{Valentine's Day}

Awwww... It's a day devoted to love:) Now usually I sort of think it's just a silly holiday...I mean do you really need a day devoted to love?!? I you love someone then you should show just how much each and every day!!

Usually my husband and I don't do anything special and that's the way I like it.

BUT this year he really surprised me!

He knows I have been in a bit of a funk....so yesterday we had a whole day of fun!! Including him going to lots of antique shops with me!!
Just look at that face! Can't you see his excitement!?!?

I love antique and thrift shops!! You never know what you might find!Letters...letters...everywhere!! He was such a trooper!! and I was so happy!!! After all that walking and looking at things....here's all I bought!
But it is the cutest frame!! I thought I would paint it the same color as all my other frames and use it to display my simpledaisy jewelry when I do shows!!!

Oh and take note of that ROCKIN' turquoise ring!! The hubby got that for me too for valentine's day! Guess he couldn't wait until today to give it to me!!

How nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then we ended our day at one our favorites places!! And I got to enjoy a little vino....you know how much I love that:)After all those festivities yesterday.....I thought the least I could do is make him a nice breakfast this morning!! So I did...
Now it was a manly breakfast of fried bacon, eggs and french toast with powdered sugar and so I had to break out the safety glasses to cook the bacon!
The bacon always splatters so much when I cook it so I wear safety glasses in case it happens to splatter in my eyes!! Dorky ... I know... but safe nonetheless:)
And of course the girls were anxiously waiting for me to drop something!
After the house was full of smoke and the smoke alarm went off....breakfast was done!
I even tried to make heart shaped french toast!! I think he liked it!!
And I even serenaded him with a little valentine's guitar while wearing my ROCKIN' turquoise ring!Maybe one of these days he'll surprise me with lessons....hint hint, honey!!!!!!
I just have to say....that I feel so lucky to be so loved! That's priceless:)
Hope you are having a super loving Valentine's Day wherever you are~~

"True Love can neither be seen nor heard – only felt within the deep recesses of your heart."


  1. What a nice day. The letters and the frame are fab. Agree, little surprises for no reason are the best.

  2. Fun! And yess indeedy...that is a rockin' ring! The guitar is pretty rad too!

  3. Love the ring, gifts like that are the best!

    I love it when I can get Jeff to do "Jessica things." I enjoy every second of those days. So much fun!

    The puppies are super cute : )

  4. Heather - I want that guitar. Pink glitter - my fav. See U in May for Sherry's open house - love your jewelry - can't get over that abigail necklace.

  5. Well, that sounds like one awesome weekend. And that ring? OMG. The guitar is pretty spectacular, too, lady.

    I'm glad that you had a good weekend that lifted you out of your funk. I hope it carries you through your week and that next weekend you get to have as much fun again - Valentine's Day or not. ;)


  6. firstly..love your adorable hair here! love, love, love it

    secondly..love the pic of you and your cute hair, ring, gorgeous necklace framed by your fav color..simple daisy radiates in this one!

  7. What a great Valentine's Day! What a sweetie taking you shopping. He wins the wonderful hubby award for sure : ) I love the frame and the ring, smart minds think alike, right?


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