{dinner party & etc}

Top of the morning to you!!
I can't believe i'm even awake right now:)

Last night was the dinner party and in true simpledaisy fashion....I decided to start my day with a 9 mile run:) Let's see how much can I really cram into one day?!!?!?

I am just trying to pump myself up ..... I mean.... really....who thinks any running is fun?!?! Let alone 9 miles:) But next weekend is the half marathon and so I felt that I had to get at least one more distance run in!!! It just so happened that it was also the day of my dinner party. But you know....I like to try and do it all.

So much for balance!!! Haha!

Here's how I did...

Not too bad....I am right in between a 9 and a 10 minute mile. Plus check out those calories burned!! I think that means I earned a little extra wine:)

Here is the after....

Not nearly as chipper looking. I actually got a really bad headache during my run. dehydration....darn it:)

And now for the dinner party:)

And in case you're not into videos....here are the photos:)

I like to have things set up for when people walk in...
Here...I put the wine in a little tub with some ice and put the flip flops there.
A happy welcome to my party:)

I used some of that old privacy fence to put the wine glasses on. I thought it looked kind of beachy:)

I made some coasters out of tumble marble that I painted. Simple and cute:)

You could make some up and wrap them with jute rope and a starfish for a fabulous hostess gift!!!!

The table...

And dinner....I think everyone had a nice time!!! I know I did!!!

And on a side note...

Remember I told you that I finally bought some new bedding now that Ruby is done chewing!?!?

Here it is.....

simple and cute...

Now I just need a rug....but I think I won't push my luck until I am REALLY sure Ruby is done with her chewing stage!!!

Hope you have a really happy week!!!!!

Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. ~T.S. Eliot


  1. You go girl! I always get headaches when running ~ I hate that.
    9 miles is amazing.. I can barely run a mile. Mostly I walk. jog. run. walk.. walk.. . run.. walk. jog. lol
    You table looked great!

  2. Way to go with the run! Everything looks gorgeous for that dinner party!

  3. HOW adorable was that?! I'm feeling kinda sluggy compared to you!

  4. RUN? Before having a dinner party? You must be an extremely organized lady!!! I might get in a walk...but that's it!

    Everything looked lovely...and so inviting. I know your guests had a marvelous time.(Love your cork framed mirror!)

    Relax today...
    Jane (artfully graced)

  5. WOW! Congrats on the 9 miles!!! I would say you earned a whole extra bottle of vino ; ) I am excited to hear about the 1/2 marathon and how you like it. How has the training been? Are you enjoying it?

    That dinner party looks FABULOUS! I love the beachy style - so inviting and relaxing! Were the flip flops a hit? I love them!

    Super sweet new bedding too : )

  6. WOW i love it all! Great ideas :)

  7. lovin the reality photos you are sooo stinkin cute..
    suzanne and love the painted tumbled marble idea now there's a girl who thinks on her feet...have a great rest of the week end suzanne

  8. Love the "driftwood" (old fencing) mat for the wine glasses...very beachy...you're one cute girl packing it all in...!

  9. what a great 9 miles- that is so tough by yourself and you did it! thanks for stopping by my blog...i love yours :)

  10. Love your blog !!!!!!!!
    I will try crafting
    your sea glass wreath.......xo

  11. 9 Miles, Holy Cow!! I don't know how you do it!
    It looks like you had a great dinner party!

  12. we just saw these cute linens at target this weekend! super cute

    congrats on the run!

  13. Maybe if I count up all the miles I've ever run it would add up to 9. Wait, does running after kids count? I hope so because then I'll feel better about myself.

    The package I ordered from your Etsy Shop came in the mail this weekend. I LOVE my new earrings so much I wrote about them on my blog today.

    Hope your Monday is going great - I think if exercise energizes you then you should be full of energy!


  14. Cool Beans!! Everything looked awesome and I adored the lil video!! Love that yankee speak!!
    Table? Awesome! Favors? Precious!
    The new bedding? Adorable!
    The 9 mile run? In my dreams!!!!

  15. You table setting looks great and I adore the blue pillow on everyone's chairs. Very very neat!

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  16. OMG! 9 miles! very impressive.

    I absolutely love your table settings and tub of wine, fenceboards with the glasses - oh shoot, I just love it all. Your dining room table was gorgeous and it looks like everyone had a great time.

    Have a great week!

    Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea

  17. Your dinner party looks great, and I had a laugh about your girl chewing everything - our labrador Darcy ate his way through half of our timber furniture, including two antique church pews! But once he got his adult teeth, that all stopped so there is hope! K x

  18. Good luck with your half marathon!!!! Your 9mi time was great! Good work. Now just make sure you've got a new 'pump up the jam' play list for your big day. :)

  19. Looks like a great dinner party. I love all your beachy touches!

  20. Hello!
    Your party looks wonderful! Love what you did w/the fence. Just wanted to let you know that my partners are picking up a wicker dress form tonight with you in mine. Give me a call if you are still interested.
    (junk evolution)

  21. Hi! Love your blog! I am planning to run a half marathon in the fall...I only run 3-4 miles a few times a week now and have never done a race...You will keep me inspired! Good luck!

  22. How freakin' cute these crafts are!!! Love your blog!!! Think I may have to do the "follow" thing and add you to my roll...

    Glad I was referred by Maya!

  23. If I can come to one of your very obviously fabulous dinner parties, I promise to do ALL of the cleanup!
    Beautiful pics!
    Happy weekend :-)

  24. Everything looks so good!!!!!!!!!!! I love the table and the fence you used for the glasses. Outstanding.


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