{winter's grip}

What do I do when the Midwestern temperatures dive into the negatives??
Well, I ......
Photo courtesy of blulima
Then I invite a friend over for a tropical inspired evening!
Photo courtesy of flickr
First, we light tropical scented candles. Next, we turn on some tropical music to really set the mood. Oh, and of course we have to light a fire in the fireplace to keep us feeling warm and fuzzy!

Then we pour some Argentinian Malbec, yum and make a super beachy inspired dinner!! {Ahi Tuna & Banana Salad with fresh ginger and banana dressing} Sorry no recipe b/c the recipe was only floating in my head!!
Last we spend the evening making super cute ocean inspired wine charms!!!
And my personal favorite of the evening....
Ahhh.....Now I can breath again!! Have a super warm and fuzzy evening!!


  1. OMG! you so beat me to the post,LOL... I took the same pictures of my charms and was looking for a picture for that wine we had . That is hilarious oh well great minds think alike.
    Enjoy your day off!

  2. Those are so cute! I love the star fish.


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