{Key West}

I am getting ever closer to this....
we are going to Key West in December and I am starting to get so excited:)
I am really looking forward to having lots of these....coastal living
definately going on one of these at sunset....furycat
and maybe even treat myself to one of these....coastal living
oh and double pillows....maybe my husband and I could enjoy it together!
Definitely want to fit into a new one of these....Victoria's Secret
Every since I completed the ride, i've been working hard on this.....
maybe it will help me fit into that new, cute swimsuit.P90X
I am so sore in every muscle in my body ...... now I just need to cut back on enjoying so much yummy food all the time!! Darn food~

I can't wait to go!!! If you have any insider secrets about great places to go....i'd love to know:)

“My life is like a stroll on the beach...as near to the edge as I can go.” ~Thoreau


  1. That is going to be a very fun trip! Nothing quite like a Key West visit...

  2. how exciting! ooh, love that suit, a vacation is always a nice motivator to stay on track.

  3. Key West is one of my places I want to visit!

    And with the cold coming in - I want to go right now!

  4. Oh girl. I am so excited for you. I love the Keys and we got married in Key West in December no less. Please tell me you're staying in a B&B???????? There are over 90 down there and one is cuter than the next.

    There is this one restaurant place that stands out in my mind I will have to find the name for you and get back to you. It was typical Key West but off on one of the hidden streets, chickens and roosters were outside where everyone was eating. Too cute! Best breakfast though.

  5. OK, me again. What can I say, I am very passionate about Key West and the places you just gotta go.2 places are a must:

    http://www.kellyskeywest.com/ - this is owned by Kelly McGillis of Top Gun fame. I recommend going at night & eating in the outside garden area. The pics don't do it justice but the garden is all lit up and the ambience is spectacular.

    http://blueheavenkw.homestead.com/Blue_Heaven_Restaurant_Key_West.html - this place was amazing. More of a breakfast or lunch, sit outside. It's so much fun, very casual, roosters hanging around and just very Key Westy with all the colors. It's a MUST.

    And of course you have to go to Mallory Square for Sunset celebration.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! How's that P90X working for you? I'm thinking about getting it after I have this baby.


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