{Vintage Shopping Weekend}

Hello...hello Happy Monday!!!!

Have you noticed issues with the comments on your blogs?!?!!? I know i've tried to stop by many of them and I am not able to comment:( It just keeps taking me back to sign in....i've e-mailed some of you to let you know.....but was just curious if you are able to comment on mine???

Also...do you find the new lay-out ok?? Is it too boring or confusing?? Just wondering!!

Onto the post.....
How was your weekend!?!?!?

We spent the weekend town hoping along the Lake Michigan coast...
Three Oaks, MI
New Buffalo, MI
Michigan City, MI

I found a ton of happy little shops and I spent my time talking my husbands's ear off and tinkering around with my camera:)

I found so many perfect things in these shops.....
Just look at that simple artwork! A daisy out of bottle caps. Simple and cute!

And I love this....
the real....play by play of our "date day!"
You know I like to keep it real for you:)

Like I say....it's not always rainbows and butterflies!
Poor guy! I probably drive him crazy with all of my ideas:)
But really he is supportive and I am lucky for that:)

ps.....we were eating at Bartletts!! The cutest place! If you're in the area.....it's a must enjoy!

Don't you just love Bartlett's sign!! A deer drinking beer! Perfect:)
And their t-shirts say....it's beer season.

Anywho...a few more finds from the shops we stopped into.

And the best score of all!!!!!!!!!!!

So what do you think??? All turquoise or turquoise & white!?!?!?!?

Oh and be sure to stop by Emerald Cove on Wednesday for a little surprise!!!!!

"He who works with his hands is a laborer.
He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.
He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist."

St. Francis of Assisi


  1. Your such a doll and your conversation with your husband sounds like many of mine and my husbands!
    Oh - and I'm with the turquoise all the way...I was born loving that color!

  2. I love your photos...you and your hubby are both so photogenic and cute! And I see a lot of neat things that you've shown! But do you want to know which photo I enlarged to get a better look? The one of you....with your beautiful jewelry! I had to look at your bracelets up close! They are gorgeous! ♥

  3. Hey Heather! I have noticed lots of problems with leaving comments, not necessarily on your blog, but on other blogspot blogs. People have told me too that they have trouble with mine. I noticed that if I do not click "stay signed in" , then it seems to go more smoothly. A friend of mine did a poll to see how many people had problems, and it ended up being quite a lot. I am ready to either do something different with my comments or totally transfer to wordpress. Frustrating! Anyway....my vote is for turquoise AND white! :-)

  4. What a fun weekend!! My hubby gets that same stare...lol!! Love that beer drinking deer...hope you got a tshirt! That would be a hoot to wear.

    Love the wheelbarrow...I'm voting turquoise and white...too fun!!

    ps...on the comment thing...I've had a little trouble (not on yours) but usually if I try again it'll go thru..who knows!

  5. I can completely relate! I'm always rambling off about this and that...opening a garden shop, making furniture, starting a community garden, etc...My fiance just looks at me with that same blank stare quite often...lol. But he is rather supportive too. :)

    Anyway, I am quite fond of the white and turquoise together which is staying a lot since my favorite color is turquoise.

  6. I love it!! So universal a subject. Men from Mars; Women from Venus...


    Art by Karena

  7. Your husband is long-suffering...like mine. I recognize that blank stare. But, he IS a great supporter of your passion. Seriously, how many men would have so much turquoise in their homes? He's a gem! You WILL find your shop when the time is right...

    Love the wheelbarrow...turquoise and white gets my vote.
    Jane (artfully graced)

  8. What a great weekend! There are so many great shops up and down the lakeshore and I love your score!! What a cool wheelbarrow!!
    Ha! My husband runs the other way whenever I start a sentence with "I was thinking..." :)

    Blogger does the same with me too except mine says that I am not subscribed to the posts or something like that and then I have to try again and it lets me, weird!
    Enjoy your day, it is going to be another beautiful one!!

  9. Your hubby is just too cute going along while you shop. He is a keeper. :) I like the wheelbarrow white and turquoise - gives it more contrast.

    I have had trouble leaving comments on blogger blogs too.

    My best- Diane

  10. Hey Girlfriend!! I've been away for awhile and loved catching up with your adventures...might be a naughty question, but have you gone back to school yet? If so...hoping you have a wunnerful year. Just don't let it get in the way of your hobbies....loving all your new jewelry!
    My vote is for all turquoise with a splash of red!! Maybe on the wood part? Have you seen how jane coslick mixes red into her turquoise..verah cool!!

  11. I have had problem with comments on just a few blogs. But I've also had problems with my reader. Like I just got this post in my reader today. It always seems to be something.

    Love that wheelbarrow! I like it with the white.

  12. What a great wheelbarrow...awesome find! Thanks for sharing it at NTT!!!


  13. Hello there. First here's an good article about your "cookies" settings. Once you make some adjustments you should be able to leave comments. http://blogging.nitecruzr.net/2009/06/why-need-for-third-party-cookies-in.html Of course if you want tighter security, then you may want to leave your "cookies" alone. :)

    Now onto a shop! Have you considered maybe a nice large booth in a local antique and crafters mall first? Than might sway the Mister once you sho him your sales. That's how I started out. It has also helped me to start the business side slower than a full blown shop out of the gate. There's so much book keeping and yada yada yada. I sometimes have to really schedule my "artisitic" days.

    I love all that you do, you are an inspiration to all of us artists and upcylers! I wish you all the best at everything you do.

    This post made me giggle with the Mister stares and photo's! Very pictorial!

  14. I nearly squealed when I saw the places you visited...you were right by our lake house in Cassopolis! Do you ever go to Featherbones in Three Oaks? The BEST burgers! And all the great antique and thrift shops! Love it! Love your blog, too. Sorry you are having commenting problems...I wish I could help.

    You have a new follower!! :-)


  15. Great photos and that wheelbarrow is so adorable!! Thanks for your comment today at C&V. I'll have to check out these MI towns - that is where my husband's family is from.....

  16. Hey Simple Daisy, Haven't heard from you in awhile and wanted to tell you that I LOVE your jewelery and your turquoise Tonka truck with daisies! Hope you're having a wonderful summer......

  17. I'm sure there are a lot of us girls who have seen that same blank look out of our fellas! Priceless picture!
    Sounds like you had a perfect summer adventure.

  18. My husband would LOVE that deer drinking beer sign. I may have to send out for a t-shirt or something.

  19. I vote for the turquoise and white. I think the white makes the turquoise pop! Heather, I love your blog! It's such a happy place, I love your craftiness, and the beach - well it's my favorite place on earth!

  20. Hello my dear, glad to hear you had a good weekend. Love your find! The new layout looks very professional and organized-love it. I can't comment on a lot of blogs and on some I have to comment with url and name. Don't know how to fix that though. Cheers

  21. Hi Heather.
    My friend and I think this calls for a road trip. We love thrift shops and antique/ cute shops. We will stop at Bartletts too. Any shops that are a must on the road trip you took. We'll be coming from Saugatuck way.

    maybe we'll see you in Allegan..thinking about going if weather is good. where is Heavens Walk booth, do you know.?
    barb in Muskegon


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