{tis the season}

To be jolly!!! Or really, to get a little glammed up...

Now if you can't tell...I really love ruffles, especially in clothing! I think all of these pieces would be just perfect for any holiday celebration!! And as always they are super reasonably priced!!!
one...Charlotte Russe
Charlotte Russe
three...Forever 21
four...Forever 21

So go on out there and enjoy the fabulous holiday season!!

Oh and if you're curious...I would definately opt for clear crystal jewelry to really glam it up!! I wish I had some simpledaisy to show you...but {in a good turn of events} I don't have many pieces left!! I recently had a jewelry show at my friend Sherry's and nearly sold out of every crystal piece I had!!! I made some great contacts and will soon have simpledaisy in a local shop!! Stay tuned as a I tell you all about her shop!! I am sooo excited!!!

Have a super day~

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  1. Very cute! Love your style and taste! Congrats on your sucess at Sherry's show. I know your business will take off!!! I'm so excited your jewelry will be in a local shop soon. That's awesome! Let me know when you get Kylee and my necklace done. No rush, but I do want that necklace and I know Kylee will look so cute in one too.


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