{Felt Flower Craft}

Hello and Happy Friday to you!!!!
How are you!?!? What's new!?!?
It's been super busy around here.....hopefully I can spend some time tomorrow checking with you!

The weather around here has just been divine! Crisp blue skies....just the way I like it:):):)

I did my bike ride last Sunday!!! Not the 100 I was hoping for...but there's always next year, right!!???!!??
Either way...I think it's pretty neat that I actually rode on my bike for almost 77 miles! Kind of nutty if you think about it!

Some people think i'm crazy but I LOVE it! Plus...no one {unless you really are nutty} just wakes up one day and goes to ride that many miles without some training!
Which leads me to....
if you want to accomplish anything...you've got to break it down into baby steps!

When I started riding I was proud to ride 9 miles! Then I just built from there.....

Now why can't weight loss be that easy!!?!?? Well....that's because I love my pizza and wine just a weeeee too much:):)

It was a cold and tough ride. I renamed the ride.....
{Shifting and Sniffling 2010}
Because that's ALL I did all day long!
I was never so happy to be done with a ride in all my life:):):)

A little photo of my friend that I rode with! Trust me a lot of talking gets done in 5 and a half hours!
I just love her.....she's a personal trainer and has an amazing body....
but she never ever makes you feel even the slightest bit bad about you {or rather} my fluff!
She's one of the few women I know that will build you up.....to make you feel like you can accomplish anything!
I appreciate her:):)

Do you have friends like that?!?!
If so....you're lucky too!!!!

And plus you know....I think you are who you surround yourself with.....so why not surround yourself with positive, uplifting people that will motivate you to achieve your goals!!!!

You know what else i've been up to this week!?!?!
You got it....crafting!
I've seen these cute little felt flowers all over the place.
I looked up some directions and found these....
I tried to follow the EXACT directions...but mine turned out like....CRAP.
So, I decided to try and make them the way I thought they would turn out best and guess what....they worked out! Plus I think they look super cute the way I did them!
And this is exactly why I say....you just can't copy off someone and have it work out. You have to do things your OWN way!

I just love how they turned out!
You can put them on shoes.....

What a super inexpensive way to embellish a simple pair of shoes:)

Or you could attach them to a cute sweater!!!
The possibilities are endless...
I think I might even use them on pillows!!!!
And just because....
here's the whole outfit I wore the other day to meet my friend out for cocktails!!
The sweater is cute....now I just need to deal with my hair!
I am TRYING to let it grow out and I was getting tired of the overly processed looking bleach blonde look....but now I don't know what look I want!
Any color suggestions!?!?!
I am kind of leaning towards a carmelish color!?!?
Well....sure hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!!!
I'll be by soon to check in:):):)

“May flowers always line your path and sunshine light your day. May songbirds serenade you every step along the way. May a rainbow run beside you in a sky that's always blue. And may happiness fill your heart each day your whole life through.”
Irish Blessing


  1. Hi Heather-

    Today I was thinking that I need a Heather post. I went back to work this week after being on sick leave for 6 weeks and needed some uplifting thoughts to read about. Was about to turn off my compouter and go try to as you stated de-stress from the work week, grab my book and relax and your post appeared in my reader. MAGIC!!! Thanks your post was just what I needed.
    I think your hair would look beautiful in a carmel color. I am seriously thinking new color for myself too. Just can't decide. Enjoy your evening.
    My best- Diane

  2. Hi Heather! Congrats on your bike ride!! That is so amazing, 77 miles!!! You look so cute in your safety glasses too! :)
    I love your flowers, they turned out adorable!!! I have always wanted to try felting, but I am a little afraid.
    I hope that you enjoy your weekend relaxing, drinking some yummy beer (New Holland Brewery has a great pumpkin ail that they sell in stores, do you get them there?) and sitting by the fire! You deserve it!!

  3. What an amazing ride...and you look soooo happy being part of it!

    Those felted flowers are awdsome. Wonderful. Have a great weekend. Diana

  4. 77 miles! Amazing, that is what you are. I like your flowers and am happy to see Ruby has not snatched up your nice new shoes.

    As for the wood boat. Yes, they are work. Ours needs some restoration.
    It's a 1958 with a sliding glass top.
    Feel free to come visit and varnish.

  5. adorable flowers; the gray is beautiful!
    and kudos to you, girl! 77 miles! Ahhhh! my mom used to do the 100 mile rides, so I know how much insane training that takes. I usually topped out at the 10 milers. :)
    have a wonderful weekend!!!
    Jen :)

  6. Just got back from vacation and wanting to come by and say hello. What a post I landed on. 77 miles, oh my goodness, how wonderful for you. The experience on a personal level must be awesome. So glad I found you.

  7. Wow! 77 miles!!! I cannot even imagine!!! Congratulations Girl!!! You deserve MAJOR pizza and vino with your book tonight!!

  8. Congratulations on your ride. You have alot to be proud of!

    I think your hair would look adorable in a carmel color. Alitle blond and alittle light brown would be perfect.

  9. You earned your vino and pizza alright. Wow, all of this just when getting out of a cold, R.E.S.P.E.C.T!
    The felt flowers look super cute(and so do you btw), I might have to try make some;)

  10. Over 2000 calories...Honey you earned yourself a whole BOTTLE of vino and the whole dayum pie!

    Love the wool posies!

    You so good!

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  12. Love the grey flowers you made - I could think of lots of uses for them also! and, i think sweaters like that never go out of style!

  13. Wow 77 miles!!!!! Really? You go girl!

    I ride my bike all the time...usually to tennis and back. Getting in 25 miles is good for me, but I would love to do more.

    Love your felt flowers so pretty!


  14. Love your blog, love your craft..I especially adored the frame you made with sea glasses. As I have collected a ton of them thru the years, maybe I should make something like that...

  15. So proud of you for riding 77 miles...you rock! and thanks for the Irish blessing...I'll take it to heart.
    Weekend's almost over...hope yours is going well! Monday's just around the bend...

  16. Hi Heather, Wow, wow, wow, 77 miles is really fantastic, I can't even imagine riding 5 miles at this point. Maybe I need to get a bike and get riding:) I love your blog and have become a new follower. I wanted to thank you for stopping by and leaving your sweet comment on our new home. I love the beachy style and am totally embracing this new journey! I hope you follow along, who knows where it will take us!

  17. Wow Heather! 77 miles is killer, that is awesome!!! I can't wait to get more into biking. The bike that was handed down to me turned out to be too small : ( My super sweet husband has agreed to get me a bike for x-mas though. I see a lot of riding in 2011!

    I have one friend that is just like that, we have been best friends for 15 years - crazy. She ALWAYS makes me feel good, and supported and loved. She is the best, it just makes life better to be around people like that.

    The felt flowers are the cutest!

  18. Hi Heather,

    Awsome ride, congrats. I love the felt flowers. Some of my sweaters could use a face left. I think I'll try the flowers. Thanks


  19. 77 miles....awesome! I would definitely have to get a different bike seat before I attempted anything close to that.
    Love the felt flowers...they're so pretty.

  20. Hi pedal (and petal) girl!
    Love hearing about accomplishments like yours. To do something you had prior thought was impossible.
    I can imagine the feeling you had at the finnish line.
    Love your felt flowers, they looked good on just about anything.


  21. 77 miles! That's something! I was just looking at my bike yesterday and thinking I should hop on and take a ride...maybe not as far as you did though. Great photos. Looks like such a fun day! :)

  22. Whew! I'd be happy just to be able to ride a pink beach cruiser on the seawall without breaking myself... ;-)

    You're amazing.

  23. OMG - congrats on the 77 miles. Whoa that's impressive! I also love you little felt flowers. Once again, I'm envious of your talent and creativity. I find it hard to wrap a present.

  24. You are just too cute! Am totally impressed with your bike riding ability.... I would be a total disaster!


  25. PS Thanks for listing me under your "sea" inspiration!

  26. love this. I saw it last week and drooled all over your craftiness. I am sitting here in between classes and wanted to stop by and tell you how much I love your post. As I am sure u know quite wel, school has consumed me so much that I have become a bit of a blurker ! I can't wait til christmas break!

  27. Congrats on your 77 mile accomplishment! If I added all the miles I've ever ridden a bike up, it wouldn't come to 77!

    I just bought my husband some of that pumpkin ale. Let me know if you love it, he hasn't tried his yet and I'm more of a wine girl myself.

    Love the shoes, the felt flowers rock them. I think your possibilities are endless as you're so clever.

    Love your studio/craft room. I'm going to start working on mine soon. As is, since moving back into the cottage, everybody dumps anything they don't know what to do with in my space. Ah, but I have the key and soon I'm going to lock myself in there and not come out until it looks fabulous and is functional.
    I'll try to write a post about that some time.

    I love all the quotes you use on your blog. I read several to my family after dinner tonight. My husband was duly impressed. My 16 year old pretended she wasn't but that's what 16 year old girls do. In her heart I know she loved them.

    Blessings to you!


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