{a perfect day}

Good morning blogger friends~
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I know I am!
Friday morning my friend and I got up super early to ride 23 miles! You know it's been hot here so we thought the earlier the better. Well it was perfect! We saw so much nature and when were finished we went down to the beach in New Buffalo and then after that went to my favorite beachy place that we have around here ~ The Stray Dog ~

They have an upper deck that is just so happy and cute!It overlooks a marina and if you look in the bottom left-hand corner of this photo you can see our bikes on her truck!

I know it's not the ocean....but it still makes my heart happy! The breeze..the water...the wine...
What.. that's not three glasses of wine that I had! At least I skipped the pizza this time...still working towards my goal from my birthday~
Look at all the happy people on a gorgeous Friday afternoon~
I love that they have umbrellas everywhere because it gets really hot in the sun. If you look really hard over the tops of everything you can see Lake Michigan in the distance! I just love that~I was super happy that I could actually be warm in a little sundress and sandals...it really doesn't take much to make me happy~ I think we clean up pretty well after sweating out 23 miles!
It great to have fun while still working towards fitness goals...at least I think it is! This week's long ride will be 30 miles.....getting closer to that century!

"If you want something, don't wish for it, work for it. Life is too short to wait." ~ Stephen Hines


  1. good for you girls!
    and of course you deserved that wine

    how long did it take you to ride your 23 miles?

  2. wow go you! 23 miles is an awesome accomplishment and what a fun adventure to have with a good friend.

    where are you going on your 30mile trek? does each excursion have a different destination?

  3. Well let's see...
    It took up an hour and half to do the 23 miles...
    and we do usually pick different routes each time we ride.
    But we do have our favorites!
    Oh and we always end up at The Stray Dog~

  4. My friend Con and I use to do a very similar ride too. It was 50 miles round trip and in the middle we would go to Buzzard Billy's. So much fun!

  5. Another great ride...you always make it so much fun with your stops!

  6. WOW Congratulations! You are so inspiring. I think I might have told you that I love New Buffalo. I discovered it a bit late during my time in South Bend. I think it is just beautiful!

    Your pictures are lovely and you girls do clean up pretty well :)

  7. we are soooo cute and we "Rock"

  8. I totally agree with you on the fitness + fun. My BF and I are like that and we're always supporting each other and trying to do the right thing but stil have fun. You guys look great!


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