{wishful Wednesday}

It's definitely one of those weeks were I keep thinking.....WHEN WILL IT BE FRIDAY?!?!?
The weather was putrid, I have an annoying sinus infection, work is beyond stressful....you get the idea!! :)
Well....I decided to take matters into my own hands and try to have a somewhat relaxing day!
First...during lunch {which, amazingly, was rather quiet....I am a teacher and lunch is usually anything but quiet} I went to flickr and started a slide show of Key West sunsets....
ahhhh....pure bliss~flickr
I got to pretend for my whole lunch that I was in Key West~
Do you ever do that with flickr?!?!
Then I came home and do what I love to do to relax~
Light a fire, candles and do
A little yoga...
I am laughing because my husband thinks I am nuts!! First, I am doing yoga and then because I am asking him to take pictures of me doing yoga:)

I think you can see that I am not really all that flexible.....but I try:)and then.....here is how I REALLY practice yoga~with Ruby constantly licking me!!

What I love about yoga...is really focusing on my breathing and getting my rate to slow WAY DOWN~

I don't know if you can really see it...but my heart rate is 57!!! Now that is a BIG difference from where I keep it when I run, which is around 160! I just do the yoga on tv with Steve Ross...but I love it. I get totally relaxed and zen like:)

After yoga I pour a nice glass of Cabernet and sit by the fire~

Now I try to keep it real here at simpledaisy...but I have to admit that the above photo is a re-take from the one below....where I saw a ginormous zit on my nose!! I ran and powdered my nose for the re-take! Seriously...I am pushing 35 and clearly should be finished with zits:)Owell...here it is in all it's RED glory:)

Lastly, by now you know I love to cook and especially love to make something yummy and comforting when I am all stressed out!

So I whipped up some vegan Cream of Mushroom soup from scratch~

I also made some pesto whole wheat "crackers" from some pizza dough I had in the freezer. Sometimes I make up pizza dough and then freeze it for times like this!

Anywho...since it's not Fresh Friday I won't bore you with the recipe with this .... but if you're interested in how I made it....give me an e-mail!! But remember....I RARELY use recipes and so...I just cooked what I thought would be yummy in mushroom soup and then threw it in the blender!!

Well happy Wednesday and remember....when you're all stressed out...try and take a minute to do something that will make you happy:)

"Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states." ~ Carol Welch


  1. Love the yoga pics - you look like you are having so much fun!

  2. your wednesday looks great!! I love how you do Yoga on TV, I'm going to try and find that :)

    PS you look very flexible!!

  3. i wish i could come to your place after work. i could use a little soup. the yoga looks awesome, shorely chic i sright you do look flexible!

  4. I am still getting zits too. UGH!!

    Very sound advice. :)

  5. I have news for you. At 38, the zits still visit :)

    Love the yoga pics, you guys are so funny. And that soup looks so good. Going home to get lunch!

  6. Fun yoga pics!!! That mushroom soup looks amazing - I LOVE soup!!!!

  7. ok. you've done it. I'm gonna start back with my yoga tapes t-o-m-o-r-r-o-w!! You look like you were totally enjoying it and I definitely need to get my heart rate down. thanks for the inspiration!


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