{crafting: simpledaisy style}

yes....that's just how I feel!!!

But at least I am out of my funk.
I have been feeling really crafty and will have a ton to share with you....but for now I only got around to photographing this....
cute little scarf:)

I always feel so happy when I am creating things and that's probably why I enjoy making jewelry so much! Soon I will be putting a large order in for some more jewelry supplies...thanks to the simpledaisy readers that recently purchased jewelry!! Thank you...thank you...thank you!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it and I hope you love it!! I know one of my readers loved her earrings!! She left me a really lovely comment that just made my day:)
I like to sew too.
I am not a great sewer but I am at least able to make a scarf or two!
If you sew....this is a super simple craft! Time consuming but simple.....

Just cut out various sizes of about 4 different but coordinating fabrics. Sew all the pieces together...then sew them together and finish with a backing of a plain fabric! I know there are tons of directions out there....so if you are inspired I am sure you can find some OR just let me know and I can try to give you exact directions.
I am just not good at exact directions....you know that by how I write my "recipes."After you finish your cute little scarf you can get creative in how you photograph it..... OH...and did you notice the little daisy necklace in the photographs?!!? I made it...but was wondering what you think about it?!?! I am thinking about making some for my shop???
I knew I could find a million uses for this charming frame I bought last weekend!
Well....let me know if you decide to whip up a happy little scarf like this.
Hope your week has been going well and just think there's only TWO days until Friday..... :)

"She has trouble acting normal when she's nervous." The Counting Crows
who doesn't??? :)


  1. glad you have been feeling better. I like your flowers and your happy scarf. always a pleasure to stop by simpledaisy.

  2. You are rediculously creative & talented : ) It is so inspiring!

    The scarf is super cute and I love the pictures. Glad you are out of your funk!

    So excited to get the jewelry!

    I am right there with you...come on spring!!!!!!

  3. The scarf is adorable those colors are the perfect winter pick me up. I'm still loving that frame.

  4. Love all the fabric you picked!! My favorite colors for sure.

    And YES - love the daisy necklace!

  5. The frame is lovely and the scarf is very pretty!!

  6. your whole outfit is pretty darn gorgeous! love the scarf with that jacket, and your jewelry! yea, i'm pretty sick of winter too and who cares if it happens every year - i'm still sick of it!

  7. I love the scarf! By the way, I passed the sunshine award to you!


  8. The necklace is so cute, and I love the way you have photographed everything.

  9. Everything is so colorful and fun! What a talent! Great necklace BTW!

  10. I am loving these pics....you're doing such a great job being creative and productive. Very nice. I am thrilled for you because I know how much it makes you happy.

  11. absolutely love your header because of the color and design but especially the scarf. what a nice surprise to see the "how-to." thanks! judy


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