{Night before my Ride}

It's the night before my long anticipated ride!! I can't wait:)

The weather looks like it will hold out until i'm done!!
I hope to be on the rode a little before 8 am and done by 1pm.....we'll see~

I ate lots of super healthy food today so that I might not get so hungry tomorrow. I have found when riding that if I eat a lot the day before a long ride I do much better. So I made this tasty vegan wrap for lunch~

sprouted grain wrap
vegan tofu chicken steak
heirloom tomatoes
It was so delicious and filling:)

Then for dinner I made roasted root vegetables~I used vegetables that I have never tried before
purple potatoes

And it was SOOOOO good!! Sometimes that's why you just have to go out on a limb and try something new:)
It also had....
yellow onion
mini portobello mushrooms
brussel sprouts
one whole garlic clove {split apart}
I just put a little of the organic apple juice in a pan and roasted them on 400 for an hour!
I cannot believe how good and filling these were!! I also put a little sea salt and white pepper on when they were done!Not a great picture but you get the idea:) Plus I had another wrap!! I think I should be nice a fueled for tomorrow~
In case I am not....
I have plenty of these~
WOOHOO....wish me luck:)

"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination." Tommy Lasorda


  1. thinking of you, I bet you did great and keep these food ideas coming. I'm headed to the farmers to get me some veggies now!

  2. Wow...I am impressed! And would you get a load of all of that healthy food! Yowza!


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