Hi there and Happy Wednesday....

I have to say that when you live in the midwest....it really is the little things that make you so happy!!!

It was finally sunny today...for the WHOLE day....and I can't believe the difference in my energy level. I was HAPPY~ Nevermind the snow everywhere....

Just look at that sunset!

I got home from the gym and starting driving my husband nuts with all the projects I want to accomplish by summer:) Good thing he loves me!!!
The one thing I love....love...love the most.....is being outdoors and working in the yard in the summer!

I think i'll start with the pond.

The pond in the winter...The pond after I built it last summer.... and how I want it to look this upcoming summer:) I love all the little plants around the pond...it just looks so cozy and happy:)

Then I found this cute little beach garden...

I definitely want my husband to build some wooden planters that I can put all around the pool and fill them with beach grasses!

Hey....if I can't move to the beach at least I can try and bring the beach to me:)

I think I might even put sand in them so they look super beachy! I'll show them to you this summer!

It is so amazing....one sunny day in January and I am starting to get all ready for spring:)

I am dreaming of just being outside and looking at all the pretty flowers.Oh....I just can't wait! It's like having ants in your pants for spring:)

Lastly...this is a big goal of mine for the summer....but NOT sure if it will happen this year...but remember our little firepit we built?!?!Cute....but what I really want is a fireplace that looks something like this....

with a pizza oven and underneath an arbor like this...
Happiness....pure happiness! Can you get on all that honey?!?!
Poor guy....he doesn't even know what I have planned for him!!!

Well have a happy Wednesday and hopefully it was sunny in your neck of the woods:)

"People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost." H. Jackson Brown, jr.


  1. Your pond looks so nice. Amazing you did that all by yourself. Ours could use your touch. Great fire place and the rose arbor. I really like roses we inherited some with the house and planted more

  2. Great pond...LOVE the idea of the fireplace! I would love one too. Can you send Honey over when he is done at your place? hmm?

  3. We are finally expecting some warm weather soon too and I am only hoping it will motivate me as much as it does you!!!!!

    I REALLY want t fire pit but I don't think our neighborhood will allow it : ( Boo.

  4. I love your optimism and you're so right about the sun, it immediately picks me up!

  5. thank you so much for commenting on my blog today! I am in love with your back yard! I love to garden (both perenial and veggies) but dream of a water garden! Kinda hard right now with our lab, he would be in it constantly.
    We finally broke over freezing today (got up to 43 in S.Indiana) and felt great getting outside again. My gardening catalogs are starting to arrive and I'm itching to get out and play in the dirt though :)


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