{Happy Monday}

Happy Monday to you all!!
Had a great run outside and then came in to do a little
p90x!! It's still 50ish degrees outside and so I try and soak up every little bit I can get! :)
Running outside beats the treadmill ANYDAY....woohoo~
This past weekend I started doing a little Christmas decorating.
Is it WRONG that I listen to the 80's hairband station while i'm doing the decorating?!?!? I am SURE most people probably listen to Christmas music....but then I have never been accused of being like MOST people~

I'll give you just a little sneak peek. Turquoise, silver and glitter is the theme this year~

Of course, you can never go wrong with twinkle lights either! I love them and they make me feel super happy~I am NOT afraid of silver paint and glitter! I just love these little reindeer....they were just the brown paper mache reindeer that I spray painted and sprinkled glitter on! Simple and cute.
Oh and I did add a little Amy Butler fabric scarf to keep them warm and toasty.
The little tree on my bar....I know you are shocked to see wine corks on it:)The dining room table so far......
I enjoyed a MOST delicious dinner there this evening. Stay tuned because i'll be sharing the recipe on this Friday's Fresh Friday post! Oh and you'll be so happy to know that I actually took the time to measure out all the ingrediants I used so that I can give you an ACTUAL recipe!
I promise you won't be dissapointed! Or at least I hope you're not:)

Hope you have a super wonderful evening:)

"Take into account that great love & great achievements involve great risk" dalai lama


  1. Good for you getting to the decorating early...and with 80's musak...go for it, Girl!

  2. Those colors are great and I totally agree that twinkle lights make everything better.

    I love 80's rock - there is never an inappropriate time for it : ) I was actually listening to Skid Row's greatest hits the other day and was thinking it was the greatest stuff ever!

  3. Soooo cute!! And yes it is wrong!! OH Soooo WRONG! But I don't like 80's music. I pull out all my Xmas CD's when decorating. And I have a lot of them. But that's just me. :)

  4. Love your tree..., including the corks! I think I have one Christmas CD around somewhere..., oldies style.

    Wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Love your decorations- so cheerful! I am definitely adding corks to my tree this year!

  6. i love simpledaisy!! your posts are so inspiring and cheerful. I always want to stop what I am doing and go do something à la simple daisy! including the vino. hope you have a fab thanksgiving day. i can't wait to start the holiday season :) cheers


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