{daily grind}

Well hello and Happy Monday to you:)
Guess what....
i'm back at work today.
but here's a little photo post of how I spent my last weekend of freedom:) :) :)
I'd say we had a great time!

Hope you have a happy week. I'll check in with you later:) :)

"Summer afternoon, summer afternoon;
to me those have always been the two most beautiful
words in the English language."
- Henry James


  1. what fun! while enjoying your weekend photos, I realized there's a happy smile on my face :-))

  2. What an super cool post!!!!! It is just so darn happy : ) I love the idea of bars/restaraunts on the water - it is just awesome!

    I adore your shades - where are they from? I have been looking for aviators for a while and cannot find ones that I like : ( I will one day!

    When you open up your shop one day, I will have to make a special trip to come and shop there for sure!!!

  3. also just realized I wasn't "officially" following you... how could that be? remedied

  4. What a great weekend!! I am so glad that you got to spend it like that. I love the boats! You are right, a girl can dream!! Love the little beach signs! One says Saugatuck, that is right by me!!! It is a great little town if you have never visited. Love your new shop sign! ;) One day Heather, one day!! Have a great week!!!

  5. So cute!!
    How do you do your blog photos so fun with the color block on the side? Care to share your secret??

  6. Such a fun and happy post. BTW, your Husband looks like Don Henley. Don't you agree?

    Much success in the new school year!

  7. What a fun looking bar on the water. Did you go inside and tip a few?


  8. Glad to see you had a last holiday out before the school year. Keep your chin, dear...the little dearies in your classroom appreciate you more than you know. And sometimes not. But you're above that!

  9. Love your photos...Have a great week starting back to school!!!

  10. Is it me or is school starting much earlier these days???? I always have a happy smile on my face when I read your blog!! Love this happy set of pics!!! You live in a beautiful place...we are hoping to take the RV out there next year...

  11. Hi there
    I just love these photos.. I'm [not] patiently waiting for spring here in Sydney .. so your summer fun has brightened my outlook...

    Hope you have a fab week and thanks for popping over my way.. great to see new faces.. xx Julie

  12. Looks like your last weekend of summer vacation was perfection! Good luck in the new school year!

  13. Daisy, I love *your shop*! It's adorable like you and your blog, I hope that one day, you truly will be hanging your sign on that dream.

    May your hazy summer days sneak way into Autumn...xo J~

    ps- You would be the Dahlia Queen if you started growing them...I just know it! ;)

  14. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!!

  15. It looks absolutely beautiful there! I have family in MI that I hope to go see next month or so but I have never been to that area. What a nice place to be :)

  16. You're so adorable, and you do such awesome work with your photos!

  17. great summer salutations!

    and i love your new blog header!

  18. that ol' school yr just keeps coming back around, doesn't it??!!
    Love you new banner!! and loved your fun post and pics!
    You just always cheer me up...BIG TIME! thanks :)
    (wearing your earrings and necklace today so thinkin' bout you!)

  19. aw you guys are so cute in your aviators! looks like you had a fab time... is there ever a bad time in saugatuck??? Love that place ! That little bar by the big boat looks like our kind of beachy bar1

  20. Checking out the new banner and loving it! Super cute, Heather. You just made me realize how lame my last weekend of freedom was, in comparison to yours! Dang!! I'll have to do better next year.

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