{Wine Friday}

Well Hello there & Happy Friday!!!!

Thank you sooooo much for all of your wonderful words on my last post:) :) :)
You know....it is so nice to know that we all struggle with those questions every once in awhile. That's real life and I do like to keep it real here on Simple Daisy.
All of you are just one more big reason why I love blogging so much....it's like adding many more postive friends to my life!
And I think ..... you are who you surround yourself with.....so thanks:)

Ok now onto my favorite subject:) :) :)

You know I love my vino!

And guess what....i've been so busy enjoying all of this this week that I didn't even make a healthy recipe for Fresh Friday! Owell....
But I did finish my little craft that I was working on with my nephew the other day:) Wine bags & mossy letters!!!!!

I think they would be perfect if you were to have a little wine tasting party!!

I hand painted a happy little stafish to burlap and sewed that onto one of the wine bags.

Then I just glued moss to wooden letters....easy peasy:)
and sewed cute little wine bags out of fabric I had laying around! If you know how to sew these take 5 minutes:) :)

and did you know....you can drill holes in shells!??! You probably did already know that:)

I didn't! I drilled holes in happy little shells and tied them around the wine bags!

I really love the moss letters. I think they are super cute and i'm dreaming up all sorts of words to make with them:) :)

Maybe even frame them with vintage chippy frames.....oooh...I think i'll do that for my next project! heehee...

See my brain just never stops with ideas:) :)

Let me know if you give this a whirl:)

Oh and if you'd like to come to a wine tasting party.....well...how fun would that be if we all lived a little closer to one another!!!!!

Hope you have a really happy wine filled weekend:) :)

It's back to work for me on Monday.....so i'm gonna every little minute of this weekend!!!!

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
Robert Frost


  1. The words and bags turned out great!! I love the seashells, nice touch! That restaurant looks like a great place to sit and unwind and enjoy the water, and the naughty food looks oh so so yummy!! I hope that your enjoy your weekend before work starts!!

  2. You are such an uplifting person! I can't tell you how you have perked up my life..I soooo look forward to your sunny disposition and your incredibly creative crafts! Every time a see a new post I get excited to read whats new with you.. Not to be corny but you light up my life!!! Ha Ha in such a good way...
    Thank You.....

  3. Hi Karen....
    Glad I light up your life:)
    It lights me up to make other people happy!!!!
    Thanks for stopping by~

  4. There are many reasons I read your blog and today is one of them. I read this post and had to stop, run out to the living room and pull a huge tablecloth out of the items slated for a garage sale tomorrow. It is the same fabric you made the wine bags out of and you know I have a ton of shells lying around The Hut. Yes, I'm going to make bags out of something I would have sold for $1.00. Thank you.

    Yes, you always inspire me and if you get a chance to read my post today, you'll see you do this in the beverage department also.

    btw, I LOVE how the letters turned out!

  5. So adorable! They look like little monks in their white robes with rope belts tied at their waists! LOVE THEM!


  6. This post is just awesome! Reading your blog always just makes me happy : )

    That picture of you is adorable - love the braid. Very summery and just plain cute!

    I love the mossy letters and wine bags - too cool!

    Enjoy every second of this weekend!!!

  7. Love the moss letters! Those are so cute!! And, I didn't know you could drill holes into seashells either! (I would have figured they would crack). Have a great weekend!!

  8. They do look like little monks, how funny! Love how you make simple things so grand. Not a wine girl, but I could adjust the size & shape for... wow, my head is buzzing now.

    Happy day to you!

  9. Snappy Di!!
    Too funny...now that you say it...they do look like little monks!! Well I bet they'd be happy little monks with their vino:) :)

  10. What sort of drill bit did you use on the shells??? I might give that a whirl this weekend!

    I so need to sew something!! :) Gotta get to the fabric store & get some stuff to attempt some of your ideas!

    Thanks for keeping us inspired!


    BTW...I think I'll be having a bottle of Pear-Kiwi wine this weekend. The Strawberry Rhubarb I had last weekend was yummy!

  11. Kamichia...
    I just used the drill and drill bit my husband had in the garage!!
    You do have to push down pretty hard:) and just use the size that will accomodate your sting or whatever you are using!

    Ooh...Pear.Kiwi wine...I've never heard of that!!
    Must be yummy:) :)

  12. Hi Heather-

    Love the bags! The fabric looks perfect with the shells. I have a few friends with shore houses that always invite us to stay with them. This will be the perfect gift to bring them. Thanks - I like your moss letters, also.

    I always love when I see your posts show up in my reader. Hope you have a good weekend and some good wine.

    My best- Diane

  13. Hi Heather-

    Love the bags! The fabric looks perfect with the shells. I have a few friends with shore houses that always invite us to stay with them. This will be the perfect gift to bring them. Thanks - I like your moss letters, also.

    I always love when I see your posts show up in my reader. Hope you have a good weekend and some good wine.

    My best- Diane

  14. enjoy some good wine this weekend, sip up every bit of summer goodness you can :)

    i'm enjoying being in a totally new environment, land locked but fun and friendly richmond, va

  15. Love the wine bags! And the shell ties are the perfect touch...
    You're right...this would be perfect for a blind wine tasting. I think I'll make some for my son to use when he does his wine classes...sure beats paper sacks...
    Thanks for sharing your idea...and wishing you a wonderful school year...
    Jane (artfully graced)

  16. The little "monk" bags turned out just perfect! LOVE them!!! I don't sew very well....so I think I'd have to find some already made bags! I think I could handle the moss covered letters though...they are very cute!! And I love all the photo collages too!!! Happy Weekend to you Heather!!

  17. You should own a craft shop! :)
    Those vino bags are a great gift, and the moss letters are adorable.

    I bet you decorate your classroom in a very creative way - no vino signs of course. :)

    Happy Weekend, and I wish you a successful and happy school year!

  18. Love it all but those moss letters are to die for! I've already added it to my to-do list!!!!
    I think I have enough projects on there now to last for the next 3 years!!!!!

  19. You, my doll, are the epitome of sunshine and fun. And I saw the pic of you with white wine...and said to self...wait a minute...she doesn't like white that much. Do I know ya or what! Although ya prob like a good white as well as red. I just tend to think of you as a clasic red gal.

    Carry on........

  20. Heather,
    You are such an inspiration! I love to see all the creative things you do, You make a difference in lives everyday. Thank you for sharing your art and your spirit with me. I feel so lucky to get to be part of your world. I think you are doing just what you are meant to do. Those children you teach are so lucky to be blessed with you for a teacher.
    Love Kate Reddan

  21. Very cute. Nice for a beach theme party of course.

  22. Sure do love your creativity! The wine bags and letters turned out great.

    We definitely have two BIG things in common...our love for biking and wine.

    Hope your first day back at work was good.


  23. I wish I had half of the creative ideas you have, but then I would need some of the talent too. :-) Enjoyed so much good wine last week on vacation. Not that wine ever tastes bad, but why does it taste so much better on vacation?


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