{winter happiness}

Hello there.
How are you on this fine Monday!?!?
Me....let's see....I am SO SORE from a new workout class I did at the gym this weekend. I haven't been that sore EVER from a workout....so I can't wait until this Saturday to take the class again!!
You know how I feel about working out...VERY IMPORTANT....and I love when I try something new and it's super challenging!

Oh and....I know from my last post that I received some comments that I might be getting ready to open my shop soon.....nope...I wish...but still nope!

Instead...I have decided to really look at Simple Daisy and all that I create here with a more positive light! I am instead going to focus more on getting my name out there {so I might be contacting some of you lovely bloggers to advertise and to do Simple Daisy give-aways} and slowly building Simple Daisy....the online beachy happy inspired shop and blog!!! I am even thinking of opening spots for advertising here...not sure how I feel about that yet though.


You know how I feel....happiness is 100% in the right here and now! and so I am going to spend a little more time appreciating what i've already got going on here and building from there.

Advice always appreciated:):)

Can you believe I just snapped a random photo {thought I saw a Bald Eagle and wanted to zoom in on it} and got this lovely photo!? I think it resembles a heart!!! LOVE.....yes....have love and happiness in your heart!

and always take the time to just open your eyes to the world around you.....you'll be amazed at what you see!

Did I tell you we were going to the Reindog Parade in St. Joe, MI this weekend!?!? If you live nearby ...it's a must see!

Dogs dress up like reindeer or whatever and parade down the main street in St. Joe.
{ps. meant to say people....oops}

I think it's so fun to just get out there and experience all sorts of fun things....even in the wintertime. Plus I love dogs so it's a win..win...

How could you not be happy looking at all those festive dogs! Just puts me right in the holiday spirit!

And do you notice....Ruby is never still! She is so full of energy and with the cold temps I haven't been able to run her:(
She has become quite my running partner....she was up to 4 miles before the temps turned to cold for me to run outside.
See all the snow we're getting here right now {I just snapped those photos today}...but i'm not going to let it get me down.
 Sometimes you just have to find happiness wherever you are!
I would most definitely be a weeeee bit happier sipping chilled cocktails on the beach....but i'm not! and my gramps always taught me one thing {well really one thing among many things} that people just don't like to be around complainers! So i've really been trying to focus on the positive things about winter! and fuzzy boots and hot cocoas are two very positive things:):)

and people sure do like her:)

Well by now you know that nothing I do ..... goes without a little lunch and cocktails!!!
So we made our way down to a litle pizza place on the beach....

Just look at the ice on those beers! That's something to be happy about....if you're a beer drinker!

I'm usually more of a wine girl myself....but I did have to try a little ice cold beer! Why not, right!!?!?

May not be summertime bliss....but it's still bliss!!
To live a life that makes me happy.....is bliss to me:):)
And you know what else is even more blissful.....making each and every one of you feel happy/inspired/motivated every time you stop by! I am so thankful to you for your support and kind words on my little happy space:)

~Cheers to a happy inspired life:).....even in the winter!

Finding happiness is like finding yourself. You don't find happiness, you make happiness. You choose happiness. Self-actualization is a process of discovering who you are, who you want to be and paving the way to happiness by doing what brings YOU the most meaning and contentment to your life over the long run.  David Leonhardt


  1. hey there!

    when i first saw that photo of the birds, i saw a heart & then below i read that you saw that too! it's sorta like when you see random things in clouds! :)

    love your new stamped jewelry!

    btw......bliss is one of my favorite words. :)

    hope all is well.


  2. I Love the random photo you took - and the birds were formed like a heart. So pretty!!!

  3. the Santa dog is AMAZING!! Loving your blog, advertise with meeee!!

  4. Hi Heather-
    I always look forward to your posts. I had to work 12 hours today and was sick. Coming home never felt better. That was my bliss today.

    I think the Reindeer parade would be so much fun - all the cute dogs would make for one happy day.
    The frosty cold beer looks quite refreshing. Makes me want one right now.

    My best- Diane

  5. That looks like so much fun!..all those cute dogs. I want one of those beers!!!! I prefer beer...I'm not a wine drinker. Your jewelry is lovely. Someday I will buy something but for two years now we've been pinching pennies with my hubby getting laid off twice now. I too am turning in my resume whereever I can for part-time work. I'm hoping I can open my Sea-washed Studio on Etsy in the new year.

  6. I think you would do awesome doing whatever you want too! I am a total beach girl, so I appreciate your lovely stuff!

    :) And your positive attitude! I need to start thinking more positive, but I'm feeling pretty bogged down these days! But your blog inspires me to be happy!!!

  7. Hi Heather...
    I always look forward to your posts...You leave me happy! and inspire me to try something new.

    I would love to see the reindog parade...and my Rowdy would probably enjoy it, too. Hurley would think it's too cold. (She won't even step on the grass on a cool or damp morning!)Your bird photo is incredible! It's always a treat to capture something that was
    hidden from the eye/mind.
    Have a fab week!
    Jane (artfully graced)

  8. I always leave this blog happy!!! ALWAYS! I see the heart in that photo too!! That parade must have been so much fun...how freakin' cute are those dogs?? LOVE it!!

    I can't help you with the advertising thing...I have noticed that many people are doing it on their blogs, but I'm not sure how they keep track of it all?? I LOVED your pics of the fuzzy boots and cocoa!! We have ALOT of snow here too...about a foot...with more on the way...I'm relaxing doing some crafting!!

  9. I love your Grandpa's advice about complainers! SO TRUE! As always, you gave me a daily dose of inspiration!

  10. The heart shaped bird photo is amazing. Not much of a winter fan myself maybe some fuzzy cozy boots are in order.

  11. Great shots..., and the St. Bernards are just adorable!!! Swiss Alp dogs, haha. I think it's fun to have advertisers. I love mine..., they're great stores, plus a little bit of a financial reward is nice!

  12. Those dogs are super cute! I doubt Gunner would let us dress him up or else I would totally do it ; )

    What workout class did you take? I am always looking for new and challenging things to try out!

    Pizza is the best food ever.

  13. i love the st. bernards! so cute :)

  14. Love the bird heart! Nice capture!

    Love your chatty little blog...I alwas leave with a smile on my face :) See?

  15. Love the heart bird photo. The dogs are all so cute.

  16. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. You look adorable in your winter gear! I would love to add one of your pieces when I can add something new. Maybe I can hint to my husband. My birthday is Valentine's Day.

  17. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! .. hate the grey new england winters and I know you know that feeling. Your jewelry is beautiful, I just closed an artisan gallery, would have loved to carry your designs, very fresh and inspirational. I'll be asking you for a custom piece after the holidays, I think.

    Dogs are a necessity in my life, for sure :-) Your two choices up there are gorgeous and HUGE. I have a dane.. he is the most awesome dog I've ever had. The big ones are easier to train, if you can believe it.

    I'm putting you on my blogroll, I hope you don't mind.

  18. Sweet Heather...you need to become an inspirational speaker! Everytime I visit here, I leave feeling happier, encouraged, and just plain loved! My outlook on life is instantly lifted and I feel blessed! Thank you for being YOU, dear girl! :) I love the way you look at life, at nature, at animals, at signs in the sky....you are a treasure! :) God bless you for spreading your happiness to us!

    xoxo laurie

  19. What a beautiful blog! So glad to visit. As a dog photographer, I can tell you that on any given day that a dog comes in to be captured, I am HAPPY.

    Your coastal view of life is refreshing in my dreary NW rainy life...wondering when i can have three months a year in Hawaii...ha!

  20. I totally missed that parade! So cute! Love the heart! We should start seeing Eagles more anytime now, as the water freezes more they become more concentrated. :) You guys are cute! And that beer looks very good although I'm not a beer drinker either. :)

  21. Hi Heather!

    Stopped over here for a dose of happy! Love this parade so cute. You and your hub look like i had a ball. Hope you are surviving all that snow!

  22. Hope you dont feel like I am stalking you! LOL

    I just wanted to share that I was born and raised in St. Joe Michigan. I am in Iniana now, but my best friend in the world lives in St. Joe too! I totally would have went to this, I didn't know they did something like this! I have 3 furry rescues...They totally would have been dressed up! Super Cute! I am trying to find my BF in St Joe a rescue dog!


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