{Concrete Letters}

Thank you much for all of you kind words.
I can't tell you just how much I appreciate it:) :)
It's been a super tough week.......but one thing I know for sure is that when one door closes another one will open.

I planned on writing about this "craft" last week.....but it actually turns out pretty fitting to post about it today.
As I have definitely had lots of vino this past week!

I have seen concrete letters in many different places over the years and have wanted to figure out how to make them.
I looked up concrete forms.....WAAAYYY too expensive ..... so I kept thinking....
It finally came to me:) :)

I made one to see how it would turn out......

The "H" turned out ok.....as I was making it I ran out of concrete and had to hurry and mix some more and then add it to what was already there....
part of the letter is smooth and part of it is bumpy.
Still pretty cute I think:) :)

But I made more to make sure they really would work out before I shared with you how to do it!

L.C. wanted to be in one the pictures!
Maybe she wonders why I didn't do the letters L.C. for her!!!! heeheee:)

Oh & I also made that little blue bench out of some scrap cedar someone was going to throw away.
People.....never throw anything away! You can always make something out of it!!
All I used was the table saw, a hammer and some nails!! So thankful gramps taught me how to build things:):)
It's not perfect but that's what makes it charming, right!?!?!?

Back to the concrete letters.....
They are so ridiculously easy to make.
Get some of those paper mache letters....
buy some concrete mix.....
sift it so that you are left with the fine particles of concrete....
add water and mix it until it is like a runny cake batter...
oil the letters with any oil or cooking spray {not sure if you really need to do this but I thought the concrete might stick if I didn't}
pour the concrete into the letters and let it set up over night....
Pop them out in the morning and you have yourself some super cute concrete letters!!!!!

If you want to hang them....just add a picture hanger to the concrete when you pour it.

Easy peasy:)

I will tell you that the color of the finished letter will depend on the concrete you use.
I like the color of the "H" better than the "vino" but I used different concrete for each.

I love these letters and plan to do some more....
plus they'd also make great gifts:) :)

And they are sooooo much cheaper to make yourself.....If you don't mind spending a little time to do it:)

Oh yes....thank goodness for vino this week.
See I told you......very fitting for my first post back.

Let me know if you give these a whirl!

There again.....I keep thinking I need to expand the things I sell in my etsy shop and these would be perfect!!!!!!
Maybe someday..........
Until then....I'll just keep giving away all my secrets of how I make things:) :)

Oh and in case you'd rather just watch how to make these..
I did a little video:)

Take care....have a nice week....and once again....thank you so much for all of your nice comments. It really means a lot to me:)


"Sometimes when I reflect back on all the wine I drink I feel ashamed. Then I look into the glass and think about the workers in the vineyard and all of their hopes and dreams. If I didn't drink this wine, they might be out of work and their dreams would be shattered. Then I say to myself, it is better that I drink this wine and let their dreams come true than be selfish and worry about my liver." ~Jack Handey


  1. I am soooo sneaking into your backyard tonite and stealing that blue bench. You won't miss it, will you? giggles


  2. That blue bench is great & I love the letters. I admire your creativity!

    You are way too cute in that video : )

    Glad to hear you are doing alright ~ you are certainly still in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. It is great to see you back Heather! I still keep you in my thoughts are prayers.

    I LOVE the bench and the letters! Seriously, when are you going to start that book!? You are so creative! I love the pic of L.C. I know my shepherd feels the need to be into everything that I do and they really are quit photogenic ;)

  4. Adorable video!...too cute. The idea for the concrete letters is sheer genius...

    Glad to know you're back from your rough week...your positive outlook does you proud.

    You make me smile every time I come here.

  5. Hi Heather-

    You are always coming up with the best projects. I can think of so many ways to use the concrete leters. In the garden or as address numbers for a house. Great idea - so clever.

    I am happy to see that you are back and just hope we can all make you :) as you make us smile(your readers)with all your wonderful posts.

    My best- Diane

  6. I've been away from blogging for a litle while and WOW, what a pleasure to visit you again, you've been crafting away, so glad to see you're enjoying your summer. I wonder how the dogs are standing the heat!

  7. Your videos always make me smile...you with that yankee accent!! Said from someone with an accent so southern that I'm constantly getting made fun of!!
    Glad you're back. Been thinkin' of you.
    And I have to have one of those sailboats!!!!! will you sell one in your etsy store to me? Pretty please??? Can I get the name of our sailboat put on it? pretty plz??

  8. Love the quote!

    And your cute bench.

    And the letters. Great idea!


  9. As I sit here waiting for the glue to dry on one project idea I got from you, I will now need to add the concrete letter idea to my list!!

    Hope you have been doing well. You've been in my thoughts this week.

    Sending big hugs...
    Kamichia :)

  10. Hi sweet girl,

    Thank you sooo much for this easy craft. I cant wait to try it myself. I hope you are feeling better these days and I said a prayer for you and your family.
    Thanks again:)

  11. Adorable. I think one for by our pond that says fish might be cute.

  12. What a cool idea! And you make it look so easy! Love your midwestern accent. :-) Thanks for including the video.

  13. You are so crafty! I love seeing all the neat things you create - it inspires me to try some of them myself!

  14. Boogieboard CottageJuly 27, 2010 at 1:05 AM

    Those letters are awesome! Thanks for letting us in on how they're made. Those would be so cute in my back yard. You really did such a great job on your bench too, wow! Take care, Mary

  15. Morning!! You got a blog award on my blog this morning!! Come visit!

  16. So glad you found me so that I could find you. LOVE your concrete letters and the Jack Handy quote at the bottom is priceless. I'm copying it now. :)

  17. The concrete letters are fab! I loved you video so much too. Oh, and that Jack Handy quote is great! ;D

  18. your letter "H" has great character just the way it is..i like the color on yours best too!


  19. Hi Heather,
    I stopped by to thank you for visiting my blog and just scrolled down to read about your recent loss. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt thoughts and precious wisdom with all of us. I totally agree with you, especially about health being wealth and not wasting time by not connecting with those we think about and love. Your last post was beautiful and brave and thank you again for sharing your thoughts with us.
    I love your blog by the way and plan on stopping by often.
    So glad you are feeling better.
    Your concrete letters rock!!!

  20. Hi, I am in love with your concrete letters. You are super creative - what a great idea. Can't wait to see what else you have in store. I am a new follower and think your blog is wonderful. Lori

  21. Love the concrete letters..I'm definitely trying this..also love your laundry room wall art..I'm gonna do that too...I can be such a copy cat! Love your blog!
    I'm a new follower!

  22. Hi Sweet Heather,

    I love your craft, that H is so cool. You make it sound so easy! I really enjoyed your video, I just wish LC and Ruby would have made a cameo.

    Glad you are back to blogging. I am so sorry about your loss, you have been in my thoughts.

    Thanks for being you.

  23. I love your bench-your letters are adorable, I just love your craftiness-I hope the days get easier.

  24. Your letter turned out wonderful! Greaty Job! LOVE the whole vignette with the ivy geranium and seashells... very pretty!

  25. Your letter turned out wonderful! Greaty Job! LOVE the whole vignette with the ivy geranium and seashells... very pretty!

  26. You are soooooo creative. Great job -- love the letters and the blue bench is adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Awesome! You just gave me any idea about making some more leaf casting planters. I never thought about sifting the concrete mix.

  28. I'm going to try this craft, but am new to your blog so I'm hoping somewhere in the past you showed how to do the cute blue table. You're my new favorite.

  29. Those letters are so cute! Love your blue table too. Love & blessings from NC!

  30. thanks for the 'how to' video. I think I might give this a try.

  31. what an adorable idea...makes me want to jump up and do it but it's 4 am...oh, well...tomorrows another day...thanks so much for sharing your creativity

  32. For some reason I can't see the video. Is everyone else able to see it? There's just a blank area on my screen where the video probably is/was.


  33. If I lived near you I would want to take L.C and Ruby for a walk everyday. They would probably walk me instead of me walking them but I would still enjoy it.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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