{appreciate each day}

Happy Tuesday.

My lovely and oh so beautiful great aunt recently passed away after living a very long and happy life.

It really made me stop and think ....
Maybe life isn't a crazy race to follow all of your hopes and dreams
Maybe it's a slow walk focusing on the beauty of each and every day.

and life is beautiful just the way it is ....at this very moment!
We are each beautiful just the way we are!
Each day is an opportunity to choose happiness.

Anyway....her I am....just being me....enjoying one happy Saturday! Just a tiny peek into how I roll.

I am going to spend more time doing that.

Be open to just sit quietly.
You never know where your thoughts will take you.

Owell....at least I tried:)
and it has toned down since then.

And a little poem I wrote the other day while I was just sitting outside enjoying the beauty of the day!!!
I am no poet...but sometimes I think it's good to try and expand your horizons...
try something new:)

don't be too harsh with your critics!!
I was just inspired to write and thought I would share it with you.....you never know when creativity might strike you too!

Take a little time each day....to be thankful for who you are!
Life is a journey and I am happy to take in the view each and every day:):)
Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.
~Maya Angelou~


  1. This was a particularly inspiring post today! Love your photography, especially the macro stuff...very nice! Thanks for the reminder to enjoy the quiet and still moments. And thanks for being willing to show us your REAL self in PJ's and all! :-)

  2. you remind me of... well me only 15-20 years younger I'm certain.
    I so enjoy your posts.

  3. I've had a poem rolling around in my head this past week too, but I can't get past the first two lines of it. Some things just have to simmer a while I guess until they are perfect and ready for paper.


  4. P.S. I do the PJ thing too and even walk out to the end of our long driveway to get the mail looking QUITE unattractive... pfftt, who cares.... not me!

  5. I like your poem...I'm working on organizing my possessions as Fall creeps into Winter. This weekend I'm going to beautify my laundry closet. Thanks for the inspiration...again!

  6. Your posts make me so happy!!! :)

    Your photos are gorgeous too!!

  7. I love it when someone is "real" on their blog. I love it! Gorgeous.

  8. Great post Heather! The poem is really good, I am no poet either but I know what I like.

    I am sorry about your aunt but I am happy to see you taking some time for yourself and doing what you love. Your pictures are beautiful!

    I do everything in my pj's too! :) If I don't have to go to work or any place important I usually don't get out of them!! :)

  9. adorable

    from the top of your spice latte hair...to the bottom of your grassy ugg boots :)

    the essence of life is exactly that..simple natural beauty

  10. What a great reminder to be grateful for the simple things in life. They are usually the things that make us happiest. Even if we may forget that sometimes. I'm a pj wearer for most things around here. Only with flips and not uggs!

  11. Heather I love the new hair color! It is perfect for fall. The photos and poetry are, of course, sweet : )

    I am jealous that all of those gourds came from your garden! The are beautiful!

    I am coming to peace with enjoying myself just the way I am - at this very moment. I used to be so focused on tomorrow that I completely overlooked the RIGHT NOW. I still look ahead and chase my dreams, but I don't forget today. It is a wonderful feeling to just completely enjoy the moment.

  12. Did you really grow all these gourds??? Amazing!
    Confession: I love wearing PJs around the house too.
    That's one genuinely beautiful post Heather.

  13. Lovely thoughts, Heather. Looking inward is always an interesting trip...backward is another fun one...the story keeps changing.

  14. What a happy post! You do look like a happy girl...and I love those birdhouse gourds. Diana

  15. Beautiful post! I was actually thinking at the beginning of the post, before you mentioned the hair color, that your hair is striking. I love it!

  16. You made me smile again today :-)
    I hope whatever you chose to do today,
    you enjoy it to the fullest.

  17. You should see my hair color!! To save a few bucks I bought something brownish (instead of ash blonde my usual), and I'm currently a dark red -aweful! Your hair look awesome! On another note...

    I love this quote by Deepak Chopra "Just being fulfills the highest purpose of creation"

    And we are human "beings" after all, not human doings! Hardest thing to comprehend!

  18. So sorry to hear about the passing of your Great Aunt. What a beautiful post, and your photos are a great reminder for us to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life! Loved the poem too!

    Kat :)

  19. This is the only way to live daisy. I know thats not your name, but it's okay if I call you that right? I learned a long time ago to slow down and live...really live. The rush of the world with all it's demands can kill us. Now that I am in my 40's and in a transition in my life, I have to choose once again not to enter that whirlwind. So glad you know, understand, and are choosing what is truly important. This is why you are so happy. Don't worry about not knowing what you want to do...just BE. ox~ kerrie

  20. I wish I was more like that in younger days. I could photo the same flower over and over because it makes me happy. I think I'm happiest when I'm standing at the edge of the ocean in awe of its beauty and power, writing out a list of things to try and create, or at my little table crafting away.

  21. Your are such a magnificent inspiration! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself! Beautiful!



  22. Hi Heather-

    So sorry to hear about your great aunt. Bless you and your family.

    I try to live in the now and have been pretty successful at it, my problem is trying to find a balance between work, my interests, chores and duties and then just fun stuff like enjoying a day of bike riding or getting together for an evening with friends and family. Sometimes work seems to take over and the other stuff gets put aside when it shouldn't.
    I love your gourd pile!! Do you have plans for them? You are quite the gardener and you are quite the poet. I enjoyed your poem very much as I love fall. You always make me smile. Thanks :)
    My best- Diane

  23. What a beautiful Post!!! I am so sorry that you lost your Great Aunt. That poem was so pretty and the pictures you take are breath-taking.

  24. LOVE it...all of it! So sorry about your Aunt; but it sounds like she lived a very lovely life!

  25. Whenever I come here I'm dazzled by your spirit! You are beautiful!
    Thank you for all the loveliness :)
    That quote by Maya Angelou is amazing. I've never heard it, thank you for bringing it to my attention. There is so much wisdom in this post.

  26. I sure do love...your heart...your attitude...your creativity.


  27. new to your slice of the blogosphere and must say this is a beautiful and inspirational post with wise words indeed; i'll be back soon...

  28. Thanks for your visit to my blog and for your comment.

    I like your poem a lot. Maybe you should do more writing. :)

    I read through a number of your posts and my favorite thing of all....the color turquoise! I love that box! :)

  29. oooh! love this post! so real! thanks for your comment on my recently somewhat related post! loved your encouragement!

  30. What a lift for the weekend. Come join our friday's favorite party~~ share your joy!

  31. So sorry to hear about your great aunt - but I loved this post. Great message. I mostly liked the fact that there is someone else out there that does chores in their pajamas because they don't want to take the time to change out of them! Wheew!! ; )


  32. So lovely, your post. Poetry, pictures and P.J.'s. Thank you for showing us your heart. It's inspiring and much appreciated, reminds me to be grateful for every precious day.

  33. Your words paint a beautiful picture...and your photography captures your words. Pretty amazing, I must say.

    I, like you, enjoy capturing the simplest little things on film...seed pods, twigs, bugs, and yes, even hair. (I have yet to color mine! It has so many different natural shades and highlights that the little bits of white just blend in.)
    Jane (artfully graced)

  34. What a beautiful tribute to your aunt, Heather. Your words really hit home with me today. My husband lost his dear brother last week, so we've been grieving, too. Your post made me stop to realize how blessed I really am in my life and how having "stuff" isn't that important at all. Just being the person God wants me to be and to spread his love to others.

    Love your new hair color, btw. It looks great on you --- in your jammies! lol! Special hugs to you today, girlie.

    xoxo laurie

  35. Rhank you for your inspiration...
    For your images...
    For your thoughts....
    Thank you for YOU!

  36. Such a sweet post.. your auntie was lucky to have such a sweet niece.. I am sure she is shining from the love you gave.. Your garden is fantastic..the gourds!!!!

  37. Hello dear simpledaisy!

    Your endless amount of talent and inspiration never ceases to amaze me! love your photographs and the way you roll. I usually end up wearing my PJS far too long into the day before I decide to pick an outfit! Too much to do and get into on the weekends! I think your hair looks cute, I am thinking of going a little lighter, my highlights are kind of redish lighter brown but I just have not found the time! But I think I will go out on a limb!

    I LOVE your blog, it makes my day.

  38. So enjoy reading your posts, just tuned in today for the first time. You remind me of me, if that's possible. I could hear myself saying 'yup', and 'me too' all the way through. Keep being inspired, keep writing...jukavo

  39. You and I have a lot in common! Beautiful post - a lovely tribute to a wonderful lady. How lucky she was to have you - and vice versa.


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