{outdoor inspiration}

Well...it's finally warm and humid here!! Most everyone complains about the heat and humidity..me, I love it!!! It puts me into serious overdrive with my thoughts and ideas!!
There just isn't enough time or, more importantly, money to do all of the things to our outdoor spaces that I dream of!! But I am a determined sort of person...so I don't give up hope!!!

I definately dream of an outdoor fireplace in some sort of poolhouse type structure!! An outdoor kitchen would be great...but I really don't think we'd use it all that much!! Just a grill is all I really need...except for maybe a pizza oven in the fireplace!! Here is some inspiration~~

This fireplace is definately my favorite...it looks so cozy! I could just curl up there with a glass of vino and some magazines and be perfectly happy!
Hopefully sometime in the not too distant future we can really take the time to build a really cozy, happy little poolhouse/outdoor room!!!
I love summertime and you would be hard pressed to find me anywhere inside during our short midwestern summers!!!
Maybe that's why i'm a teacher....SUMMER'S OFF!!!!
Do you have a favorite outdoor spot at your home???

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  1. Love the overhanging lights and the canopies!

    I am loving all the Miami tropical foliage outside my door... ;)

    I teach, too, and my stance is that all teachers need summer to recover and rejuvenate for their jobs the rest of the year!!!

  2. my heart ohhhs and ahhs for the candlelit portico as well...
    it says intimate family-friend gathering and simple. there is some discussion here about outdoor kitchen, but i'm not sold...when i'm outside in my little tropical haven, i dont want to see a kitchen..a fire pit would be nice!

  3. wow so many spaces to pick from! I need many many diff types of casitas. I do love the fireplace but I also would prefer more of a tropical vibe à la zen to my outdoor space.

  4. I know, a fireplace would be wonderful. Love the first pick, it really shows how you can turn any outdoor space into a cozy intimate retreat under the sky.


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