekend ends on a good note.
    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  4. I really like the first photo of the stairs. The black and white of the flip flops is cute too.

  5. Really wonderful pictures! The third one is my favorite, great shot...and the one of you and your patient hubby is adorable! Also, I loved the balck & white lighthouse...it was very peaceful.

    Hope the sea and sand gave you the up-lifting & renewing joy that we all need a dose of every now and then...sometimes even daily!
    xo Jessica

  6. Love the photos..
    am longing for the beach..
    and guess what..
    the rain will turn to snow!
    yep snow tonite..
    hopefully it wont damage the new growth on the roses..
    or all the buds about to burst on the crabapple tree..
    thanks for stopping by my place..
    I love nachos..
    but they don't really like me..
    so it's a toss up between the beer or the margarita..
    warmest hugs..
    laughing smiles..

  7. Those photos are all fabulous! I think that black and white definitely has a place - but I love colors too!

    The flip flops are too cute : )

  8. Love the photo of the stairs looking up! That would be great in black and white or color.

    Have a great week!!!

  9. I love the lighthouse photo(i am a fan of lighthouses!!)

    And, agreed.. I love color in a photo!! Very nice! I went to the beach saturday (i am currently a lobster..)

    have a great week!

  10. I'm a new follower and because you really inspire me I'm passing on an award to you today. You can pick it up over on my blog, Cottage By The Sea

  11. I love that first shot of the walk! I do like some black and white, but only if it makes sense..., lots of light/shadow I guess, strong contrasts..., well, I do prefer color!

  12. The photograph of the boardwalk to the sea reminds me of my childhood summers at my family's beachhouse.... love it! Black-and-whites can be beautiful sometimes, but you're right, sometimes colors are best. I do really like the b&w of the lighthouse though.

  13. It doesn't surprise me that you don't love B&W as much as color. You have such a creative personality and love all things turqoise that bright and vibrant seem to be more your thing.

    Can't wait to see what you have done for your party. I know you enjoy that as much as I do so have fun!

  14. Wow I am impressed with your creativity. You have a beautiful blog. Your dinner party looks like it was great fun. Congrats on your running time.

  15. I am enjoying looking at your blog...love the quote at the end of this post! And the flip flops? OH MY! They are adorable! ♥


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