{driftwood jewelry stands}

Have I told you lately just how much I appreciate you stopping by to leave me happy little comments!
Well I sure do appreciate it:)
You are what is going to help me stay positive this winter.
Smile...yes Smile.
The weather has taken a turn for the worse.
I want to rip my hair out....but instead I decided to get busy and create some fresh new pretties for Simple Daisy! 

Yes...someday....I do hope to do something creative full time! It just makes me so darn happy! and I hope my creations make you happy too:)
I have been so intimidated by stamping. But i'm glad I gave it a whirl!
I think these pretty little necklaces are my new favorite things! I love them:)

Dreamin' of the sea yet!?!? I know I am....but guess what....
that's not even the sea! It's beautiful Lake Michigan! Looks pretty, huh!?!?!
Even though it's not exactly the sea it still makes me pretty happy! Especially in the summertime.
Guess what else I made that I thought you would like!?!?!
Driftwood Jewely Stands!!
I love them too:)
I think I just can't let summer go....that's why I am happily creating everything out of driftwood! Good thing I collected a ton this summer!
ps....don't be harsh with your photo judgements! It was so grey today....I took everything outside just to get even a bit of natural light and no....I didn't iron the fabric! Should have huh!?!?!
So easy to make!
Maybe I should sell them in my shop!!!!!!
I am sure some of you might not have access to driftwood.

What do you think!?!?! I think they would make super cute gifts!
Hey....i'm having a big Christmas party soon and I know I wouldn't be sad if you showed up at my home with one of these in hand!!!

A winter storm is on it's way for the weekend....but I wonder if I could beg my husband to head up to the beach so I could do a little more collecting!!!!!
ps....feel free to take a peek at my shop!!! I've been working hard on adding lots of fresh new pretties!! I think they would all make perfect gifts for all your beachy girlfriends!!
And guess what.....I am working on my first custom order for a bridal party!! Yep...she's getting married on the beach and I am so happy that she chose Simple Daisy for her bridal jewelry!!!

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal. Pamela Vaull Starr


  1. I can't believe that is a lake! Looks like an ocean to me.

    Love the driftwood stands. They would even be cute to hang ornaments on for Christmas. :)

  2. Yes! You should sell the driftwood jewelry stands. They are wonderful! I love your new stamped necklaces too. Beautiful.

    I miss the ocean so much and certainly don't have access to driftwood here in the Southwestern desert. Your blog helps me feel closer to the sea. :)

  3. The necklaces are so so pretty. I am going to have to go check out your shop. And love the driftwood. Just beautiful.

  4. Hi Heather-

    I love the necklaces - I am thinking my sea loving sister might love one of these. The driftwood stands - how CLEVER. I love the way you infuse your style into everything you do!

    My best- Diane

  5. I love the stamped necklaces! Winter is hard on me too...Northern Michigan can get so dark...so early! Wake up...its dark...get out of work...its dark! I am a sunny Summer girl at heart!

  6. everything is so beautiful! i love the photos!

  7. heather..i went to an oceanside craft show in juno beach last weekend. your organic driftwood and beachy pretties would have sold quickly. the festivals await!

  8. LOVE, love, love the driftwood jewelry stands. You are so creative!! You should definitely list them in your shop.

  9. You must sell those stands..they are beautiful! I love driftwood..but for some reason..cannot find much in my neck of the woods!
    Have a great week!

  10. I'm not much of a jewelry wearer...but I could take the leap with one of these stamped necklaces...going over to your shop.

    and congrats on the bridal party jewelry...very nice!!!

  11. Wow! This is the first time I am reading your blog. What gorgeous jewelry! And all in my favorite color :) Can't wait to see more!

  12. Hi, thanks for stopping by! Your dogs are cute. Thank you for adopting. And I love your blog and your crafts. So pretty. I too love the color blue and turquoise.

  13. Heather your jewelry is beautiful! The stamping turned out so great and I love driftwood stands! So clever! I just adore everything that you do! :) I hope you get to the beach before the snow comes!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  14. Heather,
    Glad you showed your stamped jewels first and I love them...we very have similar looks. I like the driftwood stands so let me know how to get one or do a reserve in your Etsy shop for me.

  15. How awesome! You are so creative!!

  16. I LOVE the new jewelry, I've been thinking of trying my hand at metal stamping after receiving some gorgeous spoons from another blogger. I have much less space to work in these days and thought this might let me be creative without requiring a whole studio.

    Yes, you should definitely sell the driftwood pieces in your Etsy store! But then, I'm looking forward to the day you're only crafting for a living, you are such a creative talent!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. I love your photo with the word "smile" written in the sand. Do you mind if I use it as my Facebook photo?

  18. Hi Heather! Thanks for stopping by and for leaving a comment! I just checked out your blog {and then promptly added it to my "must read" list!} your jewelry is GORGEOUS! I love all the ocean shades & sea life charms! I'll have to "accidentally" make your Etsy shop the home page on my husband's laptop. ;)

  19. Hi Heather!
    Absolutely!!! Add these stands to your store. They're so unique!!!(There may be a market for them around here, too.)Congratulations on your custom order. That's fabulous!

    Can you make the coin pearl earrings with the pearl hanging down from the top of the silver hoop (inside the hoop). That would be so beautiful...and something else I would love to buy. (My hair gets caught in really long dangles.) I get compliments on the Estelle earrings all the time!!!
    Jane (artfully graced)

  20. Your jewelry is so beautiful, and I love the idea of the driftwood jewelry stand. So creative and unique! Your blog is a very happy place; I'll have to come back again when I can spend more time looking around. :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  21. Ok......let me tell you that I LOVE YOUR STAMPED JEWELRY, Heather!!!!!! LOVE IT! And your driftwood jewelry stands are such a cute, creative idea! You rock, you know that?? :)

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving, friend - and enjoy the snow we're going to get!

    xoxo laurie

  22. Oh my! Now you've tempted me to do more shopping...for myself. ;) The stamped necklaces are darling. The trouble now is deciding which one to buy first. Great stands too!

  23. Ok. You got me. Better start stampin' girl cuz I'm going to get one of these for all my peeps...they are the perfect gift!!
    and ya know my son is getting married in may...after I show these to my future dil.....she's gonna love like I do and she's got tons of bridesmaids!!!!!!
    Seriously, how do we order? Is it etsy? Geeze, that etsy makes me so confused.........
    gotta run for now but will be back next week to place my order.
    and the driftwood holders?? Love them too!!! Like I said....get ready for me!!
    Happy Turkey Day!!

  24. I love stamped jewelry and all your things are beautiful, really.

    Hey now - i LOVE Lake Michigan! How near to the Lake do you live? Before we came to Florida we lived in a Lake Michigan beach town in Michigan. I was very happy there. I go there every summer for a visit while we're in the state. Always have a little pang for that place I loved so much.

  25. I am in LOVE with your jewlery! It is Beautiful! I mada a jewlery stand for my jelwery out of driftwood I will have to take a pic.

  26. These are absolutely beautiful!!!!

  27. Like you I find that doing art projects helps me deal with winter and all the darkness that comes with it. I don't do much art work in the summer and spring time because the weather is beautiful.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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