{busy weekend}

Since Thursday was my last day of teaching for the summer....my friend and I planned on doing a 20 mile bike ride on Friday and hanging out in New Buffalo after the ride!! It was fabulous!! I am starting to train for the 100 mile bike ride in September...so it was great to have someone to ride with!! I didn't have my camera until our husbands met us up there after work....go figure! Because we saw some pretty awesome things along the way and we went to some really great places!! Maybe next time i'll remember to bring it!We cleaned up pretty well after our bike ride!! Good thing it wasn't too hot!
The last stop on our agenda was The Stray Dog...one of my favorite places!! It just love thier logo! It's so cute and well...you know I love dogs!So that was all on Friday....
Saturday starts and we decide to re-stain the hot tub... We go to the store and end up with blocks to build a fire pit!! {The hot tub never did get re-stained!}

I think it turned out really nice!! And it cost less then those fire pits that always rust out anyways!!
Even Ruby likes to sit on the chairs around the new fire pit!
Turns out we were three blocks short of finishing...so back to the store we went...and this time ended up with blocks to make a little patio! I still want to get some pots and flowers to go on the corners...I guess I know what i'll be doing today~
I think I seriously owe my husband!!
Owell...I think he secretly likes me to motivate him!! Haha.....
I really like to have different places to sit when I am outside...so now I can sit by the pool or I can go sit closer to the woods and feel more naturey...is that even a word??
It's finally just so nice outside!! Everything is in bloom and I am happy~Peonies are especially one of my favorites! The scent is just delicious!
I even got the birds a new bird bath!! Not much is blooming in this garden yet...but it will be and the birds and butterflies will be so happy!
Everything is just really shaping up and it just feels so good to get outside once again!Next weekend....the pond!!! OK..maybe I won't push my luck...I might wait for 2 weekends and then start building our pond! I do want to stay married!!'
Hope you had a super weekend and i'd love to hear about your weekend projects!
"Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language” Henry James


  1. what a lovely home you have! wow! I love the fire pit and all your "naturey" spots. As long as I had some mosquito repellent I would spend all summer in your yard. It is so inviting, I can see why Ruby enjoys it so.

    My weekend: as you know, moving, unpacking but it has been so exciting. It feels like Christmas unpacking some goodies I had tucked away and can now re-surface.

    Have a relaxing Sunday :)

  2. oh our picture is sooooo cute ! I had a really awesome day, we are going again real soon !

  3. Looks like a productive weekend. Everything looks wonderful!

  4. firstly, congrats on your biking expedition. go YOU!
    your fire pit and patio are wonderful. what a big difference a day project can make!!!!
    everythink looks so colorful and happy in your yard!

  5. Well, you guys don't fool around! Man...Fire pits, patios...all in a days work?? I am uber impressed girl! AND biking 20 miles....yep...impressed!

  6. Yay for the end of school!!!!!


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