{date day}

Hi all.....
Instead of shopping on Black Friday, my husband and I went up to Saugatuck for the day!! We had a great day! Sometimes it's nice to have a date day.
Plus, you know how I feel about winter in the Midwest, but this year I have decided to get out there and try and enjoy it.....as best I can:)
We started off at this super cute little bar..

I just love this place!! We come here a lot in the summer and usually this area is open to the outside...but you can see they put up walls!
Here's my husband....hoping I don't talk to much during our "date day!!!" I always talk a lot....mostly because I am just so happy and I want to make everyone else happy too:)I had a little glass of this....Next, we headed over to this cute little place...It was so festive in there...Then we walked around and checked out all the cute shops...Who cares if we had to dress like this for our date day~
Trust me....I would rather be walking around the beachy areas in Florida or anywhere else that warm. But this is all i've got and I am determined to take better advantage of it in the winter!

And guess what.....we had just as much fun as we do there in the summertime:)

Here's what the water looks like in the winter...yes...it does make me want to cry...but, again, I am determined to remain positive:)Even in the winter..you can still find things to be happy about..

like this bench! I don't know why but it made me happy!! I just so colorful and pretty!

Our last stop was this place...Along the way to walking here we saw a couple more happy things...

A front end loader with twinkle lights!! How cute Saw this cute little reindeer...
and I finished up with this....
you know I love my red wine:)

All in all...I am so happy we bundled up and went out and did something fun! Sometimes you just have to bloom where you're planted!! Yes, I would love to live somewhere warm and sunny...but I don't. I don't want to wish my life away and from now on am going to try my BEST to get out and enjoy what we have here:)

Have a warm and cozy Sunday~

"We are so often caught up in our destination that we forget to appreciate the journey, especially the goodness of the people we meet on the way. Appreciation is a wonderful feeling, don't overlook it." unknown


  1. What a wonderful attitude!!!!!
    You've just brightened up my day and I haven't even made it outside yet. Rainy here but at least it's still in the 70's...don't know how you do that cold...but hey! When you look as cute as you do in that fuzzy, furry coat...what else matters???!!!
    And see? I have NEVER seen a white christmas...and would love to. Grass is always greener??
    Looked like a wonderful day to play in a cute lil town!!
    Thanks for the uplift this morning!

  2. That sounds like a blast...what a sweet little town all decked out in it's winter finery!

    And you...in the snow bunny suit...Adorable!!

  3. How adorable!! I love your day, and I love what you said about blooming where you are planted ;)

  4. I also love the comment about blooming where you are planted! I struggle with that myself. I am constantly reminding myself to "be.here.now." (I would much rather be where it is WARMER!)

    Your day looked absoulutely wonderful & cozy! Love the lights already!

  5. looks like so much fun and you look so adorable in that coat! glad to see you enjoying the season.

  6. Awww...looks like you had a lot of fun. I totally know what you mean about the grey midwest winters. At least we don't have any snow right now.

  7. It's so true..., either you re-plant yourself, or you bloom where you are, because you can! It's lovely where you live and you've got a few neat place to go to!

  8. You completely remind me of myself! After years of (unsuccefully) pleading and bribing my husband to move somewhere warm, I have decided to embrace winter in New England and just get out there and make the most of it!

  9. This looked like such a fun and festive day!

  10. good choice grasshopper!

    love day dates too, and the pub walk about this cute town dressed for christmas looked totally enjoyable!

    something wonderful about being in a different place than the masses that puts a (smug) smile on your face!!!!

  11. Wish we were sitting at the White House right now!!! Can't wait to go back with you guys :-)

  12. That is an AWESOME little place. My kind of town. I know you love the warmer weather but those cold pics look amazing. It was 80 here yesterday and I long for the cooler weather because it's more Christmasy and the summer was long enough.


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