{autumn decor}

I love autumn! I just don't love what follows autumn:(
This weekend I was inspired to do a little autumn inspired decorating.
I made this little wreath today out of all the wine corks I had on hand.....hmmm what does that say about my wine consumption:)

I think the yellow sunflowers look really cute against the blue door~
Do you think it's wrong to use faux flowers with real ones?

I do it all the time when it's time to change seasons but I don't want to tear out my summer flowers! I think it looks ok...
I did leave my starfish out! You can take the girl away from the ocean but you can't take the ocean away from the girl~
And the flower box underneath my house numbers~
more faux flowers mixed in with the real ones~
I definitely love mums for autumn decorating!

I just think the color is so happy~I also made a little display on the front porch table~I think autumn decorating is so cozy and inviting~and if you noticed you can even see my fish food for the pond hidden among the items in the display.

So there you have it....simple ways to make your home feel a little more autumish! Is that even a word:)

and in case you were wondering about my riding....
I did 50 miles yesterday~ ok really 49.73 miles......in3 hours and 20 minutes! Not too bad but not exactly where I wanted to come in at! Next week is the ride I have been training for! I am definitely fine to ride 75 miles but don't feel like I am ready for 100 miles! Owell there is always next year! Now I will know more of what to do in my training! It is sort of hard when you don't have a coach telling how to train and what exactly to do! Either way I am still pretty darn proud that I can get out there all by myself and ride 50 miles! It gives you a lot of time to clear you mind!!!!

"The basic thing is that everyone wants happiness, no one wants suffering. And happiness mainly comes from our own attitude, rather than from external factors. If your own mental attitude is correct, even if you remain in a hostile atmosphere, you feel happy." The Dalai Lama


  1. Autumn decorating is really fun. Have you seen October's Martha Stewart issue? The styling on the front is perfect for the fall.

  2. Whoa, 50 miles?! That's incredible! Way to go!!

    That cork wreath is SO CUTE...what a great idea!

  3. congrats on your riding..your awesome! i save my corks too :)

  4. Love that wreath made out of corks! WOW so cool. I love visiting your blog it makes me nostalgic for the Bend and going to Meijer and Martins, pumpkin patches etc. I support keeping starfish all year long, you have to have them to remind you of that oceany/summery goodness. Stay strong as the season turns and I have to say it : GO IRISH!!!

  5. I save my corks too and have been running out of space to keep them. The wine cork wreath is a great idea! Thanks :)

  6. Too bad rum doesn't have corks ;-) That's really cute! UB40 on the chalkboard, the suggestion of driftwood in your seating area, the color of your door... wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

    (the verification word is coral!)

  7. Hi simpledaisy!! just found your blog and LOVE it! I'm a sea gal too, so of course, I love your colors, your words and your ideas. Not to mention, your jewelry! Definitely keep that avenue open..I bet if you keep posting pics here, you'll sell loads!
    Can't wait to go read more....so hoping I'll be inspired to get out and start running!! thanks...

  8. I love your front door area! And I have more corks in a jar than I care to admit. :)

    And excellent on the 50 miles!!

  9. Cute! I don't decorate. ha! I'm lucky if I get the bathroom clean. :-)

  10. What an awesome cork wreath. How did you do it? Super cute!!!!!

    And good luck on your ride next week, you should definitely be proud.

  11. What a grand idea.

    I really love the wine cork wreath. I am going to start keeping my wine corks to recreate this.


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