Well hello there blogger friends:)
Happy Humpday to you!
I have been going a million miles an hour.
I really think I need to take my own advice~

I have been crafting, making jewelry for an upcoming trunk show on 5/15, attempting to train for the half marathon that's NEXT WEEKEND, preparing for a dinner party that i'm having this weekend, keeping up with the blog and trying to stay sane during the busiest time of the school year.........
Do you ever do that!?!?
Completely over extend yourself???

Sometimes I think you need to stop...breathe....and take a moment to really reflect on how to get a little more balance in your life:)

For me....I love to do it ALL....

But then I feel overwhelmed, stressed out and am constantly yelling at my poor husband!

I think it's all about prioritizing the things you really love and easing up on the things that do not truly bring you the most joy!
For me, I love, love, love being creative. That is the #1 source of joy for me. So, I feel like I can continue to keep this in my life.

See how happy I am making jewelry:)
ps....did you notice the glass of vino in the photo?!?

My brain spins with ideas and that's why I also love blogging. It's kind of like having my own magazine:) I find it very rewarding and fun!!!

The area that I have been thinking about changing is my fitness....

I have been struggling to lose 10 or so lbs for sometime now and I just keep feeling like the more I pump up my workouts....the hungrier I am....the more I eat and the more I am NOT making progress on my overall goal of losing a few lbs. I think it might almost be better to do less and focus on eating a wee bit less...

So, that is an area that I would like to pare down a bit.
Plus, training for events is VERY time consuming and I just don't enjoy it.
Don't get me wrong.....I love to run and bike and do p90x here and there. Just not ALL in one day like I do sometimes!
I am going to try and limit my workouts to 1 hour or less. That's it! I think that will help me find a little more balance.
and at this point I am a little undecided if I will train for the 100 mile bike ride this year or just do 50 miles!
I will keep you posted:)

Plus, I would rather spend more time on simpledaisy!

So what do you think!?!?! Sound like a plan!?!?

If something's not workin' for you then it's time to switch it up!!!!

Oh and in the creative front......
Have you ever wondered what you could do with junky old privacy fencing!?!??

I suppose you probably weren't really wondering that....

but here is what I did!!!

Made a cute and beachy looking shelf for the laundry room:)

What do you think....dorky or not?!?!?

All we have left to do in the laundry room is the beach rock counter top!!!! Then I will share the whole room with you!!!!!! Soon...very soon:)

And on that note........ remember I told you....I was painting a chalkboard wall in the laundry room next to the loo.....


Hope you are having a wonderful week!!

See you on Friday when I announce the simpledaisy winner:)

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.”
Sparky Thomas Merton


  1. Dayum, Daisy girl...you make me feel like a slug. SLUG I tell ya.

    Yep slow down...slow down to a crawy. Even go buy a La-Z-Boy and just sit...well go ahead have your wine...and sit.

    Then I'll feel better.


  2. It sounds like you have a plan.

    I like also feel overwhelmed sometimes..always trying to improve, or something new.

  3. I've got so caught up in other projects my stamped jewelry; any jewelry has gone by the wayside.

    I agree sterling blanks are costly. Copper sheeting is good to practice on.

    You should see the pile of ut oh things around here. Some things don't flatten nice or the stamp isn't clear...

  4. i love creative repurposing of well used things..great idea..

    and it sounds like jewlery making is a great source of relaxation for you..maybe make more jewlery!

  5. Hey there!

    I still owe you an email. this past week = crazy busy!

    You look so happy in the photo making jewelry. :)

  6. What a great & positive post today! Love it.

    I'm going to take you advice & mix it up. ;o)

  7. What a great realization! It is a wonderful thing when you can know what brings you joy and know what does not - then go from there.

    One hour of exercise is a great goal & I bet you will have more energy when you reign it in a bit. I know I did : )

  8. Oh girl, you crack me up. I feel like I read your post so fast because of the energy bouncing off your post. But of course I go back and read it all again.

    I have to say one thing I don't do is overextend myself because I know I like a little relax time. Don't get me wrong, I am the type who can clean for 5 hrs straight but there has to be some balance so i just never plan too much at once.I look at it like spreading out the joy.

    I DO hope you find the balance you're looking for. As for the shelf in your laundry room - one of my fav things I have seen you do. Brilliant.

  9. I love, love the shelf...may have to steal this one for my laundry room! My goal in there is "beachy", so that would be perfect! We have some old privacy fence hanging around somewhere.
    your blog is very pretty. I'll be back :)

  10. Hola! I love simpledaisy and I too feel like sealaura is like my own magazine. fun isn't it? Love the repurposing and your whole thought process on switching it up and even slowing down. Today I am spending the whole day in my sweats in an after school year detox. My sweet B told me that when he gets home he wants a report on all the movies I watched!

  11. Hi sweetie! See myself in you, but am lucky that I am not raising my kids anymore on a daily basis (they are sort of adults..) Love the shelf, not dorky at all - especially love the glass of wine! Will be toasting you this evening with my nice glass of Syrah!

  12. Glad you are busy creating jewelry and enjoying life! I know life can get busy, it's hard to take the time to rest. I hope your half marathon goes well - that's great that you have trained for it!


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