{Fresh Friday}

Hello! How are you on this fine Friday!!?!?
I know I am just counting the days until spring shows it's pretty little face.
I don't know why....but it sure is taking it's sweet time this year! Maybe spring feels like she's got a little winter fluff to lose before she can show herself to the world and that's why it's taking a bit longer than usual!!!
Who knows.......

These photos are from Saugatuck, MI. We went there last weekend for a little fun! I just love that town....It's so beachy cute:)
And even in the winter....the beach is still really beautiful!

I stepped out of the car to snap a few photos....but trust me....I didn't stay out long! It was FREEZING!

I was smiling and laughing because my husband refused to get out of the car to snap a photo of myself enjoying the beachy winter day! He thinks I am nuts! I probably am:) But I was happy and just took the photo myself!!

Probably should have had a little lipstick on but owell!!!

And speaking of fluff........
I have been really trying to clean up my eating to get rid of my winter fluff!
I switched gyms and started going to a new gym that has tons of classes and is completely motivating and inspiring!! I am so happy there:)
It helps that my girlfriend goes to this gym too and we've been going together! So nice to have a workout buddy!!!!

And we've been whipping up a few healthy eats together!!!

Here's one we made after a double class session at the gym!!!
2 classes......spinning and jump rope....burned just over 600 calories!!!
woohoo.....the wine we drank after the gym didn't count, right!?!?!?!!??!

Let me just tell you....this was like a party going on in my mouth! It was tropical heaven!!!!!
So many flavors going on....it was pure bliss eating this fabulous little salad!

I just used storebought couscous and put just enough on the salad to really fill me up after the gym!!
You could add or subtract anything you want!!
And I just used the sesame oil, pineapple juice and lime juice as dressing on the salad.

I will definitely be making this again.

What healthy foods have you been eating lately!?!!??

And I did a little craft this week!
I won't lie....it did take quite a bit of glue and time to make this wreath!! But just look at how cute it is!!

I know.....these have been all over the blog world....but I just finally got around to making one and I L.O.V.E. it!! I hope you make one too!

And it barely cost anything to make it! Love that:)

I hung it up in our bedroom. I thought it needed a little spring sprucing:)

Well and I of course added some daisies to mine! You know how I feel about daisies:)
Simple...beachy happiness:)
Now...if only I lived near the beach! Maybe someday....until then...i'll just keep bringing beach bliss to my life....anyway I can:)

The possibilities are just endless with this cute wreath! If you are a bride to be...these would be completely adorable at your wedding!
Or if your having a party.....well what about decorating with tons of these ruffly wreaths!
Cheap Chic:)

And I included some jars on my dresser.
I just painted the lid of one of the jars! Simple and cute! I also added a chalkboard tag that says..Maui!!
Well...hello....who wouldn't want to go to Maui!
It's on my to do soon list:)
And I thought seeing it each and everyday would inspire me to get planning!

So there you have it!!! A fresh recipe to try out and a simple craft to create this weekend!! Hope you have a wonderful and inspired weekend!!!

And don't forget to stop by my Simple Daisy facebook page!! Once I get 600 "likes" i'll be giving a pretty little bangle bracelet away:):)

If you've never been thrilled to the very edges of your soul by a flower in spring bloom, maybe your soul has never been in bloom.  ~Terri Guillemets


  1. what an adorable wreath! so happy ! can't wait to hang my new beachy wreath out on my back door, if spring would everget here :-)

  2. That recipe sounds delicious!!! I've been taking a body flow class at my gym and next week i'm going to try a spin class!

  3. We are still buried in snow here in Wisconsin too. I think I need to bring some "beach" into my home like that. So fun!

  4. I think we are all feeling tired of the chill and dark of winter. Thanks for spreading some light and cheer! I love that quote you ended the post with... so true. Take care and happy Friday to you!


  5. The recipe sounds so good and your wreath turned out so cute!!

  6. Quite some snow you have out there..., Saugatuck sounds so Long Island!

    Good that your studio is such a wonderful summer haven!

    Have a great weekend!!

  7. oh my-what fantastic photos. I adore your display and the wreath! And the salad looks delish. Have a great weekend.

  8. That salad sounds (and looks!) delicious. Can't wait to try it.

    It's one of those picture-perfect days today. We had a little coolness come through (high 64) so we were able to wear sweaters one more time. (That's great to me!) THe sky and the water are completely BLUE...no clouds, no sea fog...PERFECT! But you know, there is so much beauty in your gray photos of the beach. I love the contrasts of color...and you'll be wading, soon!

  9. You just plain rock. And that salad. You are killing me. It looks amazing and I think I need it right now! :)

  10. A fabulous friday's favorite for sure :-)
    There is beachy water and beachy water... and your water looked cold! I'd be happy sitting in the sun listening to the waves.

  11. Both the salad ANd the wreath are so cute!! That would be a really cute frame for a babys room... Maybe i'll have to play around with the idea for my friend that's having a baby.

  12. thanks for stopping by olive ewe! i love your blog--so many craft ideas..i wish i was that artsy :) have a great weekend!


  13. Those photos of the winter seaside are beautiful. Is that snow on the beach? I've never seen snow on the sand. It sure looks cold! Your daisy wreath is so cheerful just like you. AND that salad looks amazing. I eat cashews in my salads often...so yummy. I don't eat shrimp but I could make this salad with chicken breast. I miss my gym:( Our membership is on a freeze due to my hubby losing his job. I lOVe our gym...it has awards as the BEST in our city. It has everything and three pools. I miss swimming laps and yoga classes.

  14. The salad looks sooooo good, I love couscous and the coffee filter wreath looks awesome...what a fun little project!

  15. Isn't the lake amazing with all the snow and icebergs!? I drive out there, well here in Holland, everyday to look at the waves, water, seagulls playing in the wind. It is really beautiful, from inside the car. However, I would like the beach thawed now please! I am excited to be able to take walks along the shore again.
    Love the wreath and the salad looks yum!

  16. Wait, was that snow? I would have not guess if I hadn't not seen Michelle's comment. And only you could look so cute while freezing her butt off.
    The salad looks yummy. I've never made couscous before. Love to try.

  17. amen to your letter! The salad sounds amazing...with our cold weather, I have been doing soups...Kale and Navy Bean soup (sounds gross, it's not, it has lots more goodies in it!) is my new favorite. And it's good to have those key words around where you can see them and focus on them...Maui...Maui...Maui...! And next thing you know...you're there! Wooo Hooo!

  18. A southern girl checking in here...and once again, you've taught me something! NEVER thought about seeing snow ON a beach!! Wow....that is such a cool thought!
    But I know you're wanting the sand back on that beach with a hot sun shining on it...it will be here soon for you!
    I'm hosting a brida shower in April. Gonna make your wreath for that..thanks!!

  19. Love the wintery beach scenes...So different then what I see around here. But EXTRA love the tropical salad...Yummmer!

  20. Love the photos! Great job! Just keep thinking spring and Edisto Girl!!

  21. oh how I love Saugatuck too! I'm about an hour and a half north of there and always make a spring & summer roadtrip to go shopping in all of their fabulous little shops. Just love it!

  22. The salad looks really delicious! I have been cutting back on carbs but I love a little bit of pasta or SOMEthing in my meal! I have been meaning to try one of those coffee filter wreaths, they are adorable, and yours is beautiful!

  23. Your photos are amazing, I just love everyone. Mimi xx

  24. What a beautiful beach town especially with all the snow. Your recipe looks delish as well. so glad to have found your blog.

  25. What an amazing recipe!!! = )

  26. I hear you Daisy!
    The winter is taking it's time leaving on this side of the Atlantic too! The past few days have been sunny and warmer, maybe the old man has booked his ticket out of here.
    Hope Spring arrives for you soon!

  27. I hear ya! It is taking FOREVER this year!!! Love coming over here...feel like I should pack up right this very second and head for the nearest beach! Hoping to do that pretty soon!!! You have done such an amazing job with beachiness in your home...it is beautifully beachy!! I may just try that wreath! How fun!!

  28. I've got to try your recipe - it looks and sounds delish ;o)

  29. It can feel like winter never ends but when it does am I ever happy. You have a great smile. Has anyone ever told you that?

    -Zane of ontario honey


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