{more fun with the nephew}

I had my nephew over for the night again and I tell you we hit the ground running!!!
He is soo much fun to have around. I just love how excited he is about everything.
Oh...not the most flattering picture of me..but hey it's reality!! No make-up on and in my PJ's!!

I broke out the paint and the glitter and he went to town!! I love how kids make no rules about their art..they are just so uninhibited and free!!! Really inspiring..
After art..we of course make smores and hot cocoa...it's our little ritual!! Then he's bored again and decides he wants to sweep all the glitter off the floor...I'm like OK I can really go for that and so he begins....
Let me tell you...I have never had my carpet swept so well!! He even swept the dog!! She didn't love it but she tolerated it!! {I wish I loved vacuuming that much} After the vacuuming he decides to decorate the little tree in the sunroom...Now I am a complete control freak about the decorating in the house...but I give in and tell him to go for it!! I can always re-do it after he leaves, right???? Meanwhile...let's see what my husband is doing....

You guessed it...trying his best to tune us out!! But we can't be tuned out!!

Children are so fun and inspiring to spend time with!! I've said it before ... I really give it to all you moms out there!!

Have a great day!!!


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  2. You are a brave girl - paint and glitter! Laughing about the husband!


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