Hello and welcome! So glad you're here:)
I’m Heather…..the girl behind Simple Daisy!

I thought i'd share a little about myself....

I'm a complete summer kind of girl.....but i'm learning to embrace the long Midwestern winters....
ok....maybe not embrace them....but at least appreciate them:)

I've been a creative soul for as long as I can remember.
I started blogging some time ago as a creative outlet. I tend to go in a million different directions but lately seem to have settled into embracing my Midwestern spirint and embracing who I am.

It's my hope that my little blog serves to spread a little joy and happiness.
Sometimes i'll sprinkle in some crafts or healthy eats....but mostly it's here to sort of document my journey through life.

I like my fitness and I like my wine:)

and in my mind....I like to think they balance each other out:)

I love...love...love...to express my creativity through many mediums but jewelry has become my passion. 
With my jewelry .... I am most inspired by finding the beauty in everything and each piece reflects something that has spoken to my heart. My work is a little bohemian, a little rustic, sometimes vintage feeling but most definitely always inspired, free spirited and happy.

You can find my shop here....

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!!!