{one fine day}

Woke up early & went to the local greenhouse.....Yep...bought plants even though it is too early to

How could I resist...I just needed to make my outdoor space happy after a LONG, COLD winter! Oh those are the pillow I sewed this winter from material given to me!! I just love free stuff!!

Opened the pool...FINALLY! Who cares if we might still get below freezing!! Hopefully it won't happen~Got this super cute table at Kohls and I think it's perfect! Had to cut some daffodil blossoms to make it even more happy~

Made a nice dinner!! Ok...truthfully...I improvised a great meal! I went to the local grocery store and bought pre-made pasta salad and bruschetta topping and spruced it up a bit!! Oh and that's a soy riblet {in case you were wondering}!! And I am making the switch to white wines for the summer!! Any day with vino is a good day~

I think he's happy that he can finally relax! Poor guy...he just came home yesterday from a 2 week trip and I had him help me open the pool!! Must have tired the kitty out too!! Well that's not too hard to do...she's always pretty laid back! Finally I can relax!! I just love warm days!! I get so motivated I think I drive my husband nuts!! Good thing he loves me!!

Well... back to listening to frogs and my vino! Have a great evening~


  1. great plants... love the fresh colors... also love the blue mosaic table... so cute!

  2. love the table and of course the kitty! I remember when I first lived in the midwest any day over 30 degrees was heavenly. So exciting that you got the pool ready for the season. cheers!

  3. Ah spring! The best time of the year I think. Enjoy!

  4. We got to go swimming for the 1st time last weekend and it was awesome. I was a little surprised even though we're in FL but I stuck my toes in not thinking it would be perfect and then just dove in....


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