{Oh, the weather outside is .....}

frightful. But the fire is so delightful. So let it snow, let is snow, let it snow.

Brrrrr.....I am sure if you live anywhere within the mid-west you are feeling the effects of this HUGE winter storm!! So I decided to come home and enjoy the evening. I let the dogs play outside and then came in to enjoy some vino, sit in the hot tub and enjoy some yummy pizza!! Oh and I definately enjoyed it in my dining room with my honey and the candles lit!!! Even the little reindeer are cold and snowy~

At least my house is starting to look like christmas with the twinkle lights and snow~

I just made sure to sit extra close to the fire tonight:)

And I drank my vino sitting right next to fire...that is after I got out of the hot tub:)

I love to sit in the hot tub when it's FREEZING out!! Soooo relaxing:)

If you didn't notice...I made new pillows for my dining room!!! I LOVE them!! I think it's just the pop of color it needed!! Now I am all ready for my party this saturday:)OH and you know I love my vino!! well, here is the perfect way to use those extra reisling bottles I have! {maybe you have them too} I used them in my holiday decor. I painted branches silver and then hung simple ornaments on them!! Simple and cute~


I love pizza and thoughout my mission to get healthy...I have learned some tips and tricks to make naughty foods into super healthy foods!! I now make my pizzas from scratch and I roll the crust SUPER thin so that I can enjoy more of it without the extra calories:) Now.....I would be lying if I didn't tell you that I have gained a "tiny" bit of weight since winter has come on...but, guess what, it's OK!!!

Winter is super tough for me...no matter how happy I try to make it!! I live in carb city during the winter. Recently, I have started trying on my summer clothes to make sure they still fit for KEY WEST next week....I now must FACE it, that some of them are too tight:) That's winter in the mid-west for you~

After the holidays it's GAME-ON again for me!! Time for the last part of my fit and healthy mission!!

Sometimes things take a little longer than anticipated and that's just fine! I think as long as you have a goal and your moving towards that goals, even when you backslide, it's OK!!

How are you fairing with this WINTER STORM.....that is, for the not so lucky people who DON'T live in Florida:) Hope you are staying warm and cozy wherever you are:)

"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination." Jimmy Dean


  1. What I would not give for a hot tub!!! They are the best when it is cold out : )

    I love the decor - your entire dining room looks fabulous. The pillows are great, it makes me wish I could sew!

    As long as you are healthy and you FEEL good then a few pounds is NOTHING! You have a great attitude about it and you are 100% right, it is OK!

    Maybe you should shop for a couple of fun new articles of clothing for the trip? : ) That would be my rational for some shopping anyway!

  2. I'm one of the lucky people who DOES live in Florida, so I can't feel your pain! Those new dining room pillows are super cute, they make me wish I had a sewing machine. :)

  3. and I'm one of the lucky ones from Loosiana, so neither can I even imagine all that snow and cold. But man, oh man....is it ever gorgeous! I would love to feel a white Christmas just once in my life.
    Your table is SO cool. Love the silver branches and bottles. Great idea!
    Are you going to any other Key islands or just to Key West proper?
    It's a fun place....enjoy!!

  4. Your dining room looks fab!! And you look fab too. So no worries about the couple extra pounds. You need the extra body fat for this horrible cold weather.

    PS - the windchill in des moines is -25 degrees today!!

  5. Your home looks wonderful! Love the wine bottles as center pieces. I could collect a few instead of throwing them into the recycling bin! That storm brought a little bit of snow here, followed by rain, and now back to sunshine! Midwest must be tough!

  6. It is a little rainy out here in socal but definitely not too bad. i know what you mean about falling off the wagon. I have not been going to the gym and sometimes I am afraid to put on some of my clothes. I am with you on enjoying the holidays and in truth I bet you are pretty good and don't overindulge too often. Once you learn like you have about health and having a healthy lifestyle you stay pretty loyal to that fitness/healthy train.

    Love the pictures of your home so beautiful and charming.

    Lastly, how exciting about your Kew West trip I hope you post your pics, I would love to visit someday.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Try to stay warm and cozy!


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