{summer blues & whites}

Try as I might...I have great challenges moving away from creating in various shades of blue!! Most preferably aqua blue!


It's ok though~I just can't help it...I completely love the way a simple white shirt can look so fabulous paired with a pop of blue!! I am a simple girl at heart and try as I might I never seem to get too involved in the trends of today!! Simple is best for me!! So that's the way I create jewelry...I think about what is simple and not too over the top but still a little girlie~

one, two, three

Well...I think you know by know that I also love ruffles!! I think they are so girlie without being over the top!! Oh and I never pay too much for my clothes! In fact, all of these fabulous white shirts are from nonother than Forever 21!!!! I know I have posted about that place before but I just love it!!

one, two, three

Don't get me wrong...I am not a total cheapskate...I do pay extra for certain things, just not clothes and especially white shirts! Let's see, within one season they usually end up with stained armpits {gross but true}, red wine stains, dirt stains {because i'm always in such a rush to plant my new plants that I don't change my clothes before I start diggin' in the dirt} and muddy paw prints!!

Oh and don't forget a super cute purse!! I definately like one of a kind things. And I sort of obsess over not having the same things that everyone else has, so I do shop a lot on etsy and that's where I found this little vintage gem!! My Sweetie Pie

So cute! OK well get out there and get yourself something new and cute!!! And remember to keep it simple....if you want to!!!!

"It's better not to expect approval from people, because you'll just be disappointed. You have to be who you are" Madonna

Have a great day~


  1. beautiful creations! I hear you about always buying the same color beads. I always get anything that looks like carribean blue water. The White Crisp Shirts ar lovely, one of my favorite shops is H&M, their stuff is reasonably priced as well. I also try and visit etsy, so many amazing finds like you bag. :)

  2. Simple is definitely the best for me too..., your jewelry is so lovely, but for some reason I just never put any on..., I love it on others but not on me, go figure.

  3. That vintage purse is awesome!! What a find! Your jewelry would look fabulous with every single one of those white shirts!

  4. your right! a new white shirt and a hint of blue...like a breath of fresh air!

  5. ooooh I can see the shirts with the jewels...beautiful!

  6. blue and white are my favorite, too... sea and clouds... go figure!

    beautiful pics!!!


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