{Valentine's Happiness}

Well Hello There!
How are you today!?!?

I am feeling pretty good! I was starting to get sick....so I stayed home on Friday and just relaxed. I am a big believer in listening to your body. Sometimes you just need to take a day to rest:) I find that if I make myself do that...I can often ward off a really bad cold! Just my two cents:):):)

I know...it's not really Valentine's Day today...but close enough!

I am not usually the kind of person who does too much for Valentine's Day...I'd much rather do something for my husband on a random day versus feeling like you have to do something because it's Valentine's Day.

but then I thought...I could at least make him some cupcakes! Everyone loves cupcakes, right!

I think he was pretty happy....because I never make dessert type things. But these weren't too hard! buy a box of mix....pour the mix into cute cupcake papers, bake and then embellish:)

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day with your loved one!?!?!? Or with your friends?!?!? Or with whoever!

Let's see......here's what else i've been up to!

Trying to improve my style:)
I am not always th most stylish kind of girl....but i'm trying!

And you know what i've been really loving to do......layer my jewelry! Do you layer your necklaces!?!??

Yes..Yes...the girls have to involved in EVERYTHING I do! They crack me up......:):)I wonder if they get tired of me yelling at them to get out of my way...stay out of the picture...get out of my studio while I am trying to package jewelry! No one wants Ruby and L.C. hair in their package:)

And guess what else.....
the kiln came!! YEEEEEEHAAAAWWWWW ....
I can't wait to get tinkering around with the designs I have floating in my head!

That's my ....just got out bed look! Nice, huh:) I didn't care...I was just so excited to show you my new kiln!!!!

And here's what i've been working on lately!!

Organic....hammered.....beachy....sterling silver bangles!! I L*O*V*E them:):)

Hopefully i'll get them listed in my shop soon!

So what have you been up to lately?!?!? I'll have to make a  little time to swing in and say "hello" to you!!!

Hope you have a really lovely Valentine's Day!!!! Talk to you soon:)

To find your own way is to follow your bliss. This involves analysis, watching yourself and seeing where real deep bliss is...not the quick little excitement, but the real deep, life-filling bliss. Joseph Campbell


  1. Love those bangles. Very nice!!! Good luck with the kiln.

  2. I love those bangles too. And your new improved look! For me it's always a work in progress. I must admit, I'm still wearing old faithfuls from years ago. I do love fashion magazines and I think somewhere, in my day to day style there's a little bit of what I've seen recently and loved... I'm also like you on Valentine's Day. I'd rather do something special on a random day. I don't sound very romantic I know. My gorgeous 7 year old bought his teacher a red chocolate rose. Now that's romantic. Pruxxx

  3. I love wearing layered necklaces! It's my attempt to remain somewhat stylish :) The bangles are oh so cute and I can't wait to see what you do with that kiln!

  4. Nothing better than chocolate cupcakes to celebrate Valentine's Day! And those pretty tulips are a breath of fresh air, after our long, cold winter! Have fun with your kiln!

  5. Oh, the kiln will be so fun and I love your bangles! If you get a chance, hop by my blog on Monday--you'll see "we think alike!" (I made something and got pics but didn't post it yet because I waited for Valentine's Day.)

    Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  6. Hi there...my favourite jewellery are bangles!
    And yours are gorgeous!!
    Congrats on your new kiln!!
    You must be so excited!
    Thanks so much for dropping by for a visit.. :)

    Deborah :)

  7. Happy Valentines day Heather, the cupcakes look so good! We don't usually celebrate Valentines day but some flowers are always welcome from hubby! :) I love your style, so casual and pretty and beachy, that is mine too. Yeah for the kiln! Can't wait to see what you are going to do and I LOVE the bangles, they are beautiful! Enjoy your week!

  8. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Gosh your cupcakes look soooo good! I bet they didn't last long.

    I too love to layer my necklaces, especially my pearls with a longer necklace.


  9. My husband and I don't celebrate with a big celebration. We exchange romantic cards. I bake him his favorite cookies, and we make a nice dinner together. It's the togetherness that matters the most...I think.
    Have fun with your new kiln.

  10. Ooh a kiln how cool...or should I say really hot?! ;-) I hope you are back to feeling 100% soon and I'm in love with those bangles!

    Kat :)

  11. Happy V-day!

    My wonderful necklace and earrings arrived in yesterday's mail. Yippee! I love them!!! Thank you for being so creative! Can't wait for you to master the bangles...I always wear silver and white gold bangles...ALWAYS. Mine originals were a gift from my late aunt...she bought them in Iran, when she lived there in the 50s and 60s. Upon her return to the US, she gave each of her nieces and sisters jewelry...I received a few of these bracelets, and a few years ago, my dear mom gave me hers. I cannot wait to add some Simple Daisy bracelets to the bunch...

    Have a wonderful Sunday...and week.
    Jane (artfully graced)

  12. Terrific job on the cupcakes!! And I absolutely LOVE those bangles! Your work is amazing!! The new look is working for you!! I love layering necklaces too!! Have a Happy Valentine's Day!! Thanks for stopping by to say hello!! Yes, we celebrate the day!! I just love celebrating every holiday!!

  13. I just love your blog! It always makes me so cheerful! I don't know if you've already gotten this, but I've nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award! Liz from A Little Peace of Home gave me one, and it's pretty fun. Check it out on my blog- www.whereyouhangyourheart.com.
    Hope you're feeling better!

  14. I love the bangles. Very unique. I love layering necklaces, too. We had our V-day dinner today. Not sure what that new machine of yours is? happy V-day.

  15. LOVE the bangles! I am also into the gypsy bohemian look. Flouncy shirts and lots of jewelry layered. i think you are doing just fine with your look. hope your valentine's day is relaxing. I usually work so B and I spend it at home with some vino and probably pasta or something else yummy. hugs to you and the girls!

  16. Your bangles are gorgeous, I can't wait for them to appear in your shop! Love the gypsy-bohemian look, and your cupcakes look divine! Have fun with your kiln, and Happy Valentine's Day ♥

  17. girl, you & i are thinking similarly when it comes to wardrobe/style. i wear the same stuff over & over. i used to be so fashion conscious & now i just don't care. although, lately, i've been re-evaluating my closet, along with my home decor. i have always been so matchy-matchy & now i just want to mix it all up! i also like the boho look. just need to figure it out!

    looking forward to seeing what in the world you're going to be doing with that kiln!! i took a pottery class last spring & now i'm thinking about buying a wheel. it's so fun to start new things!


  18. As fun as baking is, I always love the embellishing the most. You have been a busy girl. Can't wait to see the magic you whip up with that kiln.

    Lisa x

  19. A kiln? Girl, is there anything you can't do? I can't wait to see your creations.

    Love the bangles, they go so perfectly with your Bohemian style!

  20. A KILN?! How fun is that...cannot wait to see your creative juices fly!

    Happy V day!

  21. Don't desserts always seem special when you put them on a pedestal? Yours is really pretty, glossy white is my favorite for serving pieces.

  22. cuuute outfit! I love those bangles!
    Happy Valentine's day!

  23. Happy Valentine's Day to you too! Those cupcakes look delicious! Cheers!

  24. 2 of my most favorite things in life....Cupcakes and Tulips!! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's!!

  25. I'm not sure which I was more excited about.. the cupcakes or the bangles. Love them both. I'm giving a sneak peek of your bangles in my blog tomorrow. Hope you had a wonderful Valentines day Heather!

  26. Heather,
    I received my necklace today with the Naples coordinates on it. I love it! Thanks so much.

  27. You are adorable as always! Please get those bracelets into your store as soon as possible- I need them!!!! So cute!

  28. Ahhhhhhh Heather! You and I ARE kindred spirits, girl!! :) I am ALL about boho-chic look (love your outfit btw) - and I'm positively swooning over your square-necked white top!!!!! Where did you get it???

    I am definitely saving up to buy some of your bangles and necklaces. I always always layer my necklaces - long ones always look great together with shorter ones. Then I pile on the bangles (that jingle when I move which I love) and add some big dangley earrings. Looking forward to more goodies in your shop, sweetie!

    xoxo laurie

  29. YOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO?????? where are ya, girlfriend?? I'm in SimpleDaisy blog withdrawal here...you ok? Let us know where you are.......please......!


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