{Puerto Vallarta}

Well Hello!
Guess what....
I am finally feeling much better!!! WOOHOO!!! I can say...hands down...i've never been that sick before!
I am still waiting for word on what bug I caught on vacation but the important point is....I am MUCH better:)

I thought i'd share a few of my favorite things from Puerto Vallarta! I know I always love it when you share your beachy photos on your blog! You know I live for soaking up your beachy photo when it's in the depths of winter here in the Midwest!

But now I am SOOO happy to be able to share my very own beachy pictures with you in January!
Hope you enjoy:)

Puerto Vallarta was just beautiful!
Have you been there before?!!? It was my first time and it won't be my last time.
We stayed at Krystal...all inclusive! {not 5 star and not 0 star..} Nice ..very nice and we stayed in an oceanfront room and loved it! But we actually didn't hang around there long....well except for our daily game of Uno complete with lots of cocktails! It got pretty intense at times....our game of Uno that is:):)

Every evening we enjoyed a fabulous dinner somewhere overlooking the ocean! Amazing views...Amazing views and definitely not touristy areas!
If you ever go to Puerto Vallarta I can help you out with some fabulous dinner recommendations! I don't think we were dissapointed once!

Here were a few of our favorite places:
{i'll add more later when I figure out the names of the places we ate at:) }

There is just so much character in Puerto Vallarta! Everything was just so beautiful.
The streets were all cobblestone in Old Town.....makes for an interesting cab ride with wine in hand!

But to really see everything...you just have to get out there and explore! There is so much to see...I would definitely stay away from the touristy areas like the Malecon {which is part of Old Town but a different part} and head straight to old town kind of behind the Malecon.

I loved the people of Mexico....so friendly!

and they love to bargain with you! Well...some might like to take advantage of you...but not most!
You could buy the most beautiful things right on the beach!
I didn't come home with anything...well unless you count my stomach bug. But I saw lots of things that I wanted:)

OH fine....I wanted to come home with one of these....but didin't:(


If you go to Puerto Vallarta...make sure you spend a day/evening pub crawling at the marina! FUN!

Oh and I think my {step} sister-in-law and I decided that this house would make an amazing bed and breakfast {see....always dreaming}! The place was abandoned....it was up in the mountains and across the river from the zip line tours. We snuck up and looked in all the windows! AMAZING! Too bad it's just sitting there in ruins:(

I think it had four floors with tons of patios! I know I would more than happily move the Simple Daisy studio to Puerto Vallarta!

See....it's beautiful! Lush...Pretty...In the mountains...and on a river! Would you come stay in The Simple Daisy Bed and Breakfast!! heehee:)

Geesh with all this talk dreamy vacation talk I need some.....you guessed it...
WINE! Too bad I can't have any for the next 7 days while I am on my tummy bug medication:(
Pictures will have to do for me!

Well and you have to go see Los Arcos! Next time we go...I want to kayak around them! Beautiful!

but really ....even on vacation...i'm just a simple girl who LOVES the beach the most:)

and notice....I carried my happy little bag that I made! I also collected some driftwood! If the people from Puerto Vallarta only knew what they could do with driftwood ! There is TONS of it on the beach! I mean you could take a pickup truck and fill with with driftwood! I will definitely pack differently next time we go!! A driftwood collecting I will go!

We had so much fun and I am more than thankful to have such fun people in my life!!

Next time you're planning a vacation to Puerto Vallarta send me an e-mail if you have any questions:)
and I have a sneaking suspicion we'll be back with everyone next Christmas!!!!!!!!!

Stay tuned for a Simple Daisy give-away!!! Yippee!!! Do you have a favorite you would like to win!?!?

Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul; the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.
- Napoleon Hill


  1. So glad to hear you're feeling better. I had a stomach bug last year that was going around our office - seriously, the worst I've ever felt. I actually slept for 17 hours! I love all of your photos. You know I'm all about the beach ;-)

  2. Oh so lovely! Bummer about the bug...GLAD it is over! I have ever been to PV...looks pretty great!

  3. So happy to hear you are feeling better!

    The photos are beautiful and it looks like you all really enjoyed yourself : ) The simple beach photos are awesome! I would have a really hard time leaving Mexico empty handed, especially with all of the beautiful jewelry & blankets that they sell there...yikes, I would be in trouble.

    Question for you. I am trying to find a red wine that I like. I find that I enjoy white/lighter wines more in general. Do you drink more red or white? Do you have a red wine that you could recommend? Or even a good white/lighter wine? I tend to not really like any wine that contain the following words in the description: oak, velvet, leather or earth. Those wines tend to be a bit much for me. I am trying hard to like some red wines better since they are supposed to be better for my health (I know that any wine is good for my relaxing mental health!!!) Any recommendations are appreciated : )

  4. Your vacay looked terrific...such a beautiful location! Thanks for showing us the hot spots...and get well now!
    becky (at beachsnaps)

  5. Love your pics. of Puerto Vallarta. The scenery is beautiful, and yet it looks restful and fun at the same time.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Glad to read you are feeling better. Rest up.

  6. Looks like a pretty relaxing place to vacation! Thanks for sharing the photos. My sister and her family went to Hawaii and they ALL got the bug while they were there! It started with the baby and then they all dropped like flies!

  7. Wow, I'm so jealous! That place looks stunning. If I ever visit I'm definitely staying at The Simple Daisy B&B!
    Megs :)

  8. What a great trip - your collage is awesome, I really enjoyed the virtual tour. I've never been... but so many people I've heard had the same trouble you did, and..it has steered us away from that particular destination.

    You know, I think your studio/B&B sounds like a dream come true for you - WHY EVER NOT??... I say go for it.

  9. Beautiful pictures Heather! I have never been there but have to Mexico a few times and just love it! One of my favorites was Grand Cayman, so beautiful and very friendly. I am glad that you are feeling better too and can't wait to see your driftwood projects! Woo Hoo!!!

  10. Never had a bug like that, sorry that that was part of your fab vacay!!

  11. I need to go back and read about what happened with your Bug! Puerto Vallarta looks fabulous!!! I especially love the picture of you alone on the beach looking out at the water...lovely!! So glad you enjoyed your holidays!!

  12. So glad to hear you're feeling better, Heather. Your trip looks amazing - I've never had the pleasure of visiting the area but think it needs to be added to my bucket list!

  13. But most importantly...did you get any shells?

  14. Hi Heather,
    what a wonderful blog you have. Thanks for commenting on mine. Your holiday looks amazing, the camera must have been working overtime, so much to love.
    Glad you're feeling better,

    Lisa x

  15. Those pictures are so beautiful...reminds me of when I went to Cancun. Glad you're feeling better. Take care of yourself.

  16. Oh how that last picture makes me just want to go to the beach! Beautiful pictures! looks like a great vacation!

  17. First of all...
    Happy New Year!
    I'm glad to hear you are feeling better after being sick.

    And last not least...
    Thanks for sharing those awesome pictures of your vacation. Now I'm really in the mood for a vacation.
    Btw. You are not the only one, that boats make always happy. ;)
    Paula Jo

  18. Glad you're feeling better! That view of the pools/beach... goregous! I love the drift necklace :)

  19. i can't wait for your giveaway, your jewelry is so lovely! looks like you had a wonderful time, all of the ocean pictures are so beautiful and mexico is fun - i've been but not for a while! ;)

  20. Love the idea of a nautical pub crawl in the marina!

  21. Heather, you are a positive spirit and your trip looked wonderful!Thank you for sharing with all of us kindred sea loving souls.
    Happy New Year! ~ Gina

  22. My husband and I went to Vallarta in March and I loved it. It was like our 2nd honeymoon. There's so many things to do, it's crazy. We did the Caletas Tour, we got a massage at the spa, we did the canopy ride, we partied and had great food....so enjoy it...it's very very nice and romantic.
    Felicity-Los Cabos Hotels-Hotels in Vallarta

  23. Seems you had a great time in Mexico. We spent our honeymoon in Vallarta. tourism in Vallarta, be it with your family or with friends, is a unique experience. We were completely blown away by the beauty of the sea, the warmth of the sun and the breathtaking sunsets. Definitively, it’s heaven on earth. Fireworks, the sea, the sky at dawn… it was a dream honeymoon!!

    Madison Compton - Packages Mexico

  24. would you like to guest post this trip for my series destination inspiration? would love to have you....email me if you are interested...alamodemaven@gmail.com
    xoxo shelli

  25. Visitng your site via Centsational Girl's vacation link party! I've been to Puerto Vallarta a couple of times and love it. Each time has been by cruise, so your info on Krystal will be considered if we ever visit by land. Nice pics. Glad you enjoyed yourself.


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