{Happy Day}

sort of....
It is completely disgusting outside today!! Cold and rainy....

So I got up early and ran, did p90x and then gently coaxed my husband into going to the Farmer's Market with me!!
I got some awesome produce to try out this week!! Yippee~Then I came home opened a bottle of wine {at 2 o'clock in the afternoon} and
started drinking while reading all the new magazines that came for me in the
mail today!

When life gives you grapes....make wine!!! LOL!

"Red, red wine you make me feel so fine,
you keep my rocking all of the time,
yeah" UB40


  1. Your Husband went to the Farmer's Market with you? Cool!

  2. I think a rainy day is permission to sit back and relax and have a glass of wine or two. :)

  3. Sounds like a perfect day, even while rainy!!!!!!!!! I love cracking open a bottle at 2pm.


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