I really need to get crackin' on simpledaisy....but I just really lack motivation! Winter really takes it toll on me and today is a particularly bad day! I get so bored in the winter that I just want to crawl out of my skin.....
I know I have made so many cute things.... {or at least I think they're cute}
1. {Hazel Earrings}, 2. {Willow Necklace}, 3. {Libby Earrings}, 4. {Kristin Earrings}, 5. {Erika Earrings}, 6. {willow necklace}, 7. {Lily Earrings}, 8. {Sherry Earrings}, 9. {Natasha Earrings}
And I do love creating jewelry...but I just need some inspiration...maybe a new outfit or two!! That always makes me feel better...
Let's see what I can find!!

1. Kohls
3. American Eagle
4. American Eagle Now I am not really a person who would under normal circumstances wear yellow...but it does make me think happy thoughts!! I imagine a field of daffodils in bloom!! I guess i'll have to create some yellow simpledaisy for the upcoming season!!!
What else did I find??
1.Old Navy
2. Overstock

I love, love, love shoes and especially love to pair colored shoes in the summer with khakis and a white tank top..I really like the simple punch of color!! Well now I do feel a little better!! I now have some money to save and some shopping to do!!
And of course...I can't get motivated without pictures of the beach!! This is one I took while vacationing a couple years ago!! Oh how I want to go back!!! Have a happy day & hopefully we'll see the daffodils blooming soon enough~


  1. your jewelry is gorgeous....especially love those green earrings.....yum!

  2. Wow, I'm loving the yellow with those blues. Maybe not for my clothes (I would look awful in yellow) but for a project or something. Quite the cheerful post with those pops of color!


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