{Fresh Friday}

Happy Friday everyone!! :)
I have to say thanks for all your nice comments here!! I always appreciate them!!
And I am happy to see that at least of few of you are actually trying to make some of the yummy food from Fresh Friday's!!

Here's what sealaura commented...
"BTW I made the spaghetti squash yesterday and I had your blog next to me for every step. muchas gracias!!!" Hope it turned out great for you sealaura~
Thanks again for letting me know you are trying out some of the Fresh Friday recipes:)

This week I made the tastiest Butternut Squash Lasagna!! Super healthy comfort food...just perfect!

It did take a little bit to prepare but it definitely ROCKED!
cut a butternut squash in half and roast in the oven on 425 for about an hour (or until soft)
at the same time throw a whole garlic clove in some foil with a tiny bit of olive oil and roast it too.
While that's roasting....
follow the directions to cook some whole wheat noodles
saute some chopped up kale....shitake mushrooms (I used 2 packages)....and sliced white onions.

That's how my squash looked when it was done (or should I say...a little overdone:)
Darn wine.....makes me forget about time!
Anywho....once the squash and garlic is done....scoop out the squash and throw it in the food processor with the roasted garlic and firm tofu (I used 1 whole package)
I just used tofu to add a little protein and impart a little creaminess to the lasagna.
Remember....no cheese for me!! But this would also ROCK with some goat cheese!
Ok now once you have that all processed up......just start layering! Oh I forgot...I put a little roasted tomato sauce on the bottom and top of the lasagna. And I used kitchen scissors to snip the noodles so that they would fit perfectly in the dish!
So good so far?!?!?
Next....layer in some of the squash mixture...sauteed kale, mushrooms and onions. Keep layering until the dish is full and pop it in the oven on 425 for about 30 minutes!!
And here is what you get!

Again sorry for the not so great photos!! Since the time change I can't get things made in time to take the pictures while there's still sunlight!! Owell....you get the idea!
This was soooooo good!! I ate the whole thing in two days!! But really...it wasn't too many calories and it was totally good for me!!
That's the trick...make healthy options of things you love....so if you do happen to eat too much it's not really that bad:)

I thought I would share 2 sites that have really helped me in my quest to get fit and healthy!!
The first one is sparkpeople.
I love this site! You can get in the forums and just read all about what others are struggling with and what is working for others! Plus there are tons and tons of recipes and articles to read!

The other one is fitday.
I use this one to log my food once in while just to see where I am! Plus it shows you what vitamins and minerals you are getting and which ones you are missing out on! I am always low in selenium....so I just try to add in a few of the foods that have a lot of selenium in it!

I don't log my food all the time because it is just too time consuming and I like to focus on how I am feeling rather than relying on numbers on a computer! But once in awhile it is good to know where you stand!

OK...well hope I gave you another tasty and healthy recipe! Let me know if you give it a whirl!

PS...my gym asked me AGAIN to teach the morning spin classes....now I just need to get over my anxiety and just do it!! It's a small gym and would be a great place to start! I don't know why but whenever I really care about something ..... I just can't bring myself to do it! I am always afraid of failure! (what will the people think about me, will I suck, what if they ask me question I don't have the answer too?!?) Does that ever happen to you?!?!? Even though you know you could do something in your sleep....when it comes to someone actually asking you to do it....you freeze?!?!?

"Learn to relax. Your body is precious, as it houses your mind and spirit. Inner peace begins with a relaxed body" Norman Vincent Peale


  1. Who knew that a squash could be use that way! Very creative!! And yummy sounding!

  2. I'm intrigued by your squash recipe - I'm not a big fan of the onions though.

    And DO it! I bet you would have a blast with the spin class! You won't freeze you'll have fun. All people want is good energy. Promise!

  3. I know how you feel about the spin class. Do it! I started out by teaching a dance class, and have added a pilates class. Both, I was terrified to start. But now, I get paid to work out!!!

  4. This looks so yummy! I have a little something for you over at my blog.

  5. that lasagna is fantastic i MIGHT dig out my food processor but I am afraid of following all those steps.

    as far as teaching : For the most part I think I am a good teacher and then there are times that I feel I suck. today is one of those day! ARGH!sometimes my students ask me the most simple questions and I have brain freezes and I bet they think I am an idiot. I gues we all have to focus on the postive things right?

    happy weekend!

  6. That lasagna looks AWESOME!!!! And so healthy. Perfect. What an honor they keep asking you to teach class. Just do it!!!! You'll be wonderful.


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