{Amy Butler love}

Happy (freezing cold, gray skies) Sunday to you:)
I am sitting here enjoying a simple breakfast of oatmeal with blackberries, cinnamon and hazelnuts and a nice hot cup of joe!
What are you up to this Sunday morning?!?!?

Spring is now less than 50 days away!!!
In anticipation of Spring, I decided to treat myself to a little pot of daffodils and they definitely make me soooo happy~
Their blossoms are just so cute and happy!

Now...on to
Amy Butler....
you must know by now how much I love her!!
Just check out her styling....
Vintage feeling...but still super simple.Plus....I know you can probably figure that I also LOVE the colors in her fabrics!! So charming...

Now I wish I were a much better sewer....because this is what I'd make~

Love that shirt!
Or I could make an apron....but who am I kidding...I doubt I would ever actually use it!
Here's my take on Amy Butler styling......
{wish I would have picked up the cord underneath the buffet...but owell}

That is just a piece of fabric that I tied on myself this morning!! But I am going to make that dress out of it.....as soon as I get up the nerve to try:) I usually stick to pillows...but I am determined to try:)

Ok...NOW...I am getting ready to break out my sewing machine! So stay tuned b/c I have a lot of projects up my sleeve!!!!!!!

Do you sew?!?!?!?
If you do.....could you give me few pointers on how to sew a dress without a pattern?!?!?

“Open your eyes to the beauty around you, open your mind to the wonders of life, open your heart to those who love you, and always be true to yourself.” Donna Davis


  1. Pretty creative staging there with that fabulous dress, that's not even a dress (yet)! Sewing on buttons is pretty much all the sewing I do! I sometimes wish I had a sewing machine though..., to make pillows.

    Happy Sunday.

  2. I like the way you combine photographs with narrative. I like your photos, the subtlety of your colors. I haven't visited in a while, it was nice to come back.

  3. I just saw the daffodils and have to say I bought myself a mini pot of daffodils two weeks ago to remind me that spring is coming! Just gotta press the follow button after this post :-)

  4. Look at you...cute as a button.

    sewing is like driving...stay between the lines. As far as creating a pattern...just make a sack with two seams up the side...then play with it...nip it in where you need to.

    eh....don't listen to me.

  5. Maya....thanks!! I always appreciate your positive comments:)Pillows are super easy to make!!! If you ever want to know how...let me know~

    Last Place Finisher....thanks! Glad you came by to say "hello."

    S Enman....yes...you should go buy yourself a pot of daffodils!! I promise they'll make you happy:)

    Lime in the Coconut..awww..
    It's the staying between the lines that I have trouble with:) But I am determined to give it a whirl! Thanks for the advice~

  6. Hello friend
    that dress is so stinking cute!

  7. I love that cushion. Get cracking on that machine girl!

  8. I WANT that dress! So cute. xoxo


  9. That dress is SOOOO cute! The hat is great too : ) I totally drool over Amy Butler!

    I have been looking over your jewelry and am narrowing it down now : ) I LOVE the Fiona necklace!!

  10. How beautiful! Amy Butler is one of my sisters favorites! I love her fabric too! If you wanted to see any of her fun stuff, here's her blog:

    Thanks for popping over to my blog : )


  11. Hi there...
    truesimple...gald you like my jewelry:) I love the Fona Necklace too:) I'll continue to keep adding new pieces so keep checkin'!!!

    Ihave been to her blog! LOve it & love yours:)Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Popped in to say hi! I love your work!

  13. I wish I could sew! Sadly, I can barely repair a button that has come off. I love your style!

  14. I do not sew! All I can do is buttons. Love that pic of you!


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