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Happy Mother's Day Sunday!

I don't know about you but i've been springing back to life again.

I love the beach and I love the ocean.
but there is nothing like a midwestern spring.

It's like a complete renewal of one's soul and spirit each and every spring.

People flock and I mean flock to the local garden centers hoping to make their spaces full of life:)

I made my way to the garden center.
This year....Ivy geraniums caught my eye.

Geraniums always make me think nostalgic thoughts. Thoughts of my childhood when my grandma first showed me the world of gardening.
My love of gardening has never ended!

Remember when we {and I say we, lightly. Really it was my husband and our good friends} build this deck last summer.

It has been, hands down, the best thing we've done to our home.
It's become my super happy space!
I can't wait until the grapes grow over the arbor....in about....20 years:)

and someday we'll add a lovely stone fireplace and pizza oven.....but for today i'll just enjoy the happy space:)
It doesn't look out over a lake or the ocean. But it still makes me more than happy!
We also added the cute little picket fence this year! It was just a yucky chain link! Can't wait until the black eyed susans take over that little space!

Yes...even Ruby likes the deck! She likes to hang out there and dream of chasing squirrels.

I like to sit there and enjoy my glass of vino:)

L.C. likes it too.
but since she's getting older and has arthritis I usually bring out some pillows for her to lay on!

 See how happy the geraniums look!! The flag...the geraniums....all of it...pure happiness to me!
Up next....planting the garden!
Hopefully Ruby doesn't eat all my veggies this year:)

Ruby and L.C. say....have yourself a fabulous Mother's Day!!!!!


  1. Beautiful backyard! Looks like you have it all ready for the summer.

  2. Oh my..no wonder thats your happy place!!!
    It is gogeous!!
    Once you got out there, you'd have to be dragged back indoors! lol
    The pool looks so inviting and pups adorable!
    Glad they approve!
    You are going to have a fabulous summer enjoying that deck and backyard haven! Enjoy!
    Thanks for sharing :)
    And Happy Mothers Day to you!

    Deborah xo

  3. Bought my first ivy geranium last season and fell in love. Your deck looks great. Love the chalkboard and your fur babies!

  4. Hi Heather, glad to hear you are feeling better. YOur deck is awesome and your doggies seem to enjoy it. Happy Mom day.

  5. What a great space! I would never want to leave. :)

  6. BEAUTIFUL! I love the ivy "ger-JANE-iums" (my boys' name for them). You will certainly enjoy your backyard through the rest of the spring and into the fall...

  7. I too have discovered just how joyous spring really is in the midwest: we moved from California to Wisconsin in 2004, thinking "won't it be wonderful to have seasons?" At the time I referred to the glories of autumn and the majesty of winter... NOW, however, I refer to spring! I never understood how truly ALIVE spring felt until I experienced a long season of winter cold. I am SO grateful to be alive this month!!!

  8. I DO remember when that deck was built. I remember thinking if I knew exactly where you lived, I'd kidnap your hubby for the weekend to build one for me. I would have returned him along with a case of wine.

    The offer still stands.

  9. The decking and yard looks great Heather, a great outdoor space to enjoy the good life. We went to our local garden center the other day - for a coffee at their cafe, and they had the most beautiful bright geraniums I've ever seen. They make such a cheery colourful display and always make me think of my mum.


  10. You have a lovely resort in your own backyard! I am sure it will be even more fab when your flowers are in bloom!

    P.S. Grapes grow really fast and your arbor will be covered before you know it :)

  11. I love your deck! It looks so inviting. Loved looking at your photos.


  12. Your deck is beautiful and I love your new fence! I love sitting on our deck and watching the birds and squirrels and just listening to the quiet of nature, so peaceful! Enjoy!!!!

  13. Oh that looks amazing! How lovely it must be to wake up to that everyday~

  14. LOVE your outdoor space!!! What a gorgeous deck!!! The pups are so cute!! Your pool so inviting...and I just love the way you decorate...it always looks so welcoming!! Hope you had a great day today!!

  15. wow! your blog is just gorgeous, i really love your new deck it looks fantastic. beautiful pooches!


  16. Your deck looks great. Love the blue cushions and your lounge chairs. I am in need of some this year. I don't have a lot of space by the pool because of the screen but I'd at least like one!

  17. LOVE your backyard space!! Beautiful! I miss decks...I had them growing up in Canada but they aren't too popular in So Cal. Here and there you see them, but not too much.

    I wish....

    I can totally see why it's your happy space!!
    Happy Monday!

  18. It totally feels like a vacation spot right outside your home!!! Love it!

  19. it looks so cheerful and comfortable!

  20. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! My favorite color: aqua, flower: daisy.



  21. Well, you have yourself a little piece of heaven right in your own backyard. I love the deck and pergola - just gorgeous, Heather!

    Hope you're having a fabulous week.


  22. What a beautiful place to be happy, Heather! Love that space and how you styled it. ♥ I've been trying to talk my hubby into a pergola over our deck, too. I really think it adds alot of warmth and coziness! :)

    xoxo laurie

  23. Looks like a great place to enjoy some summer sunshine :)I really like the arbor!

  24. oo I love ruby and lc. These photos are wonderful! I love your deck! Gorgeous.

  25. Your deck is beautiful and so is your jewelry!
    Have a wonderful weekend :-)

  26. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL HOME YOU HAVE CREATED! I love your photos and little inspirations. Always so fresh and great!
    Happy Spring!

  27. Oh, that deck is absolutely a wonderful resting place as you watch your kids play in the pool. It can also be peaceful corner where you can lie down as you enjoy the outdoors. I actually have deck at home that has a pergola. I love to lie down there and enjoy the interesting shades created by the setting sun. =)

    Barrett Elmore


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