{garden bounty}

Ok..well I have to admit that I am totally addicted to working in my yard!! This is the first year that I have actually planted vegetables and I am so proud that I am actually harveting a little!! I have made some really fabulous bruschetta from my garden tomatoes and basil and have made all sorts of zucchini dishes!!

Last year I planted birdhouse gourds and had a blast decorating them over the winter...I even painted some silver and covered them in glitter for the holidays..very cute..now this year I didn't plant the gourds but some volunteers did spring up and well...I didn't take them down!! I love to sit in the hot tub and look up and see gourds dangling from the arbor.

NO I don't still have my glittered gourds on display in my house..but I should!! I love glitter..I would glitter everything if I could!! Maybe that's why I love to design and make jewelry....stay tuned because I just received a shipment of goodies, so i'll be creating away tonight.....

"If you have a library & a garden, you have everything you need" Cicero

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  1. Very CUTE! Yea I planted a veg garden and Kylee and the neighbor girl decided to pick each and everone of my tomatoes. That would have been fine and dandy if they were red, but no they were all little green tomatoes. I couldn't help but laugh, even though I was pretty P'd off. That's kids for ya! LOL!


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